Thunderbird Connection to Server Timed Out [Fix the Error]

Do you landed here after looking for the solution to error “Thunderbird connection to Server timed out”? If your answer will be yes then this blog post is made for you.

In this guide, we will explain about Connection to Server Timed Out error of Thunderbird and the causes that create this error. And most important valuable tricks that you can adopt to fix this issue permanently.

About Thunderbird Connection To Server Timed out Error

If you use the Thunderbird email client then you might face the connection keeps timing out error during the time of send or receive emails. The reason behind this issue can be because of dealing with big-sized emails or emails that have a huge number of attachments. As result users become inaccessible to send emails because the server is not capable enough to answer the requests.

Reasons behind Thunderbird not Connecting to server Error

Here are some common reasons that usually the reasons behind the creation of this Thunderbird error:-

  • Improper account settings during the configuration.
  • Softwares like Windows firewall, Antivirus clashing with Thunderbird and blocking the emails.
  • Missing configuration of server settings of SSL/TLS.
  • Having settings in which server timeout is set to a low value.

Resolving Thunderbird Connection to Server Timed Out Issue

Till now we have covered the causes behind the Thunderbird connection issue and now you can move to the methods to fix this error.

Solution #1- Turning Off Windows Firewall and AntiVirus

If you are suffering from a connection problem in Thunderbird then it is because of firewall or antivirus in your machine. You follow the below practice to turn off these programs if you facing issues while sending or receiving emails.

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Here are the steps:-

Go to the control panel and search for Windows Firewall and click on it. Now go to Turn Windows Firewall on or off option and from the available list of options check the Turn off Windows Firewall button and hit OK.

Solution #2- Increasing the Time Timeout Value of the Server

As you can understand from the name of this connection server time out error is the time limit gets reached. So to resolve this issue you can try to increase the server timeout limit manually.

That’s how you can do this!

  1. Go to your Thunderbird program.
  2. Tap on tools > options > Advanced > General > Config Editor.
  3. Visit the search file section and put mailnews.tcptimeout > Click Enter.
  4. Look for mailnews.tcptimeout and right-click on it > modify.
  5. Here change the value by adding the larger value. Remember to save them.

After following the above guide again start your Thunderbird application and check the emails are sending normally.

As because of these issues in Thunderbird their users are looking for a solution to shift towards secured email clients like MS Outlook. The most important step to migrate the data of thunderbird to Outlook is MBOX to PST conversion.  MBOX file contains all the data of Thunderbird and to access this data in Outlook you need to convert MBOX into PST.

And to perform this conversion task you can work with this SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter tool. Through using this tool you can migrate the whole data of MBOX into PST format which is accessible by Outlook.

By using the live preview feature of this tool you can perform MBOX file conversion quickly by converting the data selectively. So the users can save a lot of time during the conversion process.

You can check out the working of the tool by downloading the software from here.

Final Review

While suffering from the thunderbird connection to server timed out error you can follow the ways described here to fix it.

If you like to move towards the other email client as MS Outlook SysInspire MBOX Converter helps you to do this task. Here we mentioned the uses of this tool and also some useful features that will enhance the user’s experience.

How to take Opera Mail Backup?

In Short:- Through this article, we will let you know about what is opera mail and how to take Opera Mail backup. After the update of Opera version 15, it gets seperated from the opera web browser. And in its older version, this mail client is just a part of the web browser.

About Opera Email Client

This opera mail client is a part of Opera internet suite and when it comes in the market it is very popular among the users. In earlier times it is associated with its web browser. But after a time by having updation on its versions this email client makes his separate entity. As a result, it starts offering various functionalities like managing contacts, spam filtering, RSS feeds, and most useful management of accounts such as POP3 and IMAP.

Features of Opera Mail

  • While sending any email you will get spell-checking functionality.
  • It can work with rich text format messages.
  • You can easily identify spammy emails by using its manual or automated spam filtering feature.
  • Contact Manager comes within the opera mail for managing the contacts.
  • You can view emails in text and HTML format.

