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How to Backup Office 365 email to MBOX? 

A lot of users looking for an easy way to take backup of Office 365 emails to MBOX files. For those users I personally suggest to reading this blog, because here we will show the best and easiest solution to take backup of Office 365 email to MBOX files.

Office 365 is a cloud-based email service that provides access to a range of productivity tools and applications such as- Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and more. These applications are available online and users can access from anywhere with an internet connection. It assists users to work from any device including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

On another hand, MBOX is a file format that enables storing email messages locally on the user’s drive. The MBOX file format is accessible by many email clients, including- Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and many other mailing applications.

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Why do users want to take backup of Office 365 email to MBOX files? 

There are several reasons why a user might want to backup Office 365 email to MBOX files.

  • Data Protection: By creating a backup of Office 365 email in MBOX format, users can protect their data from accidental deletion, data loss or any other issues.
  • Migration: In case a user wants to move from Office 365 to a different email service or email client that supports MBOX format, having a backup of their email in MBOX format can make the migration process easier and faster.
  • Archiving: Users may want to archive their email data for future reference or legal compliance. Creating a backup in MBOX format provides a simple and easy way to archive email data.
  • Accessibility: Some users prefer to access their email data using an email client that supports MBOX format. Creating a backup of Office 365 email in MBOX format provides an alternative way to access email data, even if the user is not using Office 365.

Best way to Backup Office 365 email to MBOX

SysInspire Office365 Backup and Converter software is a powerful solution to help users to backup Office365 account data to MBOX files in their local drive. Easily users can take backup of Office365 emails to local drive without any data loss. Users can save the output file in the desired location. The software also allows users to save Office 365 into various formats such as- PST, EML, MSG, HTML, and others.

Steps to backup Office 365 emails to MBOX

  • Download, install and launch SysInspire Office 365 Backup & Converter software.
  • Launch the software and enter your Office 365 login credentials and click on “Login”.
  • Load all mailbox folders of your Offie365 account into the software. 
  • Choose needed Office365 account mail folders and select save in MBOX option.
  • Select the location where you want to save the backup files and apply mail filter option.
  • Click on the “Backup Now” button to start the Office365 email backup process.
  • Wait for the backup process to complete. 

Note: – The time taken to complete the backup process will depend on the size of your mailbox and the speed of your internet connection. Once the backup is complete, you can open the MBOX file using any compatible email client.

Key Features of SysInspire Office 365 Backup and Converter Tool
  1. Backup Office 365 mailboxes: This tool allows you to backup Office 365 account data from multiple folders simultaneously.
  2. Backup all email items from Office 365: With this tool, backup all your important data from Office 365 account including- emails, contacts, calendars, attachments, etc.
  3. Mail filter: The software provides mail filter option that allows users to find specific emails take its copy local drive.
  4. Export emails to different file formats: The Office365 account mailbox data users can export to MBOX, PST, EML, and many more file formats.

We have explained the best and easy idea to take backup Office 365 emails to MBOX through this blog post. I hope after reading this blog post you now have solved your problems related to backup of Office 365 emails to MBOX files.

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