How to Save Email from Lotus Notes to PDF?

Save Email from Lotus Notes to PDF

Are you looking for the best-automated tool that will help you to save email from Lotus Notes to PDF? If your reply is yes then this article going to help you out in this case. Here we also provide you the reason behind this Lotus Notes to PDF migration and the process to accomplish this task.

There are plenty of users who uses Lotus Notes for communication of emails but due to there some limitation they like to choose other file formats like PDF. Because in Lotus Notes NSF file is used for saving the data but there is no advanced security available for this file.

Plus if a user wants to view NSF files on other devices it is not much easy. And if you have PDF file you can open it in any desktop and mobile easily plus the security is also high.

Apart from this using PDF has various advantages. But the thing is how to save email from Lotus Notes to PDF? I know that’s why here we’ll take the help of the SysInspire NSF Converter tool. It will allow you to transfer all Lotus Notes NSF file data into PDF format.

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Causes behind NSF to PDF Conversion

If you are planning to shift from Lotus Notes to PDF then your decision is right. Below I mentioned some advantages of using a PDF file:-

  • You can access PDF not only in Windows also in MAC OS and Linux. In case you don’t have system this file is easily accessible on Mobile phones too.
  • A PDF file can be secured through passwords so any third-party person or hacker can not view the data. For more security, you can add restrictions on the file content to take full control of your file.
  • If a person wants to complete there legal compliances then the other party prefer to ask all the details in PDF file format. So if you have a Lotus NSF file then convert it into a PDF to meet the legal requirements.

Automated Solution to Save Email from Lotus Notes to PDF

You can use this third-party tool named as SysInspire NSF Converter for performing the conversion of the NSF files. Plus the interface of this tool is very impressive you don’t face any difficulty while operating this tool. So without having professional skills you can convert NSF to PDF.

The live preview functionality of this tool is very useful it helps to selectively save Lotus Notes emails into working PDF format. All the formatting of emails keeps preserved during the whole data migration task.

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If you are not ready to buy this tool then you can go through the demo version of it. After using the demo version you can decide either to upgrade the plan or tool

Quick Easy Steps to Use the Tool is mentioned below.

Convert Lotus Notes NSF to PDF through tool

  • Start the NSF Converter and go to select the NSF button.NSF to PST Converter first screen
  • After choosing the NSF file the tool starts analyzing the file.Single NSf file conversion
  • Then a window gets pop up having a preview of all the NSF file data.Lotus Notes email
  • Click convert and check the PDF file button. Click Convert to start the process.Save Lotus Notes email to PDF


For transferring the Lotus Notes email into PDF format you can use the NSF Converter tool recommended here. All the steps to use and how this tool helps you already described above.

In end, we like to say that you should go with a third-party tool because the manual method can also delete the Lotus Notes email during the process. The Demo version of this tool is also available free of cost.


How to Fix Corrupt Lotus Notes NSF File?

Fix Corrupt Lotus Notes NSF File

If you are a user of Lotus Notes then you must know that NSF file format is used in it for saving data items. But the sad thing is this file is prone to corruption due to reasons like server crash, power outage this file may get corrupt. I think you are also facing the problem of NSF file corruption that is the reason you are here.

User Query by David Wade [New York]

I am a user of Lotus Notes and used to manage all my data through it. As we know Lotus Notes data get stored in the NSF file. But the problem is my NSF file gets corrupt and am not able to access it. Please give me a proper guide so I can repair corrupt NSF file to view my data again.

In this article, you are going to know the solution to fix corrupt Lotus Notes NSF file safely. I hope you already know the basics of the NSF file and Lotus Notes email client. That’s why here I will don’t waste your time discussing these topics. Let’s directly come to the process fix corrupt Lotus Notes NSF file.

Automated Solution to Fix Corrupt Lotus Notes NSF File

Thankfully there is a direct solution available for the users for fixing damaged or corrupted NSF files. All you need is a SysInspire NSF converter tool that will solve the problem of inaccessible NSF file data. When you select NSF file through this tool it will show all the folders and sub-folders in a well-managed hierarchy to the users.NSF file Recovery

The best functionality of this software it can convert all NSF file data into PST format. Through its scanning functionality, all the NSF file errors can easily be corrupted in a few seconds. It doesn’t restrict the users on a file size means it can fix corrupt Lotus Notes NSF file of big size.

