Effortlessly Perform Outlook OST File Recovery

Do you want OST File Recovery deleted due to a power outage, virus attack, or can be other reasons? If yes then this blog is going to be very helpful for you. Where you can recover any type of deleted OST file data in a few clicks with the help of the software which I will tell you later on.

So before moving forward lets get know more about the OST file.

What is an OST File?

OST file is an Offline storage table which is used by Microsoft to store the database like messages, contacts, calendars data, etc. With the help of OST file user can work even in the offline mode. And when the connection re-established all the changed made under the offline mode get synchronized with the Exchange Server.

Free OST File Recovery using the Manual Method

  • Launch the MS Outlook application and click on the file button
  • Now you can see the Open and Export option available on the left side just tap on it
  • Then you need to choose Import and Export wizard tab
  • In the next window choose the Export a file option
  • Now tap on the Comma Separated Values and choose the folder that you need to recover under the Export option
  • Select duplicate items and replace them with the items that have been transferred. Do not transfer items that are duplicates.

By following the above method user can recover deleted OST file database.

Limitations with the Manual Method

  • All the time of the process Outlook has to be connected with the Exchange server
  • It does not work if the OST file is corrupt
  • Time consuming and a very tricky process

OST File Recovery using the Professional Tool

SysInspire created the best OST Recovery software that allows the users to recover any size of data from the corrupt OST file. This software is free from viruses and also gives 30 days money-back guarantee to the users. Even users can see the live preview of the item while Outlook OST File Recovery available for the user’s comfort.

Some Advanced Features of the Software

  • The software don’t do any data moderation even after completing the whole OST file recovery process
  • Supports to work with multiple versions of MS Outlook
  • It not only recover the OST file database but also repairs it
  • Convert OST file to PST with having every email properties
  • It has auto-detection feature used to automatically located the OST file from its location

How SysInspire OST to PST Converter Works?

  • First download the software and start it
  • In the first window click on Select OST option
  • Now you will see two option for making the selection of OST file select any one option according to your comfort
  • Then the software scans the selected OST file and shows all the data stores in it
  • Now select the folders and items that you need to restore and tap Save OST
  • The software shows you multiple conversion formats select any one from the following and click convert
  • After the completion of OST file conversion into your desired format the software gives you a confirmation message.


Here we covered the manual and automated solution for Outlook OST file recovery. We also listed the problems that you may suffer with the manual approach and there is no guarantee to give accurate result. So the best alternate solution is to download and use SysInspire OST to PST Converter that can recover permanently deleted OST file database with having data integrity.

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How to Import OST File into Office 365?

There is a proper requirement of management and planning to transfer OST file to Office 365. In this blog post, you will get the best methods to import OST file into Office 365 by overcoming the challenges that make the process of migration difficult.

Why do you need to Convert OST to Office 365?

  • When an organization plans to transfer data to Office 365
  • Due to Exchange crashes
  • To save the downtime of maintenance
  • To get quick access to data

SysInspire OST to Office 365 Converter

  • This Softwrae securely repair the damaged OST file and takes the capability to Import OST File into Office 365 without doing any changes in the data.
  • This software also offers a free trial for the comfort of the user.

Manual method 1- Convert OST to PST and Upload it to Office 365

Follow these below two steps to Import OST File into Office 365:

  • Microsoft Convert OST to PST File
  • Import PST file to Office 365

Step 1. Microsoft Convert OST to PST File

  • Start Outlook application and visit file tab
  • From the file menu, select Import, and Export option
  • Click on the Export to a file option and press the next tab to move further
  • Select the emails or folders that you want to export and then click on next
  • Choose the location according to your comfort to save the PST file
  • Choose the checkbox and replace the duplicate with items imported then tap on next
  • Add a password for the PST file if needed
  • In last Press the OK tab to export the PST file

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Step 2 – Import PST File to Office 365

  • Enter into your Office 365 account and visit the Admin center of the Exchange server.
  • Then you will see the Exchange server window. So visit permissions and click on organization management. There will be an option with + sign, click on it and choose mailbox Import Export. Click on add button tab and press OK
  • Then again you need to Choose mailbox import-export and press the save tab
  • Visit the admin center and choose set up after the selection of data migration. Press on the upload file
  • Choose a new import job and gives a name to the job and press the next tab to move further
  • Upload your data by clicking on the checkbox then press the next tab
  • A window pop up will be seen-showing network upload SAS URL TAB just click on it
  • Just Copy the URL and paste it on the notepad
  • Install Azure AzCopy and Open it using this command AzCopy.exe /Source: \Network Path or File location /Dest:” SAS URL”/V: location path where you require to save log file /AzCopy.log /Y
  • When a PST file is made, the next step is to create a CSV file
  • Launch the import data window and see both alternatives and now press on the next tab
  • Follow the given steps: Select the Mapping file — Upload CSV file — Validate — Save. So now your PST file gets uploaded in Office 365, now press the close tab.

