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How to Download an Email from Outlook? Know the Trick

Download an Email from Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email client used by many business organization because of its advanced features.

Outlook can support third part extensions and also it can managed multiple emails in a simple manner because of its user friendly interface.

But this email client has some limitation which is it won’t have the proper feature to download emails. So in this blog post today we will discuss the process to download an Email from Outlook.

Here I listed the multiple methods that will help you to download emails from outlook. So lets get started

Methods to Download Emails from Outlook

  1. Export Emails Folders using Outlook
  2. Using Outlook Express
  3. Download Email as Word file
  4. Download/Save Email as PDF

Export Emails Folders using Outlook

 Just follow the below steps to download outlook emails folders:-

Using Outlook Express

You can use Outlook express to download outlook emails just follow the steps given below:-

Download Email as Word file

To download emails outlook in the word format you need to save the items of outlook in HTML file format. Then open the HTML file with the help of MS word to save the file as document of the word.

Here are the steps to do this task:-

Download/Save Email as PDF

Here you need to save the email messages in the HTML file format. Then you need to save the file in the PSF form with Microsoft word.

Here are the guided steps:-

Download an Email from Outlook using the Automated Software

If you are still not able to download outlook emails then this SysInspire Outlook PST recovery software will be the choice for you. This software gives you a complete solution and it can recover emails of Outlook in a few steps. You need to bothered about the data privacy it is 100% virus-free software.

And for the user’s satisfaction, there is a free demo version available of this software. You can test the software functionality of the PST recovery software and then can jump to its premium version.

This SysInspire software can fix any corruption causing errors from the Outlook file. And there is no limitation on the file size user can restore unlimited elements with all mailbox items.

Final Words

So above we mentioned the manual techniques that will help you to download an email from Outlook. And in case if you find this process difficult or face any type of error then you can use SysInspire PST recovery software. I hope this blog is able to resolve your query.

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