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How to Remove PDF Resctrictions

SysInspire PDF Unlocker Software provide quick solution for locked PDF documents. The tool helps to remove pdf security in just few mouse clicks and allow to open PDF, Copy, Modify and Print features.

Follow every steps mentioned below and unlock PDF files yourself in few clicks

Download SysInspire PDF Unlocker Software from SysInspire Official Website and install on your computer.

Free Download

This software has 2-unique features for PDF documents such as-

  • Remove PDF Restrictions
  • Enable PDF Restrictions

Working Steps of Remove PDF Resctrictions

Step-1: After installing PDF Unlocker Software, Open it- -

remove pdf document restriction

Step-2: Click on the "Remove PDF Restrictions" radio button as above screen displayed

This software support both single PDF and Bulk PDF document processing at a time.

Select PDF File- This option is best for single PDF file unlocker

Select PDF Folder- This option is good if you have more than one PDF file for unlocking at a time.

Screenshot of single PDF file unlocker

Single PDF document unlocker

Screenshot of bulk PDF file unlocker

PDF document unlocker

Step-3: Click on the "Save" button and choose the location where you want the output file

Step-4: After that, click on the "Unlock PDF" button.

If your PDF document having the file opening password, then software asks you the original password as below screenshot-

unlock pdf files

After providing the correct PDF file password, the software instantly remove the PDF user password and owner password and show you confirmation like below screenshot.

unlock pdf files

Working Steps of Enable PDF Resctrictions

Step-1: Open the software and click on the radio button "Enable PDF Restrictions" and choose the PDF file which you want to protect with user password and owner password.

enable pdf document restriction

Step-2: Click on the "Save button" and choose the output location.

Step-2: Now click on the "Enable PDF Resctrictions"button.

The software immediately asks you to provide the new password as below screen

set pdf user password

The software added this password to the file opening.

set pdf user password

If you need any kind of assistance, then please connect with us - Contact US

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