Mailbox Export Stalled Due to Source Disk Latency

Fix Error “Mailbox Export Stalled Due to Source Disk Latency”

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An issue like “mailbox export stalled due to source disk latency” can arise while the conversion of Exchange mailbox from the new server. This type of error directly indicates that mailboxes get stopped during migration.

Causes Behind Mailbox Export Stalled Due to Source Disk Latency:-

  • When the source time is high
  • There is a certain problem with disk performance
  • The migration batches that the user creates may get timed out. Which lowers down the performance of the computer.

Use SysInspire EDB to PST Converter Software to resolve Mailbox Export Stalled Due to Source Disk Latency error

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How to Fix Mailbox Export Stalled Due to Source Disk Latency?

Now you can easily fix the error and able to export mailbox from Exchange database by taking the guidance of the steps given below:-

1. Verify the Window Performance

  • Visit the performance monitor available on the source Window server
  • Check carefully the MS Exchange Replication server parameters and MS Exchange Replication.

2. Verify the Disk Performance

  • The Exchange administrator can verify the performance of the disk with the help of a disk management application. Also, it enables them to look at drivers, installers, and hard drive conditions. If it is not well, the user can download the RAID pack along with SSD drives. Once they got installed, the user needs to re-run the migration cmdlet and verify whether the error is still there or not.

3. Remove Old Requests

The user may get face the error”Mailbox Export Stalled Due to Source Disk Latency” during the migration when old requests blunder. The user can remove the export requests or run them one by one. They can suspend the requests for 10 minutes and then again start the export. If the user wanted to eliminate export requests, they can use this command. (Remove-MoveRequest –Identity “mailbox address).

After that, you can proceed ahead with a new mailbox request with similar priority using this command:-
New-MoveRequest –Identity “mailbox address” –BatchName “Existing Database to New Database Name” –Priority Highest

The exchange administrator can stop the export request with this given command- Suspend-MoveRequest -Identity “mailbox address”.And then you need to resume the mailbox export request.

Challenges that the User Faces while Migration

  • The user needs professional knowledge for making the performance
  • There are high chances of data loss during the resolution of the error

The user can also face many other challenges and hence we recommend the automated solution- SysInspire Exchange EDB to PST converter.

To Know More About:-

Why you should use SysInspire EDB to PST Converter?

The exchange database mailbox error can be re-solve using the automated method. This tool repair corrupt EDB file and further allows migration to the Live Exchange server. This tool fixes EDB folders/mailboxes with the help of the advanced filter and selection process. It has a splitting feature to shorten the size of large recovered PST files into multiple PST files.

Salient Features of Automated Tool

  • Capable to recover Exchange mailbox items without doing any moderation in the database
  • It supports to export mailboxes from public and private folders
  • Gives the advanced filter option that helps the user in the migration of files
  • Displays the live preview of mailbox items while EDB to PST recovery
  • Support to open EDB file without Exchange only MS Outlook establishment is needed.

Step by Step Method to do EDB to PST Conversion

  • Install and launch the software
export edb to pst
  • Select the EDB file that you want to repair by clicking on the browse button
export edb to pst
  • The software scan the file and immediatley remove there errors to make it usable for the user
Fix Error "Mailbox Export Stalled Due to Source Disk Latency"
  • Now you can see all the mailbox items stored in the EDB file and recover them selectively
export edb to pst
  • Choose the file format in which you want to convert EDB file
  • In last a dialog box will appear with the message conversion is successful
Error fixed Fix Error Mailbox Export Stalled Due to Source Disk Latency


Exchange errors are serious problems for the administrators, especially during the migration. Sometimes Mailbox Export Stalled Due to Source Disk Latency. This error needs to be corrected to continue the process of migration. Some feasible manual solutions are mentioned in the blog but they require professional knowledge. Hence the easiest way is to use a reliable EDB to PST Converter software that fixes any type of EDB file error.

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