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How to Split MBOX File into Multiple Files?

MBOX files are a standard format for storing email messages and attachments that are used by more than 30 email applications. In the MBOX files, all the email messages are concatenated and stored in plain text format with unique separators. Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, MailDir, Eudora, and many others are examples of email clients that use MBOX files internally to store and manage email messages. While continuing to store emails and attachments, MBOX files become larger in size, which leads to performance issues and difficulties in managing and accessing your email data. In such cases, splitting MBOX files into multiple smaller files is a useful solution.

But the problem is, how do we split the MBOX files into smaller files? Do not worry! In this blog, we will discuss the same things and learn in detail how to split MBOX files into multiple files. So read this blog till the end, and you will be aware of each step you need to take and split MBOX files, as well as how to merge smaller MBOX files into a single MBOX file. So let’s start…

Why do we need to split the MBOX file into multiple files?

  • Improved performance:- Large MBOX files can slow down email clients and cause delays in opening or searching messages. Splitting these files can improve the performance of email clients.
  • Easy Backup:- Smaller MBOX files are easier to create as backups of emails and are also used for restoration. Smaller mbox files reduce the risk of data loss in the event of system failure or data corruption.
  • Organize Data:- After splitting MBOX files you can organize your email data more effectively. You can categorize your emails by criteria like date, sender, or subject, making it easier to find specific messages.
  • Migration Purpose:- When you need to migrate your email data to a different email client or service provider, having smaller MBOX files simplifies the process and reduces the chances of data loss.

A professional way to split MBOX files into multiple files

If you want to split MBOX files into multiple files with the best result then you should take the help of SysInspire MBOX Split and Merge Software because this software has the capability to open larger MBOX files in just a few seconds and allows you to preview each and every email messages that are stored in MBOX files. This software is designed with a very strong algorithm with a simple user interface that allows everyone to use it without having any technical skills. While using this software, users can easily split MBOX files into multiple files without damaging any important data. Through the software, users are also capable of merging multiple MBOX files into single MBOX files.

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Review Some of the Effective Features of Software

  1. Friendly User Interface:- The software comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that does not require any technical expertise.
  2. Compatibility:- It supports MBOX files of various email clients including Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Gmail MBOX, MailDir, and others. 
  3. Multiple Split Options:- This software offers various splitting options, allowing users to split MBOX files based on criteria such as date, sender, and subject. 
  4. Preview Feature:- This MBOX Split and Merge Software provides a preview feature that allows users to see the email data before splitting or merging which helps users ensure that the selected emails are accurate.
  5. Merge Mbox File Option:- This application provides a Merge MBOX File option where you can merge multiple MBOX files into one  MBOX file with a simple click.
  6. Safe and Secure:- This tool does not lose or corrupt any data of your MBOX file during the split and merging process, it always maintains the integrity of your email data.

Steps to Split MBOX Files Using This Software

  • First, download and install SysInspire MBOX Split and Merge Software on your computer Systems.
  • Then launch the software and click on the “Add File/Folder” button from the toolbar.
  • Select the MBOX file or choose Thunderbird Profile for splitting or merging.
  • Check the folders and their respective email message previews.
  • Now, click on the “Split & Merge” button from the toolbar and then choose the appropriate option from Split or Merge (Select the option as per your need)
  • Now choose how you want to split the MBOX file like by date, sender, or subject.
  • Finally, click on the “Split” button and wait for some time to software finish the splitting of MBOX files.

Concluding Words

In the above blog, we discussed what MBOX files are and how they store email messages. We also describe some of the basic reasons why users might want to split MBOX file into multiple files. We learned in brief what we do to split an MBOX file through an expert MBOX splitter and merge software. I hope after reading this blog you will understand how to manage MBOX files by splitting and merging them.

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