Challenges with the manual method

  • The user needs high connectivity and Exchange server and a similar Outlook profile for OST to PST conversion.
  • It is a very lengthy process to Convert OST file to PST.
  • You need professional knowledge to complete the conversion

Automated Method:- Using SysInspire OST to Office 365 converter

SysInspire has launched a secured third-party software that provides secure ways to transfer OST files to PST. This OST to Office 365 converter helps the non-skilled person to easily Import OST File into Office 365 without making any moderation in the database.

How to Import OST File into Office 365 using this Software?

  • Firstly Install the application in your system, and open it
  • Then add the OST file in the source section and add Office 365 mailbox in the destination section
  • Select Office 365 mailbox sync them with OST files and now press filter option and migrate tab
  • Create filters using different criteria like date filter, item filter, deleted filter, and then select OK, now select migration process
  • When all OST files are transferred, the user will get a summary of the report.


So here we discussed both manual method and automated method but as you know the manual comes with many limitations. Also, the manual method does not maintain data integrity. To Import OST File into Office 365 securely you should go with SysInspire OST to office 365 Converter.

In the automated method, no information is lost and shared with a third party. Also, the software has a user-friendly interface which indicated that it can be easily operated by any beginner person.

How to Move IMAP OST File Outlook 2016 to New Computer?

In the older versions of Outlook, it creates two types of IMAP Files such as PST and OST. But in the recent version of Outlook like 2010 one file is used for the management of email and the other file is used to store the data of mailbox items. But in Outlook 2013 version the individual OST file is created for a single IMAP account. Therefore no PST file is created to store the messages with attachments. Hence it becomes difficult for the users to move IMAP OST File Outlook 2016 to New Computer.

Easily Move IMAP OST File Outlook 2016 to New Computer with SysInspire OST to PST Converter Software

  • This Softwrae scans the selected OST file and remove all there error to Convert OST to PST without doing any changes in the data.
  • Download the free trial version of software by hitting on the given link.

Methods to Move IMAP OST File Outlook 2016, 2013 ,2019 to new Computer

Just keep in mind that the OST file should not be changed because moderation in the OST file can delete the mailbox database from the mail app. Follow the below steps to move IMAP OST file outlook 2016 and other versions to new computer:

Method 1. Using the Manual Method

As the IMAP account doesn’t create a folder of PST in Outlook 2013 or later versions, instead it creates a single OST file. To copy an OST file in Outlook, it is important to convert OST file to PST. Then PST file can be easily open up in the Outlook application.

  • Transfer old OST data file folder to newly created PST file and copy in the new computer
  • Open Outlook 2019 and upload a newly created PST file, now go to the File tab and tap on the open and export option, and then finally click the import/export tab option
  • Then it displays Import and Export Wizard window, then the user has to choose import from another program or file
  • Select the option of Outlook Data file and click the next tab
  • Choose the location where you want to save the PST file
  • In last just click on the Finish tab.

The manual method can be easily utilize to Move IMAP OST File Outlook 2016 to New Computer. But there are certain restrictions that the user has to face in the manual methods.

Challenges with the Manual method

  • Takes a very long time to move the IMAP OST file location
  • Always requires a person to move files to Outlook
  • Needs professional knowledge to run the manual method
  • Does not maintain the hierarchy of the data

Hence, the best way to outlook move IMAP OST files to a new computer is to take the help of the third-party application. This OST to PST Converter software is capable to move information from one place to another without doing any changes in the data.

