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How to Remove Password Protection from Excel files?

To access data from an encrypted Excel file, every time user will need to put the password in it. The process of entering a password in locked Excel files repeatedly can be really irritating for some users. For this reason, users require to Remove Password Protection from Excel files.

It is easy to remove encryption from Excel files if you have the password. However, if you don’t have an Excel document password you may face difficulty. But you don’t need to worry, because with the blog post we going to answer the query “How to Remove Password Protection from Excel files with or without passwords?.”

Users save many kinds of valuable, and essential data in Microsoft Excel files according to their preferences. To secure important data from unknown person users protects their Excel file with password.

While adding password protection in an Excel SpreadSheet, Microsoft advises users to write it or save passwords in a secure place. As a result, it will be easier for users to remember the password.

But, for any reason a user has lost their important password, it becomes impossible for users to open their encrypted Excel files. Now let’s talk about, what a user can do in this situation?

Method to Remove Password Protection from Excel files Without Knowing Password?

Excel makes it simple to lock and password-protect files and worksheets. But if you forget your passwords, in that situation users will become unable to remove encryption from their Excel files.

The only method which will allow you to unprotect your Excel file is using third party software like SysInspire Excel Password Recovery Software.

This utility has the ability to recover passwords with a rapid speed with the assistance of password recovery techniques like- brute force, known part, and dictionary attack. After the password recovery process, a user can easily follow the steps to removing encryption from Excel files.

Step 1:- Recover Forgotten Excel Password

  1. On your Windows system, download and install Excel Password Recovery Software.
  2. Launch the application and pick the Excel option from the first screen of the software, then press Next button.
  3. Press the Open button to import your encrypted/password-protected Excel file into the software.
  4. Next select a password recovery attack from the following options:-
    • Brute-Force Attack:-
    • Known Part/Mask Attack:-
    • Dictionary Attack:-
  5. After you’ve chosen a password recovery method, apply other settings and options with recovery methods.
  6. Next, click the Recover button from the menubar to start the password recovery process.
  7. Now the software will begin the password recovery process, and it will display your excel file password in a very short time.

Step 2:- Remove Password Protection from Excel files

After recovery of your Excel file password, follow the below-given steps to remove password protection from the Excel file:-

Note:- Users can apply the steps mentioned below, to set and remove passwords from Excel files.

  1. Open your password-protected Excel spreadsheet, and enter the password, and then click on “OK“.
  2. After opening the encrypted excel file in MS Excel click on “File“, then select the “Info” option.
  3. Now, click the “Protect Workbook” box. Then, from the drop-down menu, select the “Encrypt with password” option.
  4. Remove the password that displays in the field, leave it blank and click on “OK“.


Setting and removing password protection in an Excel file using MS Excel is easy, but the problem arises when a user forgets their Excel file password. The only solution which will help user users, in this case, is, retrieve the password in your Excel file. To do this recovery process with ease, above we have mentioned the best Excel File Password Recovery Tool. Every user can use this tool to recover lost passwords and to remove encryption from Excel files. To know more about its function get a trial edition of this tool to simply recover the first three characters of an Excel Sheet password for free.

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