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MBOX Compressor Software

A comprehensive solution to optimize storage space and enhance email data management from MBOX files. Reduce MBOX file size efficiently by removing attachments and compressing them into zip files from MBOX emails using four methods. Explore user-friendly interface and batch processing capabilities for seamless management of MBOX files.

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MBOX Compressor Software

MBOX Compressor Software- Best Features

  • Rapidly compress & reduce size of MBOX files in bulk mode, saving time and effort.
  • With three options Add MBOX files & folders to remove or compress attachments.
  • A special feature to automatically load email files and folders from Thunderbird profiles.
  • Preview emails directly within the software's interface, empowering users to review content before compression.
  • Choose specific folders to remove attachments from, to speed up the MBOX compression job.
  • Access four different compression modes to efficiently reduce MBOX file size & eliminate unnecessary attachments.
  • Select or add attachment extensions to filter and remove only selective types of attachments.
  • Date-wise mail filtering to remove attachments from emails of chosen date only.
  • Self-choose a storage location to save resulting files or utilize the "Save in Thunderbird" option.
  • Erase attachments from MBOX files of any size without encountering limitations.
  • Remove email attachments or Compress from MBOX files that are generated from any supported email application.
  • Intuitive interface suitable for users of all levels, from beginners to experienced individuals.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows O/s, ensuring accessibility across a wide range of systems, including Windows 11.

Download Demo: - Remove/compress attachments from up to 25 emails from each chosen MBOX file at no cost.

MBOX Compressor software- Features with details

Compress & Remove MBOX Email Attachment

Efficiently reduce the size of large MBOX files without risking data loss using the MBOX Compress tool, which offers four distinct MBOX file size reducing methods: -

  • Remove Attachment from MBOX: - Transfer emails from the original MBOX file to a new one, excluding attachments.
  • Remove Attachment & Save Attachment Separate Folder: - Transfer emails without attachments to a new MBOX file while saving the attachments in a different folder.
  • Compress Attachments and Save MBOX File: - Compress email attachments within the MBOX file into ZIP archives.
  • Remove Attachment from MBOX and Save & Compress Attachment: - Delete attachments from MBOX emails, save them separately, and compress them into ZIP files.
remove/compress mbox email attachments

MBOX file adding options

Insert MBOX with 3 Options

Add your MBOX file/folders into the software with three distinct options:

  • Single MBOX File Selection: - Import a single MBOX file for removing attachments.
  • MBOX Folder Selection: - Add a directory comprising sub-folders and MBOX files.
  • Thunderbird Auto-Load: - Enable one-click loading of all Thunderbird-Profile mail folders.

2 attachment saving modes

2 Save Options for Attachments

  • Save Attachments Message-Wise: - Store attachments in folders corresponding to each email and organize the folders according to the subjects of the emails.
  • Save Attachments Folder-Wise: - Create separate folders for each MBOX file and store all email attachments in appropriate folders.

open and read MBOX emails

Open/Read MBOX File's Emails

Import MBOX files into the software and view their internal emails. Use the preview panel to open and review each email from the inserted MBOX file. Before proceeding with MBOX compression or attachment removal, thoroughly evaluate each email, including all relevant details.

compress/remove attachments from selective folder

Selective Folder Compression

Easily add several folders with MBOX files into the program to see all folders with complete hierarchical structure. Users can quickly remove MBOX email attachments from specific folders by choosing particular folders from this list.

compress/remove attachments by selecting extension

Compress Specific Attachment

Easily specify attachment extensions for removal or compression from MBOX files. Do this using two options: either select from a list of “predefined file extensions” or “input custom extensions” manually. This feature empowers users to streamline the attachments removing or compression process according to their specific needs.

filter emails by date range

Filter Emails by Date Range

Efficiently compress and remove attachments of MBOX emails that arrive within a certain date range. To delete attachments or reduce the size of emails falling within the selected period, simply select a start and end date.

save resulting files options

2 Modes for Saving Files

Save the resulting MBOX files and attachments in two convenient ways: either manually choose a location on your drive using the Browse button, or choose "Save in Thunderbird" to save directly to the Thunderbird profile's local folder path.

all mbox files Compatibility

Universal Support for MBOX Files

With this all-inclusive solution, you can easily remove and compress attachments from MBOX files of all sizes and types. Compatible with MBOX/MBX/MBS/MSF formats as well as more MBOX variations. Quickly reduce the file size of MBOX files received from any email program, including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora and others.

