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Proven Ways to Extract Password Protected RAR Files without Software

Sometimes a situation comes when the users forgot the password of the RAR file it can be a very tough situation for them. It is necessary to enter the password to open the password-protected RAR file. And the sad thing is the WinRAR archiver does not provide any inbuilt utility to recover the forgotten RAR password.

Therefore in this article, I am going to give you the best-proven ways that you help to extract password protected RAR files without Software. So let’s get started.

List of the Techniques to Open Password Protected RAR File without Software

Here are the manual techniques that we will use to open protected RAR files which are:-

Technique No.1- Free RAR Password Unlocker Online Service

If you don’t remember any sentence of your password then you can try the free online RAR Password Unlocker tool which named is Online Hash Crack. This tool can give the password of weak files and the size of the file must be less than 200 MB.

If the password of your RAR file is simple and the size of the RAR file is small then this online Hash Crack tool will be the best choice for you. Below we listed the steps how you can open password protected RAR file with the help of this free online tool.

  • First, go to the official website of Online Hash Crack
  • Now tap on the browse button to select the file and enter the email address
Extract Password Protected RAR Files with online tool
  • When the upload gets complete the tool start the process to recover the password.

By following the above steps you can restore forgotten RAR passwords but there are some limitations with this approach. The process does not give a specific period of time to complete the process you don’t know how much time it takes. And the big risk is data security. When the tool successfully extracts password protected RAR file it can also access the data stored in it.

Technique No.2- Extract RAR Password with Notepad

Notepad is already installed on every system you don’t need to install it separately and it easy to use. Now we will use notepad to extract Password Protected RAR files without Software just remember it doesn’t work in every case. But you can try it if you don’t know anything related to your RAR Password. Follow the given steps:-

  • In first do right click on the RAR file and select the option Open with> Choose another program
Extract Password Protected RAR Files without Software
  • Now select the Notepad to open the RAR file
  • Then search for Ûtà by pressing CTRL + F and replace it with  5³tà’
  • And again search for ‘IžC0 and replace it with IžC_0
  • After following the above steps now save the file
  • Then just open the RAR file it will not ask for a password to open it

Technique No.3- Guessing the RAR Password with the help of Recently Used Apps

This is the most highly used procedure when the users forgot their RAR Password. There are no steps available to follow it totally depends upon the creator of the password. Just try the password that you can easily remember.

Here we listed the examples that may help you such as data birth, phone numbers, the first initial letter of the name to set a password. It totally the game of guess the right one can open the protected RAR file.

Technique No.4- Using CMD to Open Protected RAR File

Using the CMD is also the best way to Open a Protected RAR File. And remember any mistake or skip in the step while command line can lead to data loss or even it affects on the operating system.

Just follow the below command line and just create a batch script. This method only work if the password is in numeric form. Now follow the below steps:-

  • Launch the Notepad and enter the code for the batch script. Just search for the code you can easily find it on the internet
Extract Password Protected RAR Files without Software
  • Then in the next window save the file with the name “Cracker.bat”. The extension should be .bat
  • Now open the resultant .bat file that will launch the command prompt
  • Here you need to enter the location and name of the RAR file which is locked and hit the press button
  • And after the completion of the process, you can see the password on the screen.

Automated Solution:- Extract RAR Password using RAR Password Unlocker

If you are not able to open a password-protected RAR file with the above 4 techniques then there is the best alternative for it. Download this eSoftTools RAR file password unlocker tool which is secured and easy to use.

With the help of this tool, users can recover the forgotten password without knowing any character of the password. Also, it keeps the data secured it doesn’t leak any kind of information with a third party.

And if you have any doubt related to the functionality of the software you can try the demo version of it. The Demo version allows the users to restore the first 3 characters of the password. Users can find the RAR password of any language with this software.

How eSoftTools Software Works?

  • Firstly download and open eSoftTools RAR Password Recovery Software
  • Now tap on the browse file to select the RAR file that you want to extract
  • Then choose any one recovery method according to your comfort and tap next
  • Now put the required information for the faster recovery of password
  • Once when the process gets complete the password will be displayed on the screen.

Bonus Tip:- Free Method to Open RAR Files on MAC

The techniques that we listed above which are guessing the RAR Password with the help of Recently used Apps and Free RAR Password Unlocker Online service can be useful to open protected RAR files on MAC. And if you find this process difficult for you then we have an alternate solution for you. Just migrate the Password protected RAR file to a Windows computer and open it using the eSoftTools RAR Password recovery software.

Final Words

So here we listed all the possible ways that help to extract password protected RAR files without software. And for the quick solution going with eSoftTools RAR Password recovery software will be the best choice. I hope you will find this blog useful.

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