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How to Extract Attachment & Email Address from MBOX?

Get the power to extract email attachments and email addresses from emails available inside MBOX files. With SysInspire MBOX Attachment Extractor Software, swiftly export attachments from 1 or many MBOX files in a single process without efforts.

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Free demo available to extract up to 15 email attachments & addresses from each MBOX file for free.

Step-1) Download SysInspire MBOX Attachment Extractor software on a windows-based PC and press the "Add File/Folder" button
MBOX  Attachment Extractor software main screen
Step-2) Choose a mode of adding MBOX file from available options: -
  • Select MBOX file: - import single MBOX files for extracting data from one file.
  • Select MBOX Folder: - add a folder holding multiple MBOX files
  • Auto Load Thunderbird Profile: - in one click load all mail folders and files from Thunderbird profile.

Add MBOX files with your selected option and press the Next button.

add/load MBOX files
Step-3) Load mail folders from the imported MBOX files and open them to view their inner emails.
MBOX email preview
Step-4) Click on each email and view each email from MBOX file one by one.
MBOX email preview

Select needed folder and apply the below given steps for extracting attachment/email address.

Steps to Extract MBOX Email Attachments
Step-5) After the folder selection, press the Extract Attachment button and apply needed settings in the newly opened screen.
  • Attachment Extraction
  • Filtering Attachment Extension
  • Email Filtering
split MBOX

Required Settings for Attachment Extraction: -

  • Select Attachment Extraction option: - Extract the attachments and store them in 2 distinct modes.
    • Extract Attachment Folder-Wise: - create a folder for each MBOX file and store attachments of all the emails in it.
    • Extract Attachment Message-Wise: - create each folder for each email and store their asscoiated attachments.
  • Filtering Attachment Extensions: - select or add the file type of attachment to extract them from MBOX file.
    • Predefined File Extension: - Choose the type of attachment from the available options.
    • Custom File Extension: - manually input the extension of attachments (one or more)
  • Filter Email: - Select start and end date of emails from which you want to export attachments
  • Saving Location: - simply hit on Browse and select the path where you want to save the resultant attachments.
Step-6) Click on Convert and start Extracting all email attachments from MBOX.
split MBOX
Steps to Extract Email Address from MBOX files
Step-4) Hit the Extract Email Address button from top menu bar and apply needed settings.
  • Email Filter Criteria: - Choose an email address field of which you want to extract email address .
  • Filter Email: - manually input the extension of attachments (one or more)
  • Filter Email: - manually input the extension of attachments (one or more)
merge MBOX files
Step-4) Hit the Split/Merge button and choose Merge MBOX file option, then click on Next.
merge MBOX files
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