How to Convert MBOX to EML with Emails & Attachments?

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Users may, need to export their emails from MBOX files to EML files for a variety of reasons. With This article will walk you through the whole process of “How to Convert MBOX to EML Files?”. Begin reading the blog to find out the solution.

MBOX file format is used by the majority of desktop-based email applications to store users’ mail folders. Users may also export/save mail folders from web-based email services such as Horde, Gmail, and others as a backup with MBOX files.

A single MBOX has the ability to store an unlimited number of emails with attachments. Most well-known email clients including- Mozilla Thunderbird, AppleMail, OperaMail, Eudora, Entourage, etc. support this MBOX file format for preserving users’ mailboxes locally on user’s drive.

Aside from MBOX, EML is another file type that 30+ email clients support to save emails with attachments, but it is not the same as MBOX files. MBOX files are able to store a folder containing several emails, whereas EML files allow you to save emails to separate files.

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Benefits of exporting emails from MBOX to EML files

  • Users will get the facility to save their emails from MBOX to separate EML files.
  • For users who wish to migrate from MBOX-compatible email clients to Outlook, Lotus Notes, or another email client, MBOX to EML files conversion process is helpful for them.
  • MBOX file format is not supported by email clients such as MS Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, and several others. These email applications, on the other hand, can open EML files and read emails from them. As a result of MBOX to EML conversion, users can view emails of MBOX files emails with an unsupported email client.

Automatic Solution to Export/Convert MBOX Emails to EML Files

Most consumers look for a manual method to convert MBOX files before using third-party programs. The manual conversion process, on the other hand, is not simple. When employing manual techniques, a single mistake might result in massive data loss from MBOX files.

As a result, the expert’s recommendation is to use an automated solution such as SysInspire MBOX Converter Software to convert MBOX files to EML file format with complete safety.

With this utility, users can simply convert multiple MBOX files with emails and attachments. All the MBOX files emails this software will save as EML files in a single process.

How to Use MBOX Converter to Convert MBOX to EML Files?

Download SysInspire MBOX Converter Software and install it on your Windows computer. Simply follow the procedures outlined below when the installation is complete.

  • Run the MBOX to EML Conversion software on your computer.MBOX Converter
  • Click the Add File/Folder button on the software’s first screen.
  • Following that, select MBOX file and load the software by selecting the required options:-
    • Select MBOX file:- Pick and Add a Single MBOX File in the software for Conversion.
    • Select MBOX Folder: To convert MBOX files in bulk, select the folder containing several MBOX files.Convert MBOX File
  • Add MBOX files in the software and click the Next button after selecting the files.
  • Check the live preview of emails from MBOX files, then pick the needed folders.MBOX viewer
  • Click the Convert MBOX button from the top menu bar and then select “EML” from the list of conversion choices.Convert MBOX file
  • Use other required options like (Mail filter, Naming Convention & saving location).
  • Finally, press the Convert button to begin the MBOX to EML File Conversion process.MBOX Conversion to PST


Users may need to convert MBOX to EML files in order to save emails in separate files and transfer data from any MBOX supported email client to an EML supported email client. For this conversion job, a user can simply take the help of the SysInspire MBOX Converter software. Get a free trial/demo version of this MBOX Converter Software to learn how it works for free.

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