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Resolve Mozilla Thunderbird Problems Sending Emails

Mozilla Thunderbird Problems Sending Emails

If you are not able to send email in Thunderbird, this page helps you to resolve Mozilla Thunderbird problems sending emails by following the methods enlisted here. Before moving to the solution let’s take a quick look at the overview of Thunderbird.

About Mozilla Thunderbird

This Mozilla Thunderbird email client is designed to manage all the emails in a single place. It can be used by any individual person or organization to manage their email activities and it is a completely free email client.

Sometimes Thunderbird has to suffer from issues like Mozilla Thunderbird Not Responding, Thunderbird email not sending. As in this blog, we will try to fix Thunderbird sending of the message failed error. In this error, users can receive the emails but can not send the emails.

Solutions to Fix Mozilla Thunderbird Problems Sending Emails

As you move forward you will get various techniques that allow you to again send email in Thunderbird. You can choose any technique according to your comfort. So let’s jump to the solutions.

Technique No.1- Verify the SMTP Settings

Technique No.2- Change SMTP Password

Sometimes there is no error in the Thunderbird program the problem is human error. This means sometimes in a hurried state you enter the wrong account password or you don’t know the exact one.

Technique No.3- Check the Program that leads to Thunderbird Won’t Send Email

Disable antivirus or third-party software you are using on your system and also firewall software. By following this you will be able to stop the software which was clashing with Thunderbird to don’t send emails. After doing this step verify the issue might get solved.

Technique No.4- Deletion of the SMTP Password to Fix Thunderbird Problems Sending Emails

Before following the given steps make sure to update your Thunderbird email client to the latest version.

Technique No.5- Shift Towards Secured Email Client MS Outlook

If the above manual techniques don’t work for you then you can shift towards another email client MS Outlook. And to migrate all Thunderbird data into Outlook you need to convert MBOX file to PST using the SysInspire MBOX Converter tool. This software is protected from any kind of viruses without losing data you can perform conversion of Thunderbird MBOX file data.


The Mozilla Thunderbird problems sending emails can be fixed by solving the issues related to SMTP. Also here you will get various techniques to fix this email sending problem in Thunderbird. If the error still persists then there is no way that can help you out. So the best decision is to shift towards MS Outlook and to migrate Thunderbird data into Outlook PST you can go with the SysInspire MBOX Converter third-party tool.


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