Opera Mail Backup Using Automated Tool

By researching on many free tools I’ll found that free methods and tools on the internet have many drawbacks who claimed that their tool is best. These free tools firstly do changes on your mail data while doing Opera mail backup and in several cases, your emails get lost.

So what to do Now?

Adopt this SysInspire MBOX converter software that ensures every user to securely backup all the Opera mail emails and other data items. From my research, it is the best tool and also offers 24/7 customer support to sort out any user’s doubt.

Operamail all data saves in MBOX format so you can import this data into formats like PST, EML, HTML, EMLX, MSG, YahooMail, Gmail, Office 365, and NSF by using this MBOX Converter. And whenever you need to access this data you can open this file on the email client that supports it.

Are you worried or confused about to Use SysInspire MBOX Converter Tool?

At this time I’ll recommend you to download this MBOX Converter software from below and try its free demo version. You don’t need to pay any single penny on its free demo version. Here you can convert up to 25 items of Operamail file into the format mentioned above. For converting the whole items of MBOX file you need to upgrade towards its paid version.

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Practical Steps of MBOX Converter

Take the Opera Mail backup by converting items of the MBOX file into your desired format. Let’s follow the below steps:-

  • Download the free demo version of the software from the above download button.
  • On starting screen of the tool tap on the select add file button.
  • Now choose the MBOX file from the select MBOX button and tap next.
  • You will see the Scanning bar which means the tool scanning the file to load all the Opera Mail data.
  • All the data of the MBOX file appears on the screen verify the data and click convert MBOX.
  • Choose any desired format and hit convert.

These are the steps that you can follow to backup OperaMail data by doing the conversion of the MBOX file into a format according to your need.


For those who use Opera Mail as a default mail client then it is very common that all their important data is saved on it. And it has always been the case that your data can be lost at any time. So to avoid the damage of data loss users should backup Opera mail database properly.

If you don’t want to waste time on tasking backup on useless methods in the market go with SysInspire MBOX Converter. We described the working of this tool and all you need to do is select the MBOX file of Opermail and perform its conversion so you can take the resultant file as a backup.


Mozilla Thunderbird Not Responding [Fix Issue Instantly]

Any users who use Mozilla Thunderbird, store their important emails and other data stored on them.

And it is not less than a nightmare a time when users need their data and Mozilla Thunderbird not responding.

The sad truth this issue is common among various users of it and users keep searching for ways to repair thunderbird crashes.

Hence if you are also one of them who was looking to fix the issue of Mozilla Thunderbird not responding then this blog is made for you.

Why you should read this article? Because here I’ll mention the effective technique to repair Thunderbird errors. In bonus also suggested the automated tool that helps you to migrate your Thunderbird data.

Now jump to the solution!

Short Note on Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a completely free email client used for organizing important data items such as emails, news feeds, chats professionally. You can run this program on your desktop and get full access to its features.

And if you like to do some modifications to manage the data more effectively you can install add-ins on your Thunderbird program. This email client comes in different versions for different platforms like Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Since Thunderbird is an email client that works seamlessly there are some things that create interruptions on its working. Just like while running the program Thunderbird crashes on startup and other common Thunderbird errors.

Below is the solution that helps you to come out from this error.

Fixing Issue Mozilla Thunderbird Not Responding

Reason Behind this Issue

As we said above users can enhance their mailing experience by adding add-ins to their Thunderbird program. With time users forget to uninstall the unrequited add-in and you end up with a lot of add-ins.

The problem of “Thunderbird not responding” arises because of faulty add-ins you installed over a period of time.


Now the only solution to fix the Thunderbird crashes is to start the application in a safe mode. Safe mode enables you to open Thunderbird by disabling all the add-ins and you can disable add-ins selectively. After doing this you can compare safe mode with normal mode and verify which add-ins were causing the issue.

Working Method to Run Thunderbird in Safe Mode

  • First, close the Thunderbird application if it was running in the background.
  • Now double on the Thunderbird app by holding the Shift key.
  • After launching it go to help available at the top menu section and click on Restart with Add-ons Disabled.
  • At last hit the restart option.
  • A new dialog box will appear on the screen tap on continue in safe mode. It will start the program in safe mode.

