Proven Ways to Extract Password Protected RAR Files without Software

Sometimes a situation comes when the users forgot the password of the RAR file it can be a very tough situation for them. It is necessary to enter the password to open the password-protected RAR file. And the sad thing is the WinRAR archiver does not provide any inbuilt utility to recover the forgotten RAR password.

Therefore in this article, I am going to give you the best-proven ways that you help to extract password protected RAR files without Software. So let’s get started.

List of the Techniques to Open Password Protected RAR File without Software

Here are the manual techniques that we will use to open protected RAR files which are:-

Technique No.1- Free RAR Password Unlocker Online Service

If you don’t remember any sentence of your password then you can try the free online RAR Password Unlocker tool which named is Online Hash Crack. This tool can give the password of weak files and the size of the file must be less than 200 MB.

If the password of your RAR file is simple and the size of the RAR file is small then this online Hash Crack tool will be the best choice for you. Below we listed the steps how you can open password protected RAR file with the help of this free online tool.

  • First, go to the official website of Online Hash Crack
  • Now tap on the browse button to select the file and enter the email address
  • When the upload gets complete the tool start the process to recover the password.

By following the above steps you can restore forgotten RAR passwords but there are some limitations with this approach. The process does not give a specific period of time to complete the process you don’t know how much time it takes. And the big risk is data security. When the tool successfully extracts password protected RAR file it can also access the data stored in it.

Technique No.2- Extract RAR Password with Notepad

Notepad is already installed on every system you don’t need to install it separately and it easy to use. Now we will use notepad to extract Password Protected RAR files without Software just remember it doesn’t work in every case. But you can try it if you don’t know anything related to your RAR Password. Follow the given steps:-

  • In first do right click on the RAR file and select the option Open with> Choose another program
  • Now select the Notepad to open the RAR file
  • Then search for Ûtà by pressing CTRL + F and replace it with  5³tà’
  • And again search for ‘IžC0 and replace it with IžC_0
  • After following the above steps now save the file
  • Then just open the RAR file it will not ask for a password to open it

Technique No.3- Guessing the RAR Password with the help of Recently Used Apps

This is the most highly used procedure when the users forgot their RAR Password. There are no steps available to follow it totally depends upon the creator of the password. Just try the password that you can easily remember.

Here we listed the examples that may help you such as data birth, phone numbers, the first initial letter of the name to set a password. It totally the game of guess the right one can open the protected RAR file.

Technique No.4- Using CMD to Open Protected RAR File

Using the CMD is also the best way to Open a Protected RAR File. And remember any mistake or skip in the step while command line can lead to data loss or even it affects on the operating system.

Just follow the below command line and just create a batch script. This method only work if the password is in numeric form. Now follow the below steps:-

  • Launch the Notepad and enter the code for the batch script. Just search for the code you can easily find it on the internet
  • Then in the next window save the file with the name “Cracker.bat”. The extension should be .bat
  • Now open the resultant .bat file that will launch the command prompt
  • Here you need to enter the location and name of the RAR file which is locked and hit the press button
  • And after the completion of the process, you can see the password on the screen.

Automated Solution:- Extract RAR Password using RAR Password Unlocker

If you are not able to open a password-protected RAR file with the above 4 techniques then there is the best alternative for it. Download this eSoftTools RAR file password unlocker tool which is secured and easy to use.

With the help of this tool, users can recover the forgotten password without knowing any character of the password. Also, it keeps the data secured it doesn’t leak any kind of information with a third party.

And if you have any doubt related to the functionality of the software you can try the demo version of it. The Demo version allows the users to restore the first 3 characters of the password. Users can find the RAR password of any language with this software.

How eSoftTools Software Works?

  • Firstly download and open eSoftTools RAR Password Recovery Software
  • Now tap on the browse file to select the RAR file that you want to extract
  • Then choose any one recovery method according to your comfort and tap next
  • Now put the required information for the faster recovery of password
  • Once when the process gets complete the password will be displayed on the screen.

Bonus Tip:- Free Method to Open RAR Files on MAC

The techniques that we listed above which are guessing the RAR Password with the help of Recently used Apps and Free RAR Password Unlocker Online service can be useful to open protected RAR files on MAC. And if you find this process difficult for you then we have an alternate solution for you. Just migrate the Password protected RAR file to a Windows computer and open it using the eSoftTools RAR Password recovery software.

Final Words

So here we listed all the possible ways that help to extract password protected RAR files without software. And for the quick solution going with eSoftTools RAR Password recovery software will be the best choice. I hope you will find this blog useful.

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How to Unlock a Password Protected 7zip File?

7z is a compression tool used to maintain multiple file folders in a single file format named 7zip. Users can protect this 7zip file with a password.

But it can be a challenging task for the users if they forget the password of the 7z/zip file. So to open the 7z file user needs a third-party tool that can do this task securely.