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Method 2- Using SysInspire OST to PST Converter to Move IMAP OST File

You can start the process by choosing a third-party or automated solution. This application helps the user to move the old OST file to a new PST file irrespective of the Outlook version you are using. This software can be easily run by any skilled or non-skilled person. This software is capable to convert large OST to PST with maintaining each structure of the folders. Follow these steps and know how to move the IMAP OST file Outlook 2016 to New Computer.

  • Download the SysInspire OST to PST Converter software and open it
  • Add OST file as per your need. You can even browse the file if you are unaware of the location
  • It scans the selected file and displays the live preview of all mailbox items
  • Choose the format in which you wish to convert your OST file
  • And in last after making the successful OST to PST Conversion it gives the last confirmation message

By following these steps users can easily Move an IMAP OST File Outlook to New Computer. And no information gets delete after making the conversion of the OST file to keep the hierarchy of the data.

Key Features of the OST to PST Converter Software

  • Effortlessly convert the OST file database into working PST format
  • Recover the lost database without the need for MS Outlook installation
  • Gives multiple conversion formats to Convert OST Calendar into PST, Office 365, and MSG
  • Advanced filtering options available
  • Shows the live preview of mailbox items while OST to PST recovery
  • Supports to operate with different Windows and Outlook versions up to 2016.


So here we discussed both the manual method and automated method to move the IMAP OST file to a new computer. The manual method requires professional knowledge and also has many drawbacks. The Free OST to PST Converter software created by SysInspire helps to easily overcome all these challenges and make the secured OST to PST conversion. There are no technical skills need to move an IMAP file to a new computer by using this Software.

How to Migrate Thunderbird Emails to Outlook?

Thunderbird and Outlook are popular email applications. Small and large companies prefer to use Outlook for business purposes because of its advanced features and friendly interface. To migrate Thunderbird emails to Outlook firstly you need to convert thunderbird MBOX file into PST Outlook format.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best methods used to migrate Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook. There are two methods first one is the manual method and the second one is using eSoftTools Thunderbird to Outlook Converter.

Methods used to Convert Thunderbird Emails to Outlook

There are three methods used for the conversion of Thunderbird Outlook with all Thunderbird attachments and emails.

Method 1- Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook using the IMAP method

Step 1. Activate the IMAP Access

  • Go to Gmail and sign in to your account after that click on the settings
  • Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP then activate IMAP
  • Click on Save

Step 2. Sign In Thunderbird with Gmail IMAP account

  • Visit Thunderbird and go to File Menu and click on New and Existing Mail account
  • Press email under set-up account option
  • Enter your gmail ID information and click on continue button
  • In last press the IMAP radio tab and press done tab.

Now the account has been linked with Gmail to Thunderbird. Create a folder with the Gmail account and export data from Thunderbird to Gmail. It will extract all your data. Check Gmail account and see whether the data is there or not. When data is exported, configure MS Outlook to Gmail with IMAP server and just download data. The process is easy but it is not a reliable method.

Method 2- Export Data from Thunderbird to Outlook using Drag and Drop Method

This process is a very time taking process but it is very effective in Thunderbird export mail to Outlook. Read out every steps to manually migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook.

Step 1. Export Emails to EML Format

  • Firstly Launch File Explorer and Create a new folder give it a proper name
  • Sign in with your Thunderbird
  • Select the Thunderbird emails that you wish to move into Outlook
  • After the Selection of emails that you wish to move, right click and press save selected messages
  • Now the emails will be saved in EML format

Step 2. Import EML File to Outlook

  • In first,Open the MS Outlook application and sign in with your account
  • Do the creation of new folder to import thunderbird emails
  • Simply choose the .eml files and use drag and drop method to move content to Outlook folder
  • Let the process get complete to finsh the import process

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Challenges with the Manual Method

However the manual method is a straightforward and free way to convert the files. Therefore, there are certain challenges associated with it.

  • This method doesn’t work for large data or folder files
  • The complete migration is not guaranteed
  • High chances of data loss
  • Not reliable it can moderate the structure of the folders
  • These methods are time-consuming.

Method 3- Export Mail from Thunderbird to Outlook using eSoftTools Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

As you Know the manual methods are not much very effective when it comes to conversion of large data. So with this eSoftTools Thunderbird to Outlook Converter you can export all Thuderbird emails to Outlook.