This is the only approach that will help you to resolve Thunderbird won’t open error.

Don’t Want to Face Errors?

By following the above steps you can fix only this Thunderbird opening issue. But what happens if different errors start appearing while running the Thunderbird. To don’t face these problems in the future you can make a decision to shift towards the trusted email client.

And from my experience, the No.1 email client in the market is Microsoft Outlook. And it can be easily operated by any newbie user because of its GUI. It will be definitely a better decision for Thunderbird users to shift towards MS Outlook secured platform.

Here is the Thing you Should Know!

Mozilla Thunderbird uses MBOX file format to save its data and Outlook uses PST format. It is not possible for Outlook to directly accept the MBOX file because it deals with PST files. Here you need to convert the MBOX file of Thunderbird into PST and after that run this PST file on Outlook.

Don’t waste your time searching online for the manual ways to convert MBOX to PST. Just go with this secured SysInspire MBOX Converter that converts all data of MBOX files into PST.

Within 3-4 steps you can perform the whole conversion of the MBOX file. Just run the MBOX Converter and select the MBOX file, Click on the convert MBOX button, Select PST as the format you like to convert thunderbird data and you’re done.

Final Words

Still won’t be able to fix common Thunderbird issues? Do you take the decision to migrate towards Microsoft Outlook? Is that the thing then just download the SysInspire MBOX Converter for exporting MBOX file of Thunderbird having all its data into PST.

How to Import MBOX into Outlook?

Do you land here while searching for the solution to open MBOX file in outlook with the perfect tool?

Don’t worry! We will definitely help you.

By considering the user’s queries related to import MBOX into Outlook we decided to write a complete dedicated post on it.

Let me inform you of your understanding Outlook is a product of Microsoft created to manage all information related to emails just like other email clients.

Let’s Continue to the Solution

MBOX file is run on various email clients like Pocomail, Thunderbird, AppleMail, and many more. And these email client has a large number of users. Due to some issues like if a user can’t view MBOX file or they like to shift toward mail client like MS Outlook then they need to import MBOX into Outlook.

But here is the problem MBOX file can not be direct open in Microsoft Outlook. As Outlook accepts only PST format for accessing MBOX file data you need to convert it into PST.

And that’s why I decided to use this perfect SysInspire MBOX Converter which helped me to convert MBOX file data into a PST file.

Reasons to Use the Tool to Perform MBOX to Outlook Conversion

Here we listed some common problems which solution is to use the SysInspire MBOX Converter:-

  • MS Outlook doesn’t accept the MBOX file format it accepts the PST format.
  • There is no inbuilt feature in Outlook to import MBOX file data.
  • The only way to open MBOX file into Outlook is to convert MBOX to PST.
  • The manual method has higher chances of data deletion while performing the MBOX file conversion.

These are the basic needs why do users need to go with an automated third-party tool.

Import MBOX File to Outlook Using Automated Tool

As we described above for viewing MBOX file data into Outlook you need to convert it into PST using SysInspire MBOX Converter. This software is perfect in its working within 4-5 mouse clicks you can convert whole MBOX file data into PST with all mailbox items emails having all the attachments.

The software doesn’t restrict its users to convert MBOX files of specific sizes it is capable enough to deal with big-sized files. Also, you will get the best-guided steps within the software so any new user can easily operate the software.

Now let’s import MBOX file data into PST format with the tool:-

  • First, download and start the MBOX converter tool.

  • Under the home screen go to add file > select MBOX file and hit next.
  • When the scanning of the file gets complete all the mailbox folders will get seen on the screen.
  • You can choose the folders specifically by checking the needed folders and clicking on convert MBOX.
  • Under the conversion, window select PST to start converting the MBOX data into PST format.

Now you successfully perform the task of importing MBOX data into PST but there is more left. Why because you need to import this new PST file into Outlook that has all MBOX file data.