So in this blog post, I am going to give you the exact solution that helps you to Unlock a Password Protected 7zip File without knowing the password. Let’s get started.

Recommended Solution to Unlock a Password Protected 7zip File

  • By using SysInspire 7z Password Recovery software user can unlock forgotten password of 7zip file. It can recover password of multi-language including english.

Techniques to Unlock Password Protected 7z File

There are 2 approaches to unlock 7z file which was manual and automated method. You can choose any method according to your need.

Manually Open 7z file in Windows

  • To open 7z file manually you need to download and install 7zip. Now go to the file that you wish to open and right-click on it. Just select the 7zip option > Open Archive
  • Now you will see items stored in the archive. Even users can extract the items to another location by clicking on the Extract button
  • Then just select the location where you want to copy the file

Unlock 7z File using Automated tool

If the above method doesn’t work for you or it is difficult to use then you can use SysInspire 7z password recovery software. This software enables the non-skilled person to recover the forgotten password quickly.

How SysInspire 7z Password Recovery Software works?

  • Download and Install SysInspire 7z Password Recovery Software
  • At first, you will see a window where you had to select the 7zip file by click on the browse button
  • Now the software shows you 3 type of recovery method choose anyone according to your comfort to recover 7z password
  • In the next window, you had to choose the length of the forgotten password if you have any clue and click next to move further
  • After the completion of the process, you can see the forgotten password and copy it

Features of SysInspire 7z Password Unlocker

Following are the advanced features of this software:-

  • Capable to unlock 7z file password of any length or combination
  • Supports all versions of 7zip file
  • User-friendly interface for the quick recovery of password
  • Provides free demo version for user satisfaction
  • Easily recover 7z password of any language

Final Words

So finally we covered both automated and manual method but in the manual method, you need professional knowledge to work with it. And there is no guarantee to unlock the 7zip file. So SysInspire password recovery software will be the best choice for the user.

This advanced software easily Unlocks a Password Protected 7zip File in a few clicks and doesn’t share your information with a third party.

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How to Unlock 7zip Password?

7z is a compression program which is used to managed the multiple file in a single 7z/zip file. The user can open the file stored in the 7zip by using the password.

But Sometimes the user got forget the password and in result they become inaccessible to extract 7z file.

In this Blog Post, I will share with you the best third-party software that helps you to unlock 7zip password without doing any data loss.

SysInspire 7z Password Recovery Software

Download this advanced SysInspire 7z password recovery software which is created with multiple techniques to recover 7z password. In this single software, there are many multiple features available. Also, you can try the demo version of this software that enables the users to recover the first 3 characters of the password.

Features of this software:-

  • Risk-Free– It is 100% safe and free from viruses and also tested by various antiviruses. So you can use this software to unzip 7z file
  • Multilanguage Recovery– Capable to recover any type of language password either it is English or not means it supports multilanguage
  • User Friendly– It comes with a great user-friendly interface so any type of skilled or non-skilled person can work with this 7z Password Recovery Software
  • Recover Complex Password– Due to their advanced algorithms, they can recover any alphanumeric, special character and symbols.

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Unlock 7zip Password using SysInspire Software

  • Install and open the SysInspire 7z Password Recovery
  • Choose the 7z file by clicking on the browse button to Unlock 7zip Password
  • Now you will see a list of 3 recovery methods which are Brute Force Attack, Dictionary Attack, and Mask Attack
  • After making the selection of method tap on next to start the process
  • Then it will display a password on the screen you can copy it by copy to clipboard option

Wrap Up

Therefore in this blog, all steps to Unlock 7zip Password are discussed in depth. This software gives multiple methods to recover passwords according to their comfort. This tool is compatible with all 7z files and Windows O/S versions up to 10 (32 & 64 bit). Irrespective of the thoughts, proceed to the free trial version facility to get a quick analysis of the software and get benefited from all its facilities.

How to Open Password Protected 7zip File?

7z files are compressed archive files created using 7zip software. It reduces the size of the file without impacting data quality. But Sometimes the user forgot their 7zip password and at this time they look for the solution.

Therefore, In this blog post, we will discuss the solution about how to Open Password Protected 7zip File? We will cover both manual and automated methods to unlock the 7zip file.

SysInspire 7z Password Recovery Software

  • Try out this SysInspire 7z Password Recovery software that allows users to recover 7zip password quickly.Also it supports all versions of 7ZIP file.

How to Set Password on 7zip File?

You can use the 7-Zip encryption feature that helps you to protect information from another third party. To secure you file the password is in an encrypted based that you enter.

Set 7zip Password by following the below steps:-

Before moving forward download and install the 7z compressor and also don’t forget to choose the right .exe according to your operating system.