Guide for Using the NSF Converter Tool

Below just for your convenience, we explained each step in detail so you can corrupt NSF file data:-

  • In starting download and open the tool from here.

download tool

  • Choose the NSF file which is corrupted from the select NSF button.
  • Then click the Start scanning button to start scanning the corrupt NSF file chosen from the system location.
  • When scanning gets finished you can view NSF file data.NSF file Recovery
  • Tap convert and choose the format in which you like to get NSF file data.Convert MBOX file
  • Click convert and wait for few minutes.

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Reasons to Don’t go with Manual Method Solution

I know you are thinking about is there any manual method available to repair the NSF file. But the truth is manual methods are not secured at all this is the reason in above we already described the automated solution.

There is always a chance of losing all data stored in the NSF file if you are working with a manual method. Following the steps of this method is not easy at all users need to follow a very lengthy process. So it is my advice to all the users if they really care about their data they should go with the automated NSF Converter tool by SysInspire.


As we discussed in the article the automated way to fix NSF file corruption is with the help of the NSF converter tool. And a user doesn’t face any difficulty we already explained the working steps of SysInspire NSF Converter. Through this tool, any size of corrupt NSF file can easily be repaired and converted into the user’s desired format. Plus for the safety of the users mentioned the disadvantages of a manual approach.

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How to Backup Lotus Notes Email to Outlook?

Backup Lotus Notes Email to Outlook

Whenever Lotus Notes users want to backup Lotus Notes email to Outlook then it is necessary for them to convert NSF to PST. Because NSF and PST file is only accessible on their supportive emailing client.

It is seen that various users face problems while performing NSF to PST conversion. Hence we decided to write a depth post giving the technique to transfer emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook. So stay connected with this article to get the answer to all your questions.

There are various users who use Lotus Notes on a regular basis for the management of emails and data. Despite the fact still, Outlook is still far better than Lotus Notes whether in data privacy, interface, and functionalities. This is the reason users want to take their backup in Outlook.

Why do Users Transfer Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook?

These are some basics needs that force the users to take their NSF file data into Outlook:-

  • The best thing about Outlook is it enables the users to work with their files in offline mode.
  • Data privacy keeps maintained in Outlook. This is the reason users backup Lotus Notes email to Outlook.
  • It is very to manage data in a single place because of Outlook user-friendly interface.
  • You can perform various tasks while working with Outlook.

Automated Tool to Backup Lotus Notes Email to Outlook

As now you know after reading out the above section that for the Lotus Notes email backup NSF to PST Conversion is necessary. At this time you should use this SysInspire NSF to PST Converter tool which is the best solution for all. This utility enables you to convert all the data of the NSF file into PST format. And after getting the resultant PST file you can open it in Outlook. It is tested in a software testing lab and able to pass all the tasks and proves as a virus-free tool.

Working of NSF to PST Converter tool is very simple in fact it converts NSF to PST with all mailbox items. No information is being moderated during the conversion task. With its date filtering feature conversion of needed emails is possible by setting the date range.

Working Process of NSF to PST Converter Tool

  • In the first stage install and start the NSF to PST Converter tool.
  • From select NSF do the selection of NSF file of which data you liked to backup.NSF to PST Converter first screen
  • Choose any single option as you can see on screen according to your ease. Now click next.Select NSF file conversion mode
  • Then all the folders of the NSF file get previewed on a computer screen.
  • Hit the convert button and tap the PST file to provide conversion format. Give path to save file from the browse button.Convert MBOX file
  • At last, tap convert to start converting NSF file data into PST.

Benefits of Working with Automated tool

  • No need to spend time following various steps. Through the tool in few 3-4 steps, the conversion is easily possible.
  • Supports performing multiple NSF file conversions in a single task.
  • You can decide which kind of data you liked to backup.
  • Gives a glimpse of Lotus Notes data before begins the conversion.
  • No expertise is needed any type of person can know how to use this tool.


So this is the complete guide here we mentioned the complete process to backup Lotus Notes email to Outlook. The tool that you needed for this task is SysInspire NSF to PST Converter. With its free demo trial, you can convert a maximum of 25 items from each Lotus Notes folder. But if you don’t want to face any restrictions it is preferred to use the paid version of this tool.

