How to Generate Yahoo App Password?

To access Yahoo Mail account with third-party apps, users need to generate an app password. An app password is a randomly generated security code that gives permission to access your Yahoo account without any Yahoo App.

Follow the given steps to easily generate the Yahoo App Password:-

  1. Open your web browser and Sign in to your Yahoo account by entering your email address and password, then click on Account Info.
    Yahoo Login
  2. Then select the Account Security tab, and click Generate app password or Manage app passwords.
    Generate Yahoo app password
  3. Select your app from the drop-down menu, if you want to add any third-party app then select the Other app option.
    Choose App
  4. Provide your app name and click on Generate button.
    Enter App Name for Yahoo
  5. Now the generated password will appear on your screen simply copy it.
    Copy Generated Password
  6. Use this generated password on your third party app and sign in to your Yahoo account.