easy graphical interface

User-Friendly Graphical Interface

Users of any experience level can confidently operate the software to compress MBOX files. Its easy-to-use and intuitive graphical interface, will make you able to perform MBOX compression Without any prior knowledge. Users can effectively complete MBOX compression operations conveniently with only a few clicks.

working on all windows edition

Compatibility with Windows O/S

All Windows operating system versions are compatible with this software, guaranteeing error-free operation and flawless performance. With low hardware requirements, it works flawlessly on Windows-based PCs, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and other versions.

free mbox file compression and removing attachments

Free MBOX File Compression

Before purchasing a paid license, experience the program's capabilities by trying the demo version. This demo offers a free, brief look at the program's features. You can compress MBOX files and remove attachments with up to 25 email items of MBOX using the demo version.

Free Download SysInspire MBOX Compress Software

Download Now Purchase Now MBOX compress tool

*Demo Limitation: Free compress or remove attachments from up to 25 emails contained within each MBOX file or folder.

Software Specification

Software Info

MBOX Compressor software


Language Supported
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

System Requirements

Intel® Pentium Class

Operating System
Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc

Hard Disk Space
150 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB is required

Software Delivery


Delivery by E-mail

Supported Editions

Win 11 & All Below Windows Versions

Trial Limitations

Remove or compress attachments from up to 25 emails within an MBOX file without any charges.

Software Comparison - MBOX Compressor software Demo vs Full Version

Features Demo Version Full Version
Batch Mode Compression for MBOX Files
Thunderbird Email File Compression
Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile Data
Attachment Filter for Specific Extensions
Date-Based Email Filtering
MBOX File Open and Email Reading
Saving Location Selection
Unlimited MBOX Compression compress/remove 25 email attachments from each MBOX file
Price Free Download Buy $39

Frequently Asked Question

How to Compress/Reduce MBOX File Size Using MBOX Compression Tool?
  • Download and launch the Windows-based MBOX Compression software.
  • Click on the "Add File/Folder" button and select your preferred file/folder adding mode.
  • Add and load mail folders from MBOX files, and preview emails within the software interface.
  • Choose the desired folders and click the "Compress MBOX" button.
  • Adjust the necessary compression and removal settings for MBOX attachments.
  • Finally, initiate the compression process by clicking the "Compress Now" button.
In what way does this utility enables to include MBOX files for compression process?

This tool facilitates MBOX file importation for size compression through three distinct methods:

  • Select MBOX file: - Users can add an MBOX file from a specified location on their local drive.
  • Select MBOX Folder: - Users have the option to add a folder containing multiple sub-folders and MBOX files.
  • Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile: - The software automatically identifies Thunderbird storage space on the user's device and loads all mail folders and email files accordingly.
Can users preview emails from MBOX files before compressing them?
Yes, the software allows users to view a comprehensive preview of each email item from MBOX files. See each email with complete details, prior to initiating the compression operation.
Will this software compress multiple MBOX files simultaneously?

Yes, users will never face any problems while compressing an infinite number of MBOX files in a single operation.

What is the process by which this program reduces the size of MBOX files?
The tool offers four different methods to reduce the size of MBOX files. Users can compress attachments into zip archive files or eliminate unnecessary attachments from MBOX files using those methods.
Why does the software have an extension filter function?
The extension filtering option enables users to select or manually input the extensions of attachments they wish to remove or compress from the emails within MBOX files.
Are there any restrictions regarding the size of MBOX files or attachments in the software?
Using the software, you can freely remove and compress attachments of any size from any size MBOX file.
Can this software compress MBOX files that is downloaded from Google Takeout?
All MBOX, MBX, MBS, MSF and other MBOX file types that are received from Google Takeout or any other email program are fully supported by the software. This tool compresses all these files efficiently and safely without any problem.
Which Windows OS version is required on the computer in order to use this software?
All Windows OS versions including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP as well as older versions are compatible with this software. (Both 32-bit and 64-bit).
What are the advantages of trying out the demo version before buying the full version?
Before making a purchase, users can test the software's capabilities by using the free demo version. This enables users to compress MBOX files with a limit of 25 emails per file.

Note: - Users can easily switch to the commercial edition of the software once they are satisfied with its performance.

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