How Do I Convert NSF File to Excel?

Convert NSF File to Excel

Came here after searching for a query “how to convert NSF file to Excel”? If you replied yes then this blog is made for you. There is no requirement for a technical background to follow the instruction mentioned here. Because all the steps are mentioned in detailed language.

For the management of emails and other important data Lotus Notes is the safe email client.  Through this users can manage multiple mailbox items such as calendars, contacts, and many other data items. All this data gets stored in a single file which is called an NSF file.

Reasons and Benefits of NSF to Excel Conversion

It is seen from various queries that most of the users get lazy when it comes to deleting unnecessary data. It same applies in the case of NSF file when a user continues to work with it data load gets increased. In effect, a situation arises where the user can not delete the data because it is hard to find identify needed or unneeded data.

The only best decision here they can take is to convert NSF file to Excel. Because by doing this you can get all NSF data in a separate Excel file which is in CSV format. After that, you can delete all the converted data from the NSF file to free up space.

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Besides this, there can be many other reasons. Let’s take a query of a user to know why someone wants to convert NSF to CSV.

All my emails are managed through Lotus Notes but in my new machine, I don’t want to use Lotus Notes. I have an NSF file of Lotus Notes and want to view it in Excel. Can you tell me the quick way to view NSF data in Excel without the requirement of Lotus Notes?

Jimmy Robinson [New York City]

So after covering up the needs behind this conversion let’s move to the process to perform it.

Process to Convert NSF File to Excel

SysInspire NSF Converter is a perfect tool for fulfilling all the needs of NSF to Excel Conversion. This tool enables you to convert NSF file whole data into CSV, EML, HTML, MBOX, vCard, ICS, MBOX, and many more. Its advanced algorithms make the conversion task more convenient for the users by displaying a preview of NSF data. The tool is fulfilled with advanced functionalities that perform its task without any data moderation.

  • One-stop solution to convert NSF into CSV, PST, Office 365, YahooMail and Gmail, etc.
  • Allow the Conversion of items- emails, calendars, contacts, journals, attachments.
  • All the folder hierarchy keeps preserved with preserving email properties such as from, subject, to, and bcc.
  • Before starting the conversion provides a preview of mailbox components.

NSF Converter is also available in a demo version that allows the conversion of 25 items from each folder.

download tool

Quick Guide to Use Automated Tool [With Screenshots]

  • Download and start the NSF Converter on your system.
  • Tap on the select NSF button for choosing the NSF file from its location.NSF to PST Converter first screen
  • Tap on a single NSF file conversion if you have only one NSF file. And for various NSF file conversions click the bulk NSF file conversion button.Select NSF file conversion mode
  • The tool will only take few seconds for loading the data on a screen.
  • Now tap on the Convert button then click on the CSV file button.Convert MBOX file
  • At last, give the location to the file from the browse button and press convert.

Final Words

The process of converting NSF file data into CSV can be very tricky for many users. Therefore here I shared the automated tool with the proper instructions to follow the steps easily. This SysInspire NSF Converter is a secured tool that is protected from viruses. So the problem of choosing the best tool for the conversion task gets resolved. It ensures its users by keeping the data intact in its original state during the whole task.

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How to Convert Lotus Notes NSF to Zimbra TGZ?

Marcus [Fort Mill SC, USA]

Hey, am a user of Lotus Notes where I managed all my email through this emailing client. But their maintenance charges are very high and I can not afford it. Now I want to migrate towards the free email client which is Zimbra. Please give me guidance on how I can transfer my data from NSF to Zimbra.

Are you also one of the users who searches for the query on how to convert NSF to Zimbra? So let me tell you this query is very common various users like to migrate data of Lotus Notes mailbox to Zimbra. This is why here we write a dedicated post where you can easily convert NSF file data to Zimbra with the SysInspire NSF Converter tool. For operating this tool you don’t need any professional knowledge it has the best tool

Before I gave you the process for the conversion let’s identify some needs behind this conversion.

