Fix Exchange Jet Error 1811 & 1032

How to Fix Exchange Jet Error 1811 & 1032?

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Last updated: August 30th, 2021 at 01:05 pm

Microsoft Exchange platform is one of the popularly used email platforms. This platform is also like other platforms is unsafe from several errors. The good thing is these errors can be resolved easily. But few errors need extra efforts like to Fix Exchange Jet Error 1811 & 1032. This type of error can damage your whole EDB file if it is not fix quickly at a time.

In this Blog Post, I have shared the causes and the solution that helps you to Fix Microsoft Exchange Jet Engine Error. So let’s get start

Why Exchange Jet Error 1811 & 1032 Occurs?

This Microsoft jet database engine error can arise due to harm in Exchange Server Database or application level. Here is the list of Jet Engine errors when the Exchange Server is corrupt, due to an unexpected crash in hardware or Software.

  • 1022 jet_errdiskio Error: This type of error arises when the limitations are done by the Input/Output Process stop Exchange Server to get access of targeted page in the Exchange Database. Also, this error can be the reason for the damaged file. When the user tries to access pages which is larger than the total number of pages.
  • 1019 JET_errpagenotInitialized Error: Such an error can be faced when the user tries to get access to an empty page in the Exchange database. The main reason behind the empty page is damage to the file system.
  • 1018 JET_err Read VerifyFailure – This error came when the wrong page number or incorrect check some is come across while the process of reading page. The withdrawal of the page heads results in a mismatch in the number of pages. As result, it corrupt the Exchange file

So here is the list of Jet Engine errors that can be arisen due to an unknown reason:

  • The Jet VBA is not able to initialize. Re-Install the application once again
  • JET_errRecord not available error
  • 100 JET_err Rfsfailure
  • Not capable to start DAO/Jet db engine
  • Microsoft Jet database stops performing the process because you and the third user are changing the same data simultaneously.

Reasons behind the Eseutil Jet Error 1811

  • Malfunctioning of hardware like hard drive, sudden power crash, damage to EDB mailbox
  • When there is corruption in critical objects like the Exchange database due to registry and software errors
  • When there is a mismatch between the JET or DAO file
  • Missing or deleted Exchange log files leads to Eseutil jet error. 
  • When there is a false Exchange database recovery because third-party resources are incompatible with Exchange

Solutions to Fix Exchange Jet Error 1811 & 1032

Follow these methods to fix this ESEUTIL jet error 1811 error given below:-

Manual Method 1- Backing Up of Exchange Database

  • Start the Windows Server Backup and select the local backup solution
  • Select the backup once the option
  • Then just tap on different options and click the next button
  • You will see a select Backup configuration page
  • Choose the custom option and click on the next to move further
  • You can also select items for the backup page
  • Press add items option and press OK to attach the needed volume
  • With Advanced Settings Exclusions, you can exclude the file types
  • Visit the VSS settings tab and choose VSS full backup tab and press OK
  • Then you will see a window giving an option to select local drives or remote shared folders to save Exchange backup files to the destination
  • Check the setting of backup in the confirmation tab, and click on the backup button
  • Check the current backup process and then press the backup button
  • You can view the backup progress using the backup progress tab. Check the backup files after the completion of the process.

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Manual Method 2- Using Various ESEUTIL Command

MS Exchange server has several commands that resolve the different types of corruption errors. All you need to do is to open the command prompt and select desired ESEUTIL command depending upon the requirements. Read out the given commands:

  • ESEUTIL/c- To perform the hard recovery of the Exchange database
  • ESEUTIL/m- You can use this command to take the exit from header information of the database
  • ESEUTIL/D- Command facilitate the offline defragmentation of the Exchange database
  • ESEUTIL/y- Used to assign the operation on large mailboxes of the database
  • ESEUTIL/g- To check the integrity of the exchange database
  • ESEUTIL/p- Basically, used to recover corrupt exchange database file.  After this, the user needs to perform an offline defragmentation of the database
  • ESEUTIL/R- For recovery operations on the exchange database
  • ESEUTIL/K- To do the analysis of checksum values

You can use all these commands to Fix Exchange Jet Error 1811 & 1032. But these manual methods do not guarantee to keep data integrity. And you can also lose the information stored on the server.

Manual Method 3- Using Eseutil Repair Tool For Repairing Exchange Database

You can use the inbuilt tool of the Exchange server named Eseutil for fixing the damaged Exchange database. If you don’t know about the Eseutil repair tool here is a small overview of it.

What is eseutil used for?
ESEUTIL is the tool that is available for all Exchange server administrators. It can be used for various purposes like checking database status, repairing or defragmenting corrupt databases, and managing the database size.
In this tool, you’ll get 2 different soft recovery and hard recovery features for repairing the Exchange database. 

Solution No.1- Soft Recovery for ESEUTIL Jet Error 1811

Every user should prefer to use soft recovery first in comparison to hard recovery. There is no risk on the soft recovery and by this, you’ll be able to fix corruption-creating issues in the Exchange database.

Follow the below steps for performing Soft Recovery:-

  •  Here you need to open the ESEUTIL tool and enter this command Eseutil /r /d “<path to your database file>”
  • Here is the example:- Eseutil /r /d “M:\ExchangeDatabases\DB01”

By entering all the above commands wait for few minutes to let the process complete. After the completion check the health status of the database by entering EseUtil with the /mh parameter command. And if the status is in a healthy state you can try to mount the database.

Solution No.2- Hard Recovery in ESEUTIL Repair Tool

If unfortunately, the soft recovery failed to resolve Exchange jet error 1811 then you can look for the hard recovery.

Caution:- Before performing the hard recovery I’d like to aware you that this process can lead to data loss or corruption. So make sure to take a backup of all Exchange databases before proceeding with the below steps.

Here are the steps of Hard Recovery with ESEUTIL:-

  • Go to your ESEUTIL tool and put this command

    Eseutil /p “<path to your database file in full>”

And you might see the windows given in the below screenshot after putting the command.

hard recovery to fix Exchange Jet Error 1811 & 1032

Remember there is no 100% guarantee to fix the issue. You can go with the automated tool mentioned in Method no.3.

SysInspire EDB to PST Converter

    • This EDB to PST Converter software is designed with advanced techniques to Fix Exchange Jet Error 1811 & 1032 with preserving all email properties.

Download the software by visiting the below provided link.


Automated Method 3- Using SysInspire EDB to PST Converter Software

The software has the latest technology to eliminate any error related to the Exchange Server file. This EDB to PST Free software has many features listed below:-

  • Quick Conversion of EDB file into working PST Outlook format
  • The auto-detection feature means it can automatically locate the.EDB file location
  • Multiple Conversion formats of EDB File such as EMLX, EML, MSG, HTML, and PST
  • There is no limitation of the database for making EDB to PST Conversion
  • Splitting feature to shorten the size of large PST file into various small-sized PST files
  • Also maintains the data integrity during the conversion


You can use any manual and automated method but the manual methods come with many limitations. And to operate the manual method you need professional knowledge. So it is better to take the help of SysInspire EDB to PST Converter software that scans the EDB file and immediately Fix Exchange Jet Error 1811 & 1032.

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