Steps to Import Newly PST File into MS Outlook

  • Launch Outlook and from the home screen choose the file button.
  • Go to Open and Export > Import/ Export button.
  • Import and Export wizard opens up to choose an option having import from another program or file and click next.

  • It’s time to select the PST file [having MBOX file data] created above using the tool and tap next.
  • At last just tap on the finish button.

In Short Words

It is seen from various users’ queries that they fall in the wrong way to import MBOX into Outlook. That’s the only reason we write this article here you only need the help of the SysInspire MBOX converter. And tell the reasons why you need this tool and how it convert MBOX to Outlook PST. I hope this article would helped to clear the problem.

Convert MBOX to MSG Using SysInspire MBOX Converter

Hey am Jerry and I want to open all my MBOX file messages into Outlook. But the problem is I don’t know the complete process of how to open MBOX file in Outlook. Please recommend me a quick automated solution to accomplish this task.

Are you also searching for the perfect way for accessing the MBOX files into Outlook? The ultimate solution is to convert MBOX to MSG because this file format works with Outlook. Hence stay with this depth guide giving the best solution to perform MBOX file conversion.

Here we are going to use the third-party tool named as SysInspire MBOX Converter. It converts all the emails of the MBOX file into MSG working format with keeping the data intact. This software is good enough to convert MBOX files of various 25+ email clients such as PowerMail, Mozilla Thunderbird, PowerMail, Spicebird, and many others.

Reasons Behind MBOX to MSG Conversion

We know that there are various causes behind the MBOX file conversion. But here we mentioned only the important one that you should be aware of:-

  • Most popular email clients like Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Apple Mail uses the MBOX file for saving the mailbox data. And if their users like to migrate towards Outlook they need to convert MBOX to MSG.
  • For accessing data of the .mbox file into a client that accepts .pst format.
  • Outlook is highly preferred by individuals or organizations to manage their emails effectively.

Quick Solution to Convert MBOX to MSG

You don’t need to be a technical expert to convert MBOX to MSG because you can work with SysInspire MBOX Converter. This software converts MBOX files of any size into various formats such as MSG, PST, EML, HTML, EMLX, and NSF.

The software is quick enough to perform batch conversion of MBOX files means users can convert multiple or single MBOX folders. As a result, users can save time and space by converting the data selectively.

You can also avail of the tested version of this MBOX converter with some restrictions that convert a maximum of 25 items from each MBOX folder.

Let’s Know How to Use the SysInspire MBOX Converter

  1. Start the software on the Windows OS system.
  2. Go to add file/folder and use the select MBOX file button to choose MBOX file from your machine. Tap next to move further.
  3. The software scans the file and loads the data of the MBOX file on your computer screen. Here you can check the data items you needed and click convert MBOX.
  4. Now select the conversion option as MSG. Afterward, click convert.

Why Users should try the SysInspire MBOX Converter?

Basically, this tool provides multiple features that force the users to work with it.

  • Convert MBOX to Unicode PST and there are no restrictions on the size limit of the MBOX file.
  • The software comes with 24/7 customer support. Any query raised related to software functionality can easily get resolved.
  • You don’t need to bothered regarding software working if users are not satisfied with the software working they will get a 100% refund of their money.
  • Just for customer satisfaction, SysInspire provides a completely free demo version of the software.
  • All the email properties and folder structures keep preserved during the whole conversion task.

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No matter the user is skilled or un-professional the SysInspire MBOX Converter is the only best choice. The main reason to use the tool is it doesn’t create any data loss or corruption situation. You can convert the whole MBOX files into MSG format with a few clicks. Even experts believe that automated solutions should be the first choice of the user.

How to Export SeaMonkey Mail to Outlook?

SeaMonkey mail client is still used across various users to send and receive email within and outside the organization. But this email client is not advanced same as Outlook there features are not really advanced as Outlook.

Hence that’s the reason users like to migrate towards Outlook and for this, you need to export SeaMonkey Mail to Outlook. All the data of SeaMonkey mail is store in MBOX format and you need the help of SysInspire MBOX Converter to migrate data to SeaMonkey mail.