Reasons to Convert NSF to Zimbra

We can not deny Lotus Notes is a very popular email client for email communication. Besides having multiple functionalities users has some own reasons for this conversion. Some of them are listed below:-

  • You need to pay very high charges on the Lotus Notes email client which seems to be very expensive for normal users. On the other hand, Zimbra is a free email client.
  • For operating the Lotus Notes you need to be technically aware and if you are not the best option is to go with Zimbra. Because in Zimbra users can manage mailboxes without any expertise because of its interface.
  • If any error persists in the Lotus Notes application you need to pay high charges for its maintenance. And the amount of these charges is out of the pocket of a small organization.
  • If we compare this free Zimbra email client with other free email clients in the market it is far better than them. Because it has the best security function that keeps the data safe.

Professional Solution to Convert NSF to Zimbra

At this time you need this SysInspire NSF Converter tool for making the migration of NSF file data into Zimbra TGZ format. All the data folders stored in the NSF file can easily be transferred into Zimbra TGZ format with this tool.

download tool

Don’t worry about the working of this tool because in this tool you will get the best user-friendly interface. So anyone beginner user can operate the functionalities of this tool.NSF to Zimbra TGZ

Additionally, this tool offers various conversion formats to convert NSF files into EML, HTML, MBOX, vCard, ICS, MBOX, EMLX, CSV, and Zimbra TGZ.

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Functionalities of NSF Converter Tool

  • Perform NSF to TGZ conversion within a few clicks of the mouse.
  • If a user has multiple NSF files they can perform bulk NSF file conversion into single TGZ file.
  • All the structure of NSF file emails properties keeps preserved during the whole task.
  • Capable to support all new or older versions of Lotus Notes.
  • The Demo version is also available for all the users to give an idea of its functionality.


From this blog, we gave you a complete solution related to NSF to Zimbra migration process. Here we take the help of the SysInspire NSF Converter tool which is a completely virus-free tool and aims to give accurate results. All the NSF file data can easily be migrated into TGZ format within a few minutes.

download tool


How to Export Lotus Notes Contacts to CSV?

Export Lotus Notes Contacts to CSV

From this guide, we will explain in brief the complete step-by-step process to export Lotus Notes contacts to CSV. You can easily found various manual techniques on the internet that claims to export contacts of Lotus Notes. But these techniques are not reliable there are always chances of losing data.

Therefore because of these drawbacks users, first preference needs to work with a third-party tool named as SysInspire NSF Converter.

                  Get Free Trial Version

Lotus Notes is a very popular email client because of its functionalities. It can manage emails, contacts, tasks, etc, and save them into a single NSF file.  And when the data amount gets larger users look for ways to manage the size and they export Lotus Notes contacts to CSV. Apart from the data limitation, there can be other reasons behind this export task.

Let’s take the user query to get more understanding of the need for this export task.

Hey am Robinson, I am managing all my contacts in the Lotus Notes email client for few years. Now I have a huge database of contacts in my Lotus Notes and also saved contacts of my business clients. Am always worried about data corruption I don’t want to take any risk so now am looking for a way that can allow me to directly export all Lotus Notes contacts into CSV format. So I can manage my contacts on my Excel sheet plus can make a backup of contacts. Please share a proper solution. [Fort Mill,USA]

Is Manual Method Reliable for Exporting Lotus Notes Contacts?

No manual methods are not a reliable and professional solution. If you are thinking to work with the manual method then you should know its drawbacks.

  • The first and major drawback of the manual method there is no guarantee that you will get accurate results after performing all the steps.
  • Users need to perform various steps and there is no proper guidance available if you are stuck in a single step.
  • This is a very lengthy process that demands a lot of time.
  • You can see changes in the formatting of your contacts.

Export Lotus Notes Contacts to CSV using Professional Tool

After discussing all the limitations of a manual method I don’ think any user wants to go with this approach. Hence here am giving you the alternate and best solution to export Lotus Notes contacts to CSV.

