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PST Merge & Join Software

In a single process Merge/Combine All Outlook or required items folders from multiple PST fiels or Join PST files as individual folders to single PST file easily with thes Fastest PST Merging & Joining Software.

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PST Merging tool

PST Merge Tool- Advanced Features

PST Merge/Join Software




  • Merge data from Two or More Outlook PST files with smart and easy steps.
  • Join unlimited PST files to Single PST as individual folders.
  • Merge all Outlook folders or required items folders from Outlook PST.
  • Has the option for adding PST files One By One for PST merging and joining.
  • Select a folder containing multiple PST files to add all files at a single time.
  • Search files from hard drive to load PST files from unknown locations.
  • Input File Name, Store Name & Encrypt with password Merged or Joined PST files.
  • Save mergedor joined PST files to desired location.
  • Support both ANSI & Unicode PST files of Outlook editions- 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and below version.
  • Clean & easy to use graphical interface for users ease.
  • Work on all lower to higher edition of Windows O/S (Upto- Windows 10).

Download demo edition, to Merge & Join PST files with upto 20 items from each Outlook PST folders for free.

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SysInspire PST Merge & Join Tool- More Features

merge/combine pst files

Merge/Combine PST files

Users now can easily combine all Outlook folders items from two or more PST files in single process with ease using fastest PST Merging Software. With all mail folders, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, journals data the software Merge PST files in simple steps.

join outlook pst files

Join Outlook PST files

In addition to Merging Outlook folders process, the software comes with PST joining option. Users can easily join several PST files with complete data to single PST files. While joining PST files the software saves PST files as individual folders to new PST files.

merge pst with selective item

Merge PST With Selective Item Folder

For Merging PST file the sofware offers two different option to its users. With a user can easily merge PST files with complete folders as well as they can choose to merge PST file only required items. Users can choose any one of Mail folder, contact, calendar, tasks, notes, journal option and software will merge PST files with selected item folders. .

merge pst folder

Maintain Folder Heirarchy

While merging PST files the software preserves complete outook folder-heirrachy. Without any kind of modification in email and other items it saves complete data from older PST to new/merged PST files. Also, while joining PST files it saves PST files as folders to new PST with maintaining complete data-integrity.

Input store name file name

Input Store Name & File Name

Before merging Output files software also provides the facility to provides a file name and store name inside PST files. Costumize both file name as well as store name as per their their requirement on resultant PST files easily.

Password-Protect PST files

Encrypt Resultant PST files

While mergeing and joining PST files the software also offers to password protect PST files to secure data from unknown persons. Users can add a password in PST file of ny character combination withoutany additional software installation requirement.


Merge Both ANSI and Unicode PST

Users of Older to newer edition of Outlook can take help of this software to merge or join PST files. The software easily merge ANSI as well Unicode PST files of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2003, 2000, and below version.

Save to user's specified location

Save New File to Needed Location

Saving resultant files with this software is easy. Before merging or Joining PST files user's can easily select a location to save the resulted files. It preseves merged or joined PST files to user's specified path without any any problem.

Windows Compatible PST Merge

Software Compatibility

For merging or joining PST files users can simply use this software software on any windows based computer. A computer with any Windows edition can run this software without any additional software requirement. User can use this software on windows- 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista and below edition.

PST Merge Free Demo

Demo Edition to Merge PST Free

Users who first want to check software functions before puchasing it can take assistance of its demo edition. Free demo edition of this PST Merging software will help users to merge or join their PST files with 20 items from per folder at free of cost.

Download SysInspire PST Merge & Join Software Free Demo
Download Now Purchase Now Merge or Join PST files on windows

*Demo Limitation: Merge/Join PST files with upto 20 items from each folder for free.

Software Specification

Software Info

SysInspire PST Merger


Language Supported
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

System Requirements

Intel® Pentium Class

Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc

Hard Disk Space
150 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB is required

Software Delivery


Delivery by E-mail

Supported Editions

Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions

Trial Limitations

Demo edition Will allow users to Combine PST files with upto 20 items from each Outlook folder for free.

Software Comparison - Demo vs Full Version of PST Merger

Features Demo Version Full Version
Merge Outlook PST Files
Join PST Files.
Merge With Required Items
Add File Name/Store Name & Password
Save Output files to Needed locations
Merge/Join Unlimited PST files Allows to Merge PST files with only 20 items from each folder
Price Download Now Purchase $39

Frequently Asked Question

How to Merge/Join Outlook PST files?
Follow the below given steps and easily Merge or Join PST files-
  • Download and Launch PST Merge & Join software to a windows machine.
  • Choose an option to import PST files:-
    • Add File- Add PST files one by one manually
    • Add Folder- Select a folder containing several PST files
    • Search PST files- Search all load files with .pst extension from user's local drive
  • After addinf PST files click the Next button.
  • Select required Merging or Joining PST options in the software.
  • Enter a File Name, Store Name and Password to PST files.
  • Choose the destination path to save files and hit the Merge & Join button.
  • Software will start PST Merging and joining process and provide the instant results to users.
PST Merge & Join Software

Note: Make use of demo edition to merge/join PST files with 20 items from each Outlook folder at free of cost.
Can I use this software to Join Several PST files into a single PST file?
Yes, it is possible with this software to join several PST files into single PST. While joining PST files it preserves all PST files as individual folders to new PST files
Is this software able to Merge PST files with Only Mail folders?
Yes, for merging PST files this software offers to Merge PST files with complete folders or folders with single item. Users can merge PST with only single mail or contact, calendar, journal, tasks, notes data.
Is Merging Outlook folders from Encrypted PST files is possible with this software?
Yes, the software has the power to merge Outlook folders from encrypted or password-protected PST files. In addition, after merging or Joining PST files it also offers to encrypt output PST files with password as per user's wish.
Removing mistakenly selected PST files is possible with this tool?
If a user has imported some wrong PST files in the software, they can easily remove them from the list. User can remove selected or entire PST files in single process.
Where the software saves Merged or Joined PST files?
To save the PST files after merging or joining process the software offers users to select a location from their drive. User can easily select a needed location to save their merged or joined PST Files.
In a single process, can merge Outlook folders from 100+ PST files?
There is no restrictions on file size or Quantity. Means, in a single process user can quickly Merge/Join Unlimited PST files with their complete folders without any problem. Also, we have tested the software to merge 1000+ PST files in a single process and it has provided us error-free results.
Can i use this software to Merge PST files which are created with Older edition of Outlook?
PST files of Older to Newer edition of Outlook are all supported by this software. A user can use this software easily to Merge/Join both ANSI as well as Unicode PST file which is obtained from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, and below versions.
What are the abilities of PST Merger tool's demo edition?
Before purchasing any paid license company first offers all users to try demo edition of PST Merger tool. This demo edition work similar as full version of PST merging tool. With this demo edition all users can freely merge and join their PST files with upto 20 items from each folder at free of cost.

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