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How to Remove Attachments from MBOX emails? Safe Solution

Are you facing issues with a large size MBOX file and want to reduce its size by deleting email attachments? If yes, then get the solution by reading this article. This guide will tell you how to remove attachments from MBOX emails with a safe and easy process.

Email communication is an essential component of both our personal and businesses in the modern digital world. To handle emailing tasks effectively, many of us use email applications like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook, and others. These email apps support storing users’ data locally in data files like MBOX.

Many times, people face storage issues in their computers due to the increasing size of the MBOX file while using desktop-based email clients. One of the major reasons for the increasing size of MBOX files is the email attachments available in them.

Managing huge email attachments is a problem that many email users face. These attachments cause the email client to operate less quickly, in addition to taking up storage space.

So, it is needed to reduce MBOX file size by removing email attachments.

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Best Way to Remove Attachments from MBOX Emails

There are various resources available to remove unnecessary attachments from MBOX files. One such utility to do this job with accuracy SysInspire MBOX Compressor software.

It is an expert program designed specifically for managing MBOX email files. Its main purpose is to reduce the total size of email files by removing attachments from MBOX emails. Another function of this tool is compressing the email attachments in zip archives, which makes storage more effective.

How to Remove MBOX Email Attachments with MBOX Compressor tool?

  • Download the SysInspire MBOX Compress Software for Windows computers.
  • Follow the installation instructions to install the software.
  • After installation, launch the MBOX Compress software on your machine.
  • Once the software is running, click on the “Add file/folder” button.
  • Choose the mode of adding MBOX files: “Select MBOX file“, “Select MBOX Folder“, or “Auto-Load Thunderbird profile“.
  • Insert the MBOX email files using your chosen mode and click the “Next” button.
  • The software will load mail folders from the MBOX files and allow you to preview emails from them.
  • Select the folders containing emails from which you want to remove attachments.
  • Press the “Compress MBOX” button from the top menu bar.
  • Choose one of the available MBOX file compression modes:
    • Remove Attachment and Save MBOX
    • Remove Attachment from MBOX and Save Attachments
    • Compress Attachments and Save MBOX
    • Remove Attachment from MBOX and compress & save attachments
  • Utilize the extension filter options to specify or manually input the extensions of attachments.
  • Select the “Filter Email” option to set a date range for the deletion of attachments, if necessary.
  • Choose the destination path where you want the resulting files to be saved. Optionally, utilize the “Save in Thunderbird” option if applicable to your setup.
  • Finally, click on the “Compress Now” button to begin the process of removing attachments from MBOX email files.

Best Features of SysInspire MBOX Compress software: –

  • Attachment Removal: Reduce the size of MBOX files by removing unwanted attachments from MBOX emails.
  • Compress attachment in ZIP: The software compresses the attachments into zip files, ensuring optimal storage efficiency.
  • Customization Options: Users have the flexibility to customize settings according to their preferences. They can choose to compress/remove attachments based on 4 different modes.
  • Batch Processing: MBOX Compress supports batch processing, allowing users to process multiple MBOX files simultaneously.
  • Preservation of Email Structure: MBOX Compressor ensures that the original formatting and structure of the email are retained even when attachments are deleted.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Because of its simple design, people with any technical proficiency can utilize the software.
  • Compatibility: MBOX Compress is compatible with all MBOX file types of a wide range of email clients. Also, users can use its computer running on any edition of Windows O/s.


A useful method for better email data management is to delete attachments from MBOX emails. You can reduce security concerns associated with huge attachments, increase email client performance and free up storage space by deleting MBOX email attachments. By following the instructions given in this article, you can accomplish this with ease and minor effort.


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