Steps of Thunderbird MBOX to PST Conversion

  • Install and open the eSoftTools Thunderbird to Outlook converter application
  • If you know where the location of MBOX files is, add files or to search the files click on the browse tab
  • After that it shows 3 type of file options
  • So click on the Thunderbird Profile and you can also see the live preview of items
  • Directly export all emails to PST in just a click
  • If the MBOX folder is huge, save every MBOX file in a separate PST file
  • It will take few seconds for conversion

In Short

Finally we discussed the three methods to convert your mailbox items like tasks, notes, subject, attachments, appointments etc from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook.

Above discussed 2 manual methods is very effective when you require to export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook containing small amount of emails.

But for the secured MBOX to PST Conversion on Microsoft, you can use eSoftTools Mozilla Thunderbird to PST Converter. This software also enables the users to export thunderbird emails to outlook with maintaining each structure of the folders.

Outlook Error-OST File not Updating

MS Outlook is one of the popular email applications used by several organizations.It has default files OST and PST in which OST file known as Offline Storage Table that offers the users to accesss the data whenever they Offline.

Sometimes, the Outlook OST file Corrupted and it becomes unavailable. And in result, the user faces errors that the Outlook OST file not updating properly. At this time user can take the help of inbuilt Microsoft features.

In this blog post, We will discuss various manual methods used to repair outlook OST data file with their limitations.

Signs behind OST file not Updating

  • There is a difference in the message receive in Outlook and Outlook Web Access
  • The errors are there when syncing files with the Exchange Mailbox
  • The items like mails, contacts are missing in the OST file when we sync the file with the exchange mailbox.

Reasons for Errors while Update OST File Outlook

Here are the most common causes behind the occurrence of error OST file not updating:-

  • When an OST file gets corrupted or damaged because of a virus attack
  • Creation of the inappropriate profile in Outlook by the user
  • When the user is not able to recognize the OST files MS Outlook
  • Moreover at times where Exchange Server support files becomes corrupt or are not working appropriately.

Now let’s learn how to repair corrupt outlook OST file by using MS Outlook application inbuilt features. Follow the other step if the previous step does not suit you.

Use SysInspire OST to PST Converter Software to fix any type of OST File error

  • This SysInspire OST to PST Converter Software has an advanced scanning feature to make the corrupt OST file usable for the users in a few clicks.
  • It also give free trial version for the satisfaction of the user to know about how it works.

Manual method 1- Using Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool

If you are using newer versions of Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019, then you can use the Scanpst.exe file to repair the OST file. Using these steps you can update the OST file

  • Search for scanpst.exe tool in the default location of the MS Outlook program
  • Run the inbox repair tool at the same time the pop-up window appear showing the browse option
  • Click on the browse button to choose the corrupt OST file path location
  • After selecting the OST file location click on the start to fix errors in OST file
  • A dialog box will appear that gives an option to take the backup of the OST file database before repairing. Click on the Repair button to start the repair process
  • At last, a dialog box window arrives that shows repair is being complete.

Manual Method 2- Re-Creation of OST File

Recreating the OST file is one of the best solutions to fix errors in OST file. To recreate the file, the user has to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Firstly shut down the MS Outlook application
  • Search for the location of the Corrupted OST file and just delete the Corrupted OST file
  • After completion of the above steps, Go and open the MS Outlook application. As a result where you find a new OST file get create automatically

Method 3- Check Whether Offline OST file is Synchronized

To resolve the error check whether your offline OST file is synchronized with the Exchange Server mailbox items. Follow these steps:-

  • Select the folder and then right-click on the properties
  • Tap on the synchronization tab and then verify the statics of the folder.
  • If the synchronization process is appropriate, the number of items in the server folder contains the same number of items in the Offline folder.

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However, these manual methods is not very much effective and secured. These methods are not able to repair outlook OST file which are huge in size. Hence the user needs an third party softwrae to fix OST file.

Here is the best tool for all types of users which named OST to PST Converter. That enables the users to fix any type of OST file errors without having any type of professional knowledge.

Method 4- Using third-party application SysInspire OST to PST converter

However, if the user is unable to solve the error manually, he should switch to the third-party application launched by SysInspire. The Free OST to PST converter software is a reliable software that helps the user to convert the file into the PST file in few clicks.

Features of the software

  • The software is user-friendly and has an advanced scanning feature to fix errors in the OST file
  • Takes the Capability to convert large OST file into working PST Outlook format
  • It supports different versions of Outlook up to 2016.
  • Splitting feature to compresses large sized PST files into various small-sized PST files
  • Can easily work without MS Outlook installation only an MS Exchange server is required.

