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How to Extract Attachment from PDF files? Best Method

Many people want to extract attachments from PDF files to save them separately. But those users are unable to accomplish this job, because of improper knowledge. To help those people we have written this article. In this blog post, we’ll show the smartest method to extract attachment from PDF files. Let’s start…

The PDF (Portable Document Format) are the files that allow users to preserve documents digitally. It is a widely used file type that users use to store and share data.

A PDF can easily contain a document with text, images, hyperlinks, attachments, and many other objects. It is also possible to preserve attachments in PDF files.

These attachments or attached files can be different types of files, such as images, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.

In some cases, users need to extract these attachments from PDF files. There can be many reasons why a user needs to extract PDF attachments.

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Reasons for Extracting Attachments from PDF files?

  • Accessing data individually: – By extracting attachments from PDF files users gets the power to access the extracted files directly with different applications.
  • Reducing file size: – Users can extract attachments and after extraction they can remove it from source PDF files for reducing its size.
  • Archiving or backup: – Users extract PDF attachments for creating an additional backup of those attached files.
  • Customization: – Users can edit a PDF but can’t editing its inner attachments. To edit them specifically the only available solution is its extraction.

User’s Query

I have over 100 PDF files that contain various doc files as attachments. My boss has assigned me the task of editing these attached doc files. Before editing these DOC files, first, I have to extract them from PDF files. However, I am unable to do so because I don’t know the method to extract attachments from PDF files. Please suggest me a quick and safe way to extract attachments from PDF files.

Quick Solution to Extract PDF attachments

Users can perform PDF attachment extraction tasks with SysInspire PDF Attachment Extractor software. This is the best way to Extract PDF attachments with complete safety.

It enables users to export all types of attached files from PDF documents with an easy process. In a single process, it extracts attachments from multiple PDF files losslessly. Using this tool users also get the facility to extract all types and specific types of attachments from PDF files.

How to extract attachments from PDF Documents?

Apply the below give steps for extracting attachments from PDF files: –

  • Download, Install and Run this Windows-based PDF Attachment extractor tool.
  • Select the Extract PDF Documents attachments and hit the Next button.
  • Click the Select PDF File or Select PDF Folder button for adding PDF documents.
  • Select and Import your PDF files and press the Next button for further process.
  • Apply other required attachments settings from the next screen: –
    • Extract all attachments: – Extract all type of attachments from selected PDF files.
    • Extract any specific file extension attachment: – Input extension of attached files that you want to extract from PDF files specifically.
  • Click the Save button and choose the location for saving resultant attachments.
  • Lastly, hit on the Save and start extracting attachments from PDF files.

Smart Features of SysInspire PDF Attachments Extractor software

  • Extract PDF Attachments: – Export copies of attachments from PDF files and save them separately to your local drive.
  • Remove Attachments from PDF: – Perform the task of removing attachments and get new PDF files without attachments.
  • Single PDF file or folder selection: – For attachment extraction, add a single PDF file one by one or add complete folder having multiple PDF files at once.
  • Filter and extract specific attachments: – Input the extension of attachments that to want to extract from PDF files specifically without touching other available attachments.
  • Saving with different modes: – Extract attachments and get the ability to save the extracted attachments 3 different option. (Single Folder, Folder-Wise, or Separate Folder by PDF file name)
  • Manual saving location selection: – self-choose a location from your computer to save the extracted PDF file’s attachments.
  • Windows O/S Compatibility: – Easily run this PDF Attachment Extractor on computer running on any edition of Windows O/s- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and others.


Many users need to extract attachments from PDF files for a variety of reasons. Multiple methods are available on the internet that facilites users to do this task. But for securely performing extraction users must go with the best solution. So, people those need a professional and secure method, they needto use the above-described method. Also, download the free PDF Attachment Extractor software and perform free extraction of attachments.


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