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How to Convert EDB to PST? Complete Guide

Convert EDB to PST

In the older versions of Exchange server there were storage groups in which all the items of mailbox gets saved. And the user can easily take the backup of these storage groups. But due to the update of Microsoft Exchange 2010 the storage groups are replaced with databases. In result it becomes hard to take the backup of Exchange database.

And related to this backup issue the Microsoft Exchange has developed some methods where the users can convert EDB to PST to take the backup.

Therefore, in this blog post am going to give you the best methods that helps you to convert Exchange EDB file to PST. So lets start

Best Recommended Solution

  • Use this SysInspire EDB to PST Converter software to easily convert EDB file into working PST format. It allows users to convert mailbox items selectively by using check and un-check feature of it.

Causes behind Convert EDB File to PST

There are various reasons behind the EDB to PST Conversion so we listed some commons reasons:-

Convert EDB file to PST using ExMerge Tool

This ExMerge tool is a free of cost utility provided by Microsoft to export EDB to PST. This useful tool will copy the Exchange items into a PST file format. And after this you can save it in the Exchange Server location. But this method supports only old versions of Exchange Server which is not very useful in recent time.


Convert EDB to PST Using Exchange Management Shell

Exchange management shell gives an interface of command line to acquire database and do changes in it. To convert EDB to PST free follow the below command carefully:-

  1. Enter the command Get-MailboxStatistics -Database <DatabaseName> it will show all the mailboxes in the database
  2. Put the command New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox <MailboxName> -FilePath \\ExchangeBackup\PST\MailboxName.PST it will save the mailbox data to new PST file
  3. Put this command Get-MailboxExportRequest to see the live status of export
  4. You can cancel the export request by the given command Remove-MailboxExportRequest -Identity <Name of the export request>.

Convert EDB to PST using SysInspire Tool

To securely convert EDB file into working PST Outlook format use this SysInspire EDB to PST Converter tool. This software can recover and convert the EDB file database selectively by using the check and un-check feature of the software.

Working of the software:-


After covering all the manual and automated method we came to result that the conversion of EDB file to PST is very hard and not secured with the manual approach. And to securely Convert EDB to PST go with the automated method which keeps the data integrity even after making the conversion.

For the list of best software for the conversion of EDB file check out the given link related to Best EDB to PST Converter Software

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