The users of SeaMonkey shift from it because it doesn’t provide higher security functionality, lack a proper user-friendly interface, and is easy to manage information. So that’s the only things that change the mind of users and force them to shift towards email client like MS Outlook.

Therefore in this blog post, you will learn the complete step of how you can export SeaMonkey Mail to Outlook. So let’s start the topic.

Steps to Find SeaMonkey Mail Storage Location

If you are going to transfer all the data of SeaMonkey mail then you should know the location where all the data gets saved. Hence go through the below guide to find the exact location:-

  • Start the SeaMonkey email application on your system.
  • Now choose the mailbox folder that stores the emails.
  • Select view settings for this account option > Server Settings.
  • In the next window, you need to copy the location under the local directory and tap OK.
  • Start the file explorer and paste the exact location you copied from the above step.
  • At last, you can view all the files.

Method to Export SeaMonkey Mail to Outlook

SysInspire created the tool with the name of MBOX Converter that helps to transfer all the data of the MBOX file into Outlook PST format. If a user likes to convert MBOX into another format they can do the conversion into MSG, EML, EMLX, HTML, NSF, and MSG.

This software can convert MBOX files of big-sized and provides a preview of all folders of MBOX files on a screen before starting the export task.

You can also avail of the free demo version of this software with some restrictions where users can convert up to 25 items from each folder into the format the software provides.

Let’s take a short look at how does MBOX Converter of SysInspire work. This export task is divided into 2 phases provided below.

Phase 1:- Convert SeaMonkey MBOX File into Outlook PST

  • After launching the software tap on add file/folder button.
  • Hit on select MBOX file to perform conversion of single MBOX file. And click next.
  • Scanning of the file gets started and you’ll see a preview of all the data stored in it.
  • Just tap on convert MBOX.
  • Then select a single PST under the conversion option section and click convert.

That’s it these are the steps you need to apply to Export SeaMonkey Mail to Outlook. But you need to import this resultant PST file in MS Outlook.

Phase 2:- Import PST File in MS Outlook

  • Start MS Outlook and go to File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • You will see an import window where click on import from another program or file and tap next.
  • Now you need to click on the browse button to choose a PST file[created on phase 1].
  • After the selection of folders click finish.

Now you successfully move emails from SeaMonkey to Outlook without dealing with any data loss situation.


In a data migration situation from SeaMonkey to Outlook using the SysInspire MBOX Converter third party is the best choice. This software enables you to get accurate results within a specific period 0f a short time. And also we described the step-by-step guide on how this tool work. So without wasting time on the manual methods download this automated MBOX Converter.

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How to Import Powermail Mailbox Database into PST format?

In short:- This guide will aware you of what is Powermail and later we will discuss why users likes to import Powermail mailbox database into PST. And also described the process of how to perform this Import Powermail data task.

What is PowerMail?

Various technical or non-technical users use Powermail to easily manage their emails. It is a Mac-based email client which is very successive in its functionalities. This email client uses MBOX as a default format so all the data of its mailboxes gets saved in the MBOX file.

You will get various features with this email client like email storing & search, drag & drop, and management, etc.

Powermail is far quicker than the other email clients in the market. Apart from having various features this tool also cares about the user interface.  If you are not friendly with technical skills no worry! Its interface is so simple and any novice user can easily operate it.

Reasons to Import Powermail Mailbox Database

I know there can be plenty of reasons behind importing the Powermail database but here I mentioned only the major reason.

As we tell above Powermail uses MBOX format for saving its data and the problem arises when a user likes to access this MBOX file on another email client like MS Outlook. Because Outlook work with PST file so if a user wants to shift towards them then they need to import Powermail mailbox database into PST format.

And to perform this migration you must convert MBOX to PST.

Hence we decided to give the most useful method for importing MBOX data into PST. In the first stage, we will use the inbuilt utility of Powermail to export Powermail emails and in 2nd we will work with SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter to import the data into Outlook PST format.