  • In first search for the file that you want to encrypt and right click on it and choose 7zip>add to archive
  • Make sure to change the settings of archive format and choose the zip format
  • Just enter the password and change the encryption method according to need
  • In last click on the Ok to complete the process

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Methods to Open Password Protected 7zip File

Here are two different methods that help you to recover 7zip password. Follow the next method if the other one doesn’t work for you:-

Manual method

The manual method to extract the 7z password includes the use of a trial and error approach. You can use a different combination of password to extract the files. It can be your spouse’s name, birthdays, or any special dates. You can even try common password combinations to open the protected file.

If nothing works, you can try free software to open the password-protected files, but it is subject to limitations. It will not work for encrypted files and there are chances of data loss during the compression. The software does not support large-sized files.

Automated Method

SysInspire has launched 7z Password Recovery Software which helps the user to extract the password and open 7 ZIP files effortlessly. This software has a user-friendly interface that helps the user to unlock the password of any combination.

It provides three techniques to Recover 7zip Password as- Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack.

Technique 1. Brute Force Attack

The brute force attack is benefecial to restore 7zip password even the users had no any clue about the password.This technique can recover the lost password even it is in the form of alphabetical or numeric.

Technique 2. Mask Attack

This mask attack is very quick as compared to all techniques to recover the password. Users had to enter some remembered characters of the password and the software will quickly give you the password.

Technique 3. Dictionary Attack

This Dictionary Attack recover the password of any combination of the alphabets like apple, mail etc. The software has there own dictionary that used to extract password from the word available in the dictionary.

Features of 7z Password Recovery Software

  • Provides a fast and secured way to recover lost 7zip password
  • No limitation on the file size
  • Easily understandable graphical user interface
  • There are three types of recovery methods
  • Recovery status will be seen on the screen for the comfort of the users
  • It supports different versions of the 7z archive file
  • Compatible with the different versions of the Windows operating system

How to Recover 7zip Password using the Software?

  • Install the 7z Password Recovery software on the computer
  • Open the software and add 7 ZIP files by clicking on the browse button
  • Select any recovery method: Brute Force, Mask attack or Dictionary Attack
  • Provide the details if you know it and click o next to move further
  • The software will extract the password and show it on the screen as given below


So In this blog post, we discussed how to set Password on 7zip File in simple steps. And also get the solution for the problem about How to Open Password Protected 7zip File.

User can also try out the demo version of the software if they want to get know some characters of the password.

This 7z Password Recovery Software can easily decode ANSI and UNICODE password character set. In whatever, language you have added the password, the software can easily recover it without any confusion. It is a must-have tool for organizations.

How to Extract Password Protected 7zip file for free?

What do you mean by 7Z file?

You might have certainly encountered across ZIP and RAR files. With these files users can compress large or multiple files/ folders in a single file. The 7z file format is similar to ZIP, ISO, and RAR, but it uses higher compression technology. Through 7z file the user can easily and securely send, receive, and download important from the internet in short time. This free open-source software comes with multiple benefits. However, the user might face the challenge when he/she is not able to access their important data of 7z file because of password related issues. In this article, we will provide you guidance on “How to Extract Password Protected 7zip file?“.

Free Method Extract Password Protected 7zip file

If you are unable to get back your 7z file password and you have an urgency to Extract 7zip file, for this situation the SysInspire 7z Password Recovery software will be the perfect utility for you. The password that may contains different combinations of characters, symbolic, alpha-numeric, etc, the user can easily recover it with in single clicks through the aid of this application. The software contains three powerful features that helps users to break the password instantly including- brute attack, mask attack, and dictionary attack.

Key features of 7z Password Recovery tool

  • Provides the original 7z file password in very less time.
  • Offers three advance recovery strategies including:- Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack.
  • Works with all 7Z/Zip file versions.
  • Software also allows to recover Multi-lingual password.
  • Has a clean and very interactive GUI by which any user can access this tool with ease and 100% accuracy.
  • Comes with a Copy to Clipboard function to instantly copy and paste the extracted password.
  • Compatible with all windows version upto Win 10
  • SysInspire offers a free demo version facility with this tool to get a quick analysis of the software functions, before purchasing it by the user.

How to Extract Password Protected 7zip file

  1. Download the software and install it on the computer.

  2. Open the application and search the 7z files by clicking on Browse file button.
  3. Select the recovery method and click Next.
    You can choose Brute Force Attack that is the most powerful way to recover the password.
  4. Now set password length and set character combination and simply perform the recovery
  5. After making the recovery utilize the copy to clipboard feature to instantly select ad put the password on 7z file.
  6. By performing this process you can easily Extract Password Protected 7zip file

You can try for a free demo version that gives user power to recover the first three characters of password protected 7z file. This software is friendly with all versions of Windows including- Win10, Win8.1, Win7, WinXP, and below versions.