Just download the SysInspire NSF Converter tool that scans the NSF file and gives you a separate option to convert only the Lotus Notes contact files with the name of names.NSF file. If you don’t have your Lotus Notes contacts in separate names.NSF file then you can choose the NSF file. The software algorithms are capable enough to convert NSF file contacts into CSV files.Export Lotus Notes Contacts to CSV

Benefits of Using NSF Converter Tool

  • Capable to convert whole items of the NSF file like contacts, emails, calendars, and all other items of the NSF file.
  • Users can use the batch conversion feature of the tool to convert multiple NSF files in a single process.
  • You can get a preview of NSF file data on your screen before starting the conversion of the NSF file.
  • After the completion of the process, no changes will be seen in the folder hierarchy & formatting of the emails.
  • Gives multiple conversion formats to Export NSF File to EML, PST, MBOX, EMLX, MSG, HTML, etc.
  • The tool is compatible to operate with all new or older versions of Lotus Notes 10.0, 9.0.1, 9.0, 8.5, 8.0.2, 7.0, 6.5, and 6.0.


In this entire blog, we gave you a simplified solution so you can easily export contacts of Lotus Notes into a CSV file. This will avoid facing any drawback of the manual method that we shared in this blog. You only need to download the SysInspire NSF Converter and if you are confused about the tool functionality you can check out the working steps of NSF Converter from here.


How to Import NSF to Office 365?

Import NSF to Office 365

Willing to migrate from NSF towards Office 365? Then in this blog, we will elaborate on the complete techniques to import NSF to Office 365 without losing information.

User Query

I’ve been using the Lotus Notes email client for a long time because of its simplicity. Sadly due to changes in its technology and plans am not capable to use Lotus Notes anymore. I like to migrate NSF to Office 365 and have lots of NSF files. Please provide a secured way that allow me to transfer all NSF file data into Office 365.

Reasons to Migrate NSF to Office 365

Now it’s time to take a look at comes causes that set in the user’s mind to perform migration of NSF into Office 365.

  • You can access your data through Office 365 from any location and device.
  • If we compare the plan of Lotus Notes with Office 365 then Lotus Notes is on the top list of high charges plans.
  • Office 365 is very easy to understand by any new user.
  • As Office 365 is a cloud-based platform it provides higher security for the data.
  • Users can store a larger amount of data in Office 365.

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So basically to import NSF to Office 365 there are 2 approaches. The first is the manual method and the second is an automated method.

But the only best practice for the user is to work with an automated method because it is completely secured. Also here you don’t need to bother about data integrity.

download tool

While in the Manual method the chances of data corruption are always high. Also, you need to perform various steps which are very lengthy.

Manual Method Process

In this method, users need to perform various steps. First Export NSF data into CSV file format with an inbuilt export feature of Lotus Notes. Afterward, use the Import/Export utility of Outlook to import CSV into PST. So you can import resultant PST in Office 365 with its inbuilt Mailbox Import Export functionality.

After viewing the Manual method one thing you can see it is very lengthy. Plus there is no guarantee to get an accurate result. Let’s jump to the proper way to import PST file data by using the third-party tool.

Automated Method to Import NSF to Office 365

For all the users SysInspire NSF Converter is the first choice if they like to Import NSF file data into Office 365. Without any trouble, users can operate the working of this tool because of its interface. The demo version of this tool is also available for all the users to inform the users about the software working.

download tool

More About NSF Converter Tool

If you have multiple NSF files and want to migrate only required files into Office 365 then you can try the live preview feature of this tool. Before starting the conversion you can view all the NSF folders also you can selectively check those folders you want to convert. The tool asks for your Office 365 account credentials just put the information to transfer NSF data into Office 365. This NSF Converter is capable to work with multiple Lotus Notes versions such as 10.0.1, 9.0.1, 9.0, 8.5, 8.0.2, 7.0, 6.5, and 6.0.

Step By Step Guide For Importing NSF into Office 365

  • Start the NSF Converter and select the NSF file according to your desired selection option.
  • When you selected NSF file tap on the start scanning button.
  • Here software displays all the folders of the NSF files. Just check the folders you needed then tap on the import to Office 365 button.NSF file Recovery
  • Then Connect your Office 365 account by entering the information. Click connect & import to begin the process.

So this is all you need to do for making NSF to Office 365 migration with the help of a third-party tool.

Final Review

Going with the automated NSF Converter tool is the best-preferred choice for the users for importing NSF in Office 365. This tool gives ease to the users within few clicks you can accurately transfer your data. The automated method can be applied by any individual as well as organization.