Export Emails of Powermail using Inbuilt Feature

The truth is the Powermail from its side doesn’t give any feature to convert MBOX to PST. So we will use this inbuilt utility to export Powermail emails into MBOX format. Then use the third-party tool to convert a resultant file into working PST format.

Here are the working steps to use the inbuilt utility:-

  • Start the Powermail and visit the file > database > Export.
  • Now you need to select the Unix Mailbox that will transfer the mailbox data into MBOX format. And if you like to transfer attachments just click on the Include attachments option.
  • Then tap on the Go option.

So now you will get the MBOX file that stores all the mailbox data. Now it’s time to convert MBOX to PST to run this file in Outlook. Just follow the below section.

Using SysInspire MBOX Converter to Convert MBOX to PST

This MBOX to PST Converter is created by SysInspire which is an authorized company for a long time. This tool support converting MBOX into PST in a few 4-5 mouse clicks. So that users can easily import Powermail Mailbox Database into PST format.

It doesn’t restrict to convert lower sized file software capable to deals with big sized MBOX files and perform its conversion smoothly. And if you don’t want to convert some amount of MBOX file data just uncheck the folders with the live preview of this tool.

You can access multiple PST files with all data of the MBOX file you only need to just check the split PST button under the conversion window.

And you will also be authorized to use the free demo version of this tool. But to don’t see any restrictions you should buy its licensed premium version with various functionalities.

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Let’s take a quick look at software functionalities.

  • The MBOX Converter support MBOX file of 20+ email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Pocomail, Powermail, etc.
  • Capable to perform conversion of MBX, MBOX, MBS, SBD file formats.
  • Offers multiple conversion formats to convert MBOX to PST, NSF, MSG, HTML, EMLX, MSG, and EML.
  • Users can see the data of the MBOX file before starting the conversion and can choose the needed folders only.
  • Allows saving the resultant file on the location specified by the user.
  • Splitting functionality reduce PST file size by splitting it into small PST files.

Practical Steps about How to Use the Tool

First, download the software and then proceed to the steps given here.

  • Launch the tool and select the add file button.
  • Now you need to choose the MBOX file from its storage location by selecting the select MBOX file button.
  • Wait for some time to let the scanning process complete.
  • Now you will see all the data items stored in the MBOX file. Check the needy folders and click the convert MBOX option.
  • Then MBOX migration wizard opens up here you need to tap on Single PST that will convert MBOX to PST.
  • Now hit the convert button and the conversion process will get started.
  • At last, the software gives you a confirmation message that the process gets completed.

Final Review

In this guide, I have covered the process to import Powermail mailbox database into PST format. And here we took the help of SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter tool. Also for the user’s comfort, we listed the step-by-step working how can a user use this tool and convert the MBOX file.




How to Convert Pocomail to Outlook?

User Query

Hey am Michael and am using the Pocomail email client from a long time. But because Pocomail now stops providing the regular updates I decide to move from Pocomail to Outlook. Is there any way that help me to migrate Pocomail data into Outlook? Please share the best and quick solution with me.

Are you also decided to move from Pocomail to Outlook? If yes then let me tell you migrating from one email client to another is not an easy task.

Because in this case both the mail client uses the different file format. In Pocomail MBX file format is used and other hand Outlook uses PST format to save the data files.

Therefore this guide will tell you the proper way that you can use to convert Pocomail to Outlook. And we will perform this task by using the SysInspire MBOX converter which is the quickest solution.

Causes behind Migrating from Pocomail to Outlook

So these are basics reasons that lead the users to shift towards Outlook:-

  • Outlook keeps bringing updates in a very short time to keep its users aware of new features.
  • If the Outlook data gets corrupted it can be repaired through various methods.
  • Pocomail stops updating its GUI interface but in Outlook you’ll get the best interface.
  • Better security features are provided by Outlook.

After covering the basic needs behind Pocomail to Outlook conversion now it’s time to move to the process to convert MBX file to PST. Hence you should carefully read out the below section to complete the conversion task.

