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How to Import EML files into Outlook 365?

Import EML files into Outlook 365

Last updated: March 15th, 2021 at 06:13 pm

EML is a commonly used extension for every single emails. This extension is used by many several email clients such as Eudora, Poco Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook and many others.

But due to change in technology the users are moving towards more easy-to-use and flexible platforms. That is the main reason users want to import EML files into Outlook 365.

So in this blog, I am going to share with you the best automated and manual methods which are used to Import EML to Outlook 365. Let’s start the topic.

Best Recommended Solution

  • Try this SysInspire EML converter which is 100% virus free. It can make the conversion of EML file without doing any moderation in the information.

Methods to Import EML files to Outlook 365

Basically, there are two methods for export EML to PST which are manual and automated. So firstly we will discuss the manual approach.

Manual Technique to Export EML to Outlook 365

So there are 2 steps in the manual method. Firstly you need to export WLM emails to PST and after that you need to import the resultant PST file into Office 365 format. Follow the given below steps carefully to know the whole process.

Automated Solution to Import EML files to Outlook 365


Here we covered both manual and automated method to Import EML files into Outlook 365. But for the secure conversion of EML file it is better to go with automated SysInspire EML to Office 365 Converter software. And there is no guarantee to keep the data integrity in the manual method.

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