How to use the software?

  • You can even select the files if you are unaware of the location
  • Then it shows all the mailbox components in the form of live preview. Just select the items that you want to recover.
  • Click on the next tab
  • There is an advanced filter option that helps in the selective OST to PST conversion of files. Also you can convert OST file into many other formats.
  • You can even split the PST file if you wish to shorten it
  • After the completion of OST to PST Conversion you can see the recovered PST file in MS Outlook.

Wrap Up

You can effortlessly fix the problem by taking the help of a reliable SysInspire OST to PST converter tool . Why you should use third-party software because the manual methods are not safe and they can damage the database while recovering. At last its the user choice according to their requirement.

How to Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook?

Thunderbird is a popular email application that helps clients to manage the mail accounts. It has several features that make it a preferred choice among users. In this post, you will also find the solution to the query of how to export thunderbird emails to Outlook. The outlook is a popular and flexible email application that offers powerful solutions to the client. We will also discuss the manual methods and automated methods used for the conversion of emails.

Reasons Why People are Moving towards Outlook

  • It has powerful features that prevent phishing attacks
  • In addition, it takes the capability to work with various email formats
  • Also, the user can easily filter emails according to their priority
  • It offers a full Office suite for seamless communication.

Manual method:- Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook

  • Firstly open the Mozilla Thunderbird application
  •  Afterward, open the message folders that you wish to migrate
  • Select the email messages that you like to export from Thunderbird to Outlook, you can also select the messages as per your need
  • Click the selected messages and press Save As an option
  • Furthermore, select the folder and after save the message in EML format and select the folder to migrate the message
  • Now all your selected emails are saves in the selected folder location
  • Thus launch the MS Outlook application
  • Click Outlook in the main window and now visit the menu and select the new folder
  • Name the folder as per your desire and from the name, tab click the OK tab to create a folder of your choice
  • The newly formed folder will not have any emails it will be empty
  • Select the emails that you can export from Thunderbird
  • Import messages to the new folder and drag the emails to MS Outlook. All Thunderbird mails will be transferred.

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Challenges with the Manual Method While Exporting Emails from Thunderbird

  • Furthermore, the manual method is not appropriate if you export Thunderbird mails to Outlook in batch
  • This method can risk the database and also the information can be permanently lost
  • The manual method doesn’t maintain a hierarchy of the data
  • It is not capable to export orphaned emails
  • It is a time-consuming process and complex procedure
  • To complete this process you require an professional knowledge

Professional Method:- Using eSoftTools Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Exporting Thunderbird emails to Outlook can be done professionally, using eSoftTools Thunderbird to Outlook Converter. It is a professional software and has many user-friendly features.

Salient features of the software

  • The software exports multiple Thunderbird emails along with its properties
  • Capable to transport unlimited files in a few clicks
  • On the other hand, it offers a seamless experience with various email clients like MBOX file format, Opera Mail, Eudora, Webmail, etc
  • The software also allows the user to export MBOX files to EML, Exchange Server and Outlook profile
  • It displays a live preview to users to export accurately
  • The software is compatible with Unicode and ANSI PST files.

How to Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook with eSoftTools Thunderbird converter?

By using eSoftTools Thunderbird Converter the user can migrate messages from Thunderbird to Outlook format. This software is capable to work with MS Outlook versions 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2003 & 2007.

  • Firstly Install and Run the Thunderbird Converter application
  • Select the Thunderbird emails that you want to migrate to Outlook
  • In the next window, you can select the file or folder and press the convert tab
  • Thus the scanning process will begin
  • Afterward the completion of scanning, the software will show the message of the successful conversion
  • Press the browse tab and select the file and click the OK tab
  • The dialog box will provide you with two options like Outlook profile to add converted mails.
  • Select Outlook PST file and add the emails. Now, the transfer process will start.
  • A successful conversion will start taking place.

In Short

As a result of the article, we have told you how to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook. We also covered both manual and automated methods. The manual method comes with limitations to transfer the mail accurately the user requires professional knowledge. By using eSoftTools Thunderbird Converter Software you can easily migrate the emails to Outlook quickly. To run this software you don’t require professional knowledge.