Technique to Convert Pocomail to Outlook

Now we will perform this task in 2 different stages which are:-

  • Stage 1- Extract Pocomail Mailboxes
  • Phase 2- Export Mailbox Data of Pocomail to Outlook

Stage 1- Extract Pocomail Mailboxes

To visit the file path of Pocomail you can follow 2 ways. In first just directly visit this path location C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Pocomail.

Whereas in a second way you can take the backup of the Pocomail files. Here are the step by step process:-

  1. Install and Open Pocomail in your machine.
  2. Go to the file section from the above menu bar and choose backup and restore > Backup.
  3. In the next screen select all the items that you like to backup from Pocomail. Also, choose the location where you prefer to create the backup.
  4. Go to the location where the backup data gets saved. Here you will display a folder with the name of Pocomail.bak open it.
  5. Now you will see a mail folder where all emails of Pocomail get saved.
  6. Double click on the mail folder here you will see a file with the extension .MBX in the end. So right-click on this .mbx folder and click on rename and change it with .MBOX extension.

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Phase 2- Export Mailbox Data of Pocomail to Outlook

Unfortunately, Pocomail doesn’t provide any inbuilt feature to export Pocomail mailboxes to Outlook. So the only option which is left for the users is to use the secured third-party tool. SysInspire MBOX Converter is the complete solution to convert MBOX to PST without losing any data properties.

This tool enables you to convert Pocomail to PST which is easily accessible in various Outlook versions.

With the help of it, users can reduce the size of big large PST files into smaller multiple PST files. And you will get the preview of all mailbox items before the conversion of the MBOX file to convert the data selectively.

To operate this tool you don’t need to be a professional guy the software has easy to understand interface. All the data integrity keeps preserved even after completing the conversion.

How to run the MBOX Converter software?

  • Download and launch the software on your machine.
  • Choose the MBOX file from the select MBOX button. And tap next.
  • After getting a preview of MBOX file data items just hit on convert MBOX button.
  • Now under the conversion window select single PST as a format.

The software takes a few seconds to convert the MBOX file of Pocomail to Outlook PST. And in the last stage just import this PST file in Outlook for accessing the Pocomail mailboxes in Outlook.


After reading out this post we came to the conclusion that going with the automated tool is the only best way. This tool lets you access Pocomail data into Outlook by doing the conversion of the MBOX file into a PST file. I hope this post helped a lot to solve your query.


Export Contacts, Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook

Mozilla Thunderbird is commonly used by various organizations for managing their emails and data like contacts, calendars. And due to security or features reasons, users want to export contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook.

If you came across this after searching for the ways for exporting contacts from thunderbird to outlook then you are at the right place. In this complete guide, we will share the manual and automated techniques to resolve your problem.

Hold on! First, let’s find out the needs that compelled users to export Thunderbird Contacts.

Things that Leads to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook

Apart from having various features in Thunderbird, the users are still preferred to use Outlook. Because in Outlook the users can easily manage all their contacts in a single file. Not like Thunderbird where emails, contacts are saved in different file formats which is very hard to manage.

And another thing is using a lower version of Thunderbird that doesn’t provide all the features just like Outlook offers.

The best thing exporting contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook is not a very complex task. All you need to do is follow the below section.

Manually Thunderbird Export Contacts

The following method is divided into three different stages use every stage carefully:-

Stage 1:- Export Contacts from Thunderbird to CSV

Here we will save the Thunderbird contacts into CSV format. Let’s move to the process:-

  • Start the Thunderbird application and tap on address book button available at the top menu bar.
  • Now its time to choose the address book you want in Outlook.
  • After that go to tools and click on Export button.
  • Here select the format as CSV and give name to the file to save.
  • Tap on save button.

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Stage 2:- Importing CSV file of Thunderbird to Outlook

Now it’s time to import the resultant CSV file of stage 1 into MS Outlook. Here are the steps:-

  • Start the MS Outlook programme.
  • Go to Open & Export button and select Import & Export option.
  • Then select Import from another program or file option and hit the next button.
  • Under the window of Import a file check the Comma seperated values and tap next.
  • Here select the CSV file which you like to import in MS Outlook and hit on next button.
  • Now choose the folder location where you like to save the Thunderbird exported contacts.
  • At last click next to finish the task.

