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How to Export Emails from Entourage to Outlook?

In earlier times Entourage used to be a great email client but now Apple Mail has discontinued it. Because of this, there are no regular updates and customer support available for their users.  So the only best choice left for the users is to shift towards a secured platform like MS Outlook. And for performing the migration task you need to export emails from Entourage to Outlook.

Therefore in this article, I shared a perfect direct technique that enables you to import Entourage database to Outlook. First, let’s take a look at common user needs behind transfer email from Entourage to Outlook.

Why you should Export Emails from Entourage to Outlook?

  • The main cause behind Entourage migration is Microsoft no longer supports this service even doesn’t give customer support.
  • It is very easy for users to organize emails in Outlook.
  • There are various separate folders available in Outlook for managing the data easily like calendars, contacts, tasks, etc.
  • Outlook provides updates frequently to enhance the users working.

Steps to Locate Entourage MBOX File Location

Just for your knowledge, I want to aware you that all the data of Entourage gets saved in the MBOX file. If you like to export emails from Entourage to Outlook you need to convert the Entourage MBOX file into PST. You can get more details about the MBOX file from here.

Download MBOX Converter tool
Tool to Convert Entourage Data to Outlook

The reason why we convert MBOX into PST is that Outlook can access only PST files.

If you don’t know where the MBOX file of Entourage gets saved just visit this path location of your system mentioned below:-

C:/Users/username/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2008 Identities/ Main Identity

Not able to view the MBOX file from the above Path? Don’t worry let’s manually import Entourage data into MBOX.

  • Start the Entourage on your system and go through the file menu.
  • Choose Export button > Export items to an Entourage archive button and select the file you like to export in MBOX format.
  • Hit on the right icon button for starting the process. Make sure to tap yes when a window pops up with the option “delete items from Entourage after they are archived”.
  • Now tap save to import Entourage mailbox data in MBOX format.

Complete Process to transfer Email from Entourage to Outlook

As Outlook only works with PST files so it is not an easy task for the users to export emails from Entourage to Outlook. To access Entourage data in Outlook you need to convert MBOX into PST. But choosing the right method for the export task is important any wrong method can even lead to huge data loss.

Therefore at this time, you should try this SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter software created to convert Entourage MBOX file data into PST.

Step By Step Process to Export Emails from Entourage to Outlook

Firstly locate the MBOX file and if you don’t know the MBOX file location or don’t have the MBOX file. We already discussed the approach how to get the Entourage MBOX File in the above section.

Now you have your MBOX File then perform its conversion using the SysInspire MBOX Converter tool from the below section.

Convert MBOX to Outlook PST through SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter

  • The first step is to download and install the SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter from here.

download tool

  • From the Menu bar tap add file/ folder button and from the select MBOX file or folder button choose the file you like to export.Convert MBOX File
  • Here scanning of the MBOX file gets started and after you can view all the emails and other folders stored in it.Scanning of Entourage emails
  • Hit the convert MBOX and a new window pop up choose single PST as a conversion format and hit convert.

After completion of the task, you’ll get your PST having all data of Entourage. You can now open this PST file on Outlook and access all Entourage emails data in the Outlook application.

Reasons to go with SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter

  • The manual method is not safe at there is always a high risk of data corruption and human error. Hence going with an automated tool is the safest choice for every user.
  •  If you have multiple MBOX files and want to view them in Outlook you can perform the conversion of these various files in a single process with this tool.
  • The Demo version of the MBOX Converter tool is also available for all the users that support the conversion of 25 MBOX file items.
  • You can also decide to get multiple PST files for each mailbox. All you need to select a separate PST file option under the conversion window.Export Emails from Entourage to Outlook

Final Review

If you are thinking to access Entourage emails into Outlook then you need to perform MBOX file conversion into a working PST file. And if you decided to go with the manual method you need to wait for a week or can be a month even the possibility of losing data is also high.

Hence you should use the SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter which is the secured way to perform the MBOX Conversion task. And here I mentioned all the steps that you should follow after downloading this so you can export Entourage emails. I hope this article added some value.

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