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How to Open Password Protected 7zip File?

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7z files are compressed archive files created using 7zip software. It reduces the size of the file without impacting data quality. But Sometimes the user forgot their 7zip password and at this time they look for the solution.

Therefore, In this blog post, we will discuss the solution about how to Open Password Protected 7zip File? We will cover both manual and automated methods to unlock the 7zip file.

SysInspire 7z Password Recovery Software

  • Try out this SysInspire 7z Password Recovery software that allows users to recover 7zip password quickly.Also it supports all versions of 7ZIP file.

How to Set Password on 7zip File?

You can use the 7-Zip encryption feature that helps you to protect information from another third party. To secure you file the password is in an encrypted based that you enter.

Set 7zip Password by following the below steps:-

Before moving forward download and install the 7z compressor and also don’t forget to choose the right .exe according to your operating system.

Open Password Protected 7zip File
  • In first search for the file that you want to encrypt and right click on it and choose 7zip>add to archive
Open Password Protected 7zip File
  • Make sure to change the settings of archive format and choose the zip format
select zip File format
  • Just enter the password and change the encryption method according to need
  • In last click on the Ok to complete the process

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Methods to Open Password Protected 7zip File

Here are two different methods that help you to recover 7zip password. Follow the next method if the other one doesn’t work for you:-

Manual method

The manual method to extract the 7z password includes the use of a trial and error approach. You can use a different combination of password to extract the files. It can be your spouse’s name, birthdays, or any special dates. You can even try common password combinations to open the protected file.

If nothing works, you can try free software to open the password-protected files, but it is subject to limitations. It will not work for encrypted files and there are chances of data loss during the compression. The software does not support large-sized files.

Automated Method

SysInspire has launched 7z Password Recovery Software which helps the user to extract the password and open 7 ZIP files effortlessly. This software has a user-friendly interface that helps the user to unlock the password of any combination.

It provides three techniques to Recover 7zip Password as- Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack.

Technique 1. Brute Force Attack

The brute force attack is benefecial to restore 7zip password even the users had no any clue about the password.This technique can recover the lost password even it is in the form of alphabetical or numeric.

Technique 2. Mask Attack

This mask attack is very quick as compared to all techniques to recover the password. Users had to enter some remembered characters of the password and the software will quickly give you the password.

Technique 3. Dictionary Attack

This Dictionary Attack recover the password of any combination of the alphabets like apple, mail etc. The software has there own dictionary that used to extract password from the word available in the dictionary.

Features of 7z Password Recovery Software

  • Provides a fast and secured way to recover lost 7zip password
  • No limitation on the file size
  • Easily understandable graphical user interface
  • There are three types of recovery methods
  • Recovery status will be seen on the screen for the comfort of the users
  • It supports different versions of the 7z archive file
  • Compatible with the different versions of the Windows operating system

How to Recover 7zip Password using the Software?

  • Install the 7z Password Recovery software on the computer
  • Open the software and add 7 ZIP files by clicking on the browse button
Startup screen to Open Password Protected 7zip File
  • Select any recovery method: Brute Force, Mask attack or Dictionary Attack
7z Password Unlocker
  • Provide the details if you know it and click o next to move further
working to recover 7z password
  • The software will extract the password and show it on the screen as given below
recovered password of 7z file


So In this blog post, we discussed how to set Password on 7zip File in simple steps. And also get the solution for the problem about How to Open Password Protected 7zip File.

User can also try out the demo version of the software if they want to get know some characters of the password.

This 7z Password Recovery Software can easily decode ANSI and UNICODE password character set. In whatever, language you have added the password, the software can easily recover it without any confusion. It is a must-have tool for organizations.

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