Stage 3:- Mapping of the Contacts

Here we will do some manual changes because the contacts which are saved in Thunderbird are the same as Outlook contacts but their field is different. To enable Outlook to read imported contacts from Thunderbird correctly apply the below changes to remap it.

  • Tap on Map Custom Fields option available under the Import dialog box.
  • Window of mapping gets open up and Map files with each other by dragging from Thunderbird with Outlook. And tap finish.
  • And the process to export contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook will gets start.

Hence these are the only step you can use for exporting Thunderbird contacts.

Automated Way to Export Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook

Apart from the export process of Thunderbird contacts users also wanted to export Thunderbird emails into Outlook. So the best software at this stage is the SysInspire MBOX converter that provides a preview of all emails of the MBOX file. The user just needs to choose the required emails and after that select the conversion format as PST.

And after getting the PST file you only need to import the PST file into Outlook. This software also offers a free trial edition to all users.


This guide tells you both the ways which are used to export contacts and emails from Thunderbird to Outlook. For exporting the emails from Thunderbird here we took the help of SysInspire MBOX Converter which is fully protected from any virus. If you raised any other queries related to the Thunderbird you can find them in our blog section.

Can I Export Thunderbird to PST?

Are you come here while finding the solution related to the query of “Export Thunderbird to PST”? If that’s the case then am here to help you. We got many queries from Thunderbird users that they like to export emails from Thunderbird to PST format because of personal needs.

Hence by considering the user’s problem we decided to provide the automated solution that will quickly export Thunderbird to PST. And in this guide, we will take the help of SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter. Before jumping to the methods let’s identify the reasons behind MBOX to PST conversion.

Reasons to Export Thunderbird to PST

So now we are going to watch out for the most common causes that force the users to export Thunderbird emails to PST.

  • MS Outlook supports the PST format and provides the users best features with user friendly interface.
  • Users must have active internet connection to work with MBOX file. But with PST file users can work with it even in offline mode.
  • Emails clients that supports the MBOX file format is not strong enough to provide advanced features.
  • After a while users might face file locking issue where they can’t access the MBOX file.

I hope now you got all the reasons behind the migration of Thunderbird to PST Outlook format. Now lets move on to the solutions to perform the export task.

Safe Solution to Export Thunderbird Emails to PST

As you know Thunderbird saves its data items in default MBOX file format. So to export all the thunderbird file data into PST format we need to perform the conversion of the MBOX file. And for this task, we were taking the help of SysInspire best MBOX to PST Converter.

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With the help of this tool, users can convert various MBOX files into PST at the same time. And you can also decide what kind of data you want to convert from the MBOX file with the help of its email preview feature. Apart from this, it gives more features for the user’s satisfaction.

But first, let’s see the working of the software to know more about it.

Working SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter Software

  • Download the software in the machine.
  • Start the software and visit the add file button from the above menu.
  • On next screen tap on select MBOX file button to perform the conversion of whole MBOX files. And after selecting tap on next.
  • Once the software load all the MBOX folders select convert MBOX button.
  • Choose single PST button to export Thunderbird MBOX file to PST. And hit convert option.

Great Features of the tool

  • Supports the conversion of MBOX file of various email clients like AppleMail, PowerMail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Spicebird etc.
  • Even performing conversion of Thunderbird data users will not identify any moderations in folder structures.
  • Created in a way to easily operated on all windows based computer.
  • Email filtering option makes the process to Export Thunderbird to PST more quicker.
  • Free demo version is available for all to gave an idea about the software performance.
  • Convert MBOX to PST and formats like EML, HTML, MSG, NSF and EMLX etc.

Final Words

Taking the right decision to export Thunderbird data is not a task. One mistake in any step can lead to huge data loss. Hence in this blog, we recommended the SysInspire MBOX Converter that can safely perform this conversion task. And this tool also offers a free demo version without any charges so the needy users can test its working. At last, it is up to you I hope you got the solution.