Best ways to Repair Exchange 2013 Database “Dirty Shutdown” Error?

Are you suffering from the situation database in dirty shutdown state? So no worry I make sure you will get all the answers related to problems repair Exchange 2013 database after dirty shutdown.

The reason behind the dirty shutdown error can be because of corrupted log files. There is a very important role of log files behind the proper working of Exchange Database. Let’s discuss the importance of the log files.

Quick Solution to Repair Exchange 2013 Database

  • SysInspire Exchange EDB recovery software offers the users to fix all the errors from the EDB file by scanning the file. Also you can get the free trial version of the software to check the functionality of the software.

Crucial Role of the Exchange Server transaction Log Files

The log files keep the record of each transaction and changes done on the database. After that, these records get assign to the Exchange Database file. In case these changes failed to assign due to a server crash, power outage then the database can get damaged. Thus log files are responsible to keep the database secured and smooth performance.

Meaning of Dirty Shutdown

When customization is done on the database and these changes get attached into cache memory but not in the database it can be defined as a dirty shutdown by Jet Engine. And this database remains inconsistent until the resolve of dirty transactions. The common dirty shutdown errors that the user might encounter are:-

  • Operation Terminated -550JET_errDatabaseDirtyShutdown error
  • Exchange is not able to mount the database
  • The database is not shut down appropriately

How to Repair Exchange 2013 Database after Dirty Shutdown?

Here is the list of various methods to repair exchange database dirty shutdown errors. And these methods can be applied to any version of Exchange Server either old or new.

Note:- Before following the below steps just make sure to take a complete backup of your EDB file database.

1. Free up the space of Disk

To recover the database from the state of dirty shutdown you need to keep space free of the disk.

2. Use Clean Log files

If the log file is in the clean state doing soft recovery can resolve the dirty shutdown error. To again mount the database, the transaction logs are replayed.

To do this task use the ESEUTIL command-line with /ml switch. You can check the state of log files with eseutil /ml “Path of the log files\log prefix.

Now do soft recovery by eseutil /r enn /L[path to log files] /s[path to checkpoint file] /d[path to database file] /i.

3. When Log Files is not in a clean state

You need to do hard database recovery when the log file is not available. But make sure you need to aware of these 3 things before starting the process:-

  • It doesn’t guarantee that database gets mounted
  • Lost of the microsoft support after doing this process
  • Accept that you will lose data because of corrupt data deletion

4. Offline Defragmentation

You need to defragment the database to manage the database on the server and reduce the size of disk space. And new database created is free of unused pages and old data. Syntax used :- eseutil /d Database_Name

Fix Dirty Shutdown with SysInspire EDB recovery Software

You can also see that to use manual techniques you need professional knowledge and also it is a very time-consuming process.

So at this time, you can work with the SysInspire Exchange server EDB recovery tool to repair Exchange 2013 database. It simply scans the EDB file and scans it to eliminate the error to make it usable form. With the help of this software, users can restore unlimited internal mailbox items like journals, emails, contacts, tasks, subjects, appointments, and many others. It provides multiple conversion formats of EDB file such as EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML and PST.

Final Words

Here we discussed with you the manual and automated method which helps you to Repair Exchange 2013 Database “Dirty Shutdown” Error without any data loss. But the manual method has many restrictions and takes a lot of time to complete the process. And with the SysInspire EML converter, you can easily fix exchange dirty shutdown in a few clicks with the help of guided steps available in the software.

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