Thunderbird Connection to Server Timed Out [Fix the Error]

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Do you landed here after looking for the solution to error “Thunderbird connection to Server timed out”? If your answer will be yes then this blog post is made for you.

In this guide, we will explain about Connection to Server Timed Out error of Thunderbird and the causes that create this error. And most important valuable tricks that you can adopt to fix this issue permanently.

About Thunderbird Connection To Server Timed out Error

If you use the Thunderbird email client then you might face the connection keeps timing out error during the time of send or receive emails. The reason behind this issue can be because of dealing with big-sized emails or emails that have a huge number of attachments. As result users become inaccessible to send emails because the server is not capable enough to answer the requests.

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Reasons behind Thunderbird not Connecting to server Error

Here are some common reasons that usually the reasons behind the creation of this Thunderbird error:-

  • Improper account settings during the configuration.
  • Softwares like Windows firewall, Antivirus clashing with Thunderbird and blocking the emails.
  • Missing configuration of server settings of SSL/TLS.
  • Having settings in which server timeout is set to a low value.

Resolving Thunderbird Connection to Server Timed Out Issue

Till now we have covered the causes behind the Thunderbird connection issue and now you can move to the methods to fix this error.

Solution #1- Turning Off Windows Firewall and AntiVirus

If you are suffering from a connection problem in Thunderbird then it is because of firewall or antivirus in your machine. You follow the below practice to turn off these programs if you facing issues while sending or receiving emails.

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Here are the steps:-

Go to the control panel and search for Windows Firewall and click on it. Now go to Turn Windows Firewall on or off option and from the available list of options check the Turn off Windows Firewall button and hit OK.

Solution #2- Increasing the Time Timeout Value of the Server

As you can understand from the name of this connection server time out error is the time limit gets reached. So to resolve this issue you can try to increase the server timeout limit manually.

That’s how you can do this!

  1. Go to your Thunderbird program.
  2. Tap on tools > options > Advanced > General > Config Editor.
  3. Visit the search file section and put mailnews.tcptimeout > Click Enter.
  4. Look for mailnews.tcptimeout and right-click on it > modify.
  5. Here change the value by adding the larger value. Remember to save them.

After following the above guide again start your Thunderbird application and check the emails are sending normally.

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Final Review

While suffering from the thunderbird connection to server timed out error you can follow the ways described here to fix it.

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