Convert Pocomail to Outlook

How to Convert Pocomail to Outlook?

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Hey am Michael and am using the Pocomail email client from a long time. But because Pocomail now stops providing the regular updates I decide to move from Pocomail to Outlook. Is there any way that help me to migrate Pocomail data into Outlook? Please share the best and quick solution with me.

Are you also decided to move from Pocomail to Outlook? If yes then let me tell you migrating from one email client to another is not an easy task.

Because in this case both the mail client uses the different file format. In Pocomail MBX file format is used and other hand Outlook uses PST format to save the data files.

Therefore this guide will tell you the proper way that you can use to convert Pocomail to Outlook. And we will perform this task by using the SysInspire MBOX converter which is the quickest solution.

Causes behind Migrating from Pocomail to Outlook

So these are basics reasons that lead the users to shift towards Outlook:-

  • Outlook keeps bringing updates in a very short time to keep its users aware of new features.
  • If the Outlook data gets corrupted it can be repaired through various methods.
  • Pocomail stops updating its GUI interface but in Outlook you’ll get the best interface.
  • Better security features are provided by Outlook.

After covering the basic needs behind Pocomail to Outlook conversion now it’s time to move to the process to convert MBX file to PST. Hence you should carefully read out the below section to complete the conversion task.

Technique to Convert Pocomail to Outlook

Now we will perform this task in 2 different stages which are:-

  • Stage 1- Extract Pocomail Mailboxes
  • Phase 2- Export Mailbox Data of Pocomail to Outlook

Stage 1- Extract Pocomail Mailboxes

To visit the file path of Pocomail you can follow 2 ways. In first just directly visit this path location C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Pocomail.

Whereas in a second way you can take the backup of the Pocomail files. Here are the step by step process:-

  1. Install and Open Pocomail in your machine.
  2. Go to the file section from the above menu bar and choose backup and restore > Backup.
  3. In the next screen select all the items that you like to backup from Pocomail. Also, choose the location where you prefer to create the backup.
  4. Go to the location where the backup data gets saved. Here you will display a folder with the name of Pocomail.bak open it.
  5. Now you will see a mail folder where all emails of Pocomail get saved.
  6. Double click on the mail folder here you will see a file with the extension .MBX in the end. So right-click on this .mbx folder and click on rename and change it with .MBOX extension.

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Phase 2- Export Mailbox Data of Pocomail to Outlook

Unfortunately, Pocomail doesn’t provide any inbuilt feature to export Pocomail mailboxes to Outlook. So the only option which is left for the users is to use the secured third-party tool. SysInspire MBOX Converter is the complete solution to convert MBOX to PST without losing any data properties.

This tool enables you to convert Pocomail to PST which is easily accessible in various Outlook versions.

With the help of it, users can reduce the size of big large PST files into smaller multiple PST files. And you will get the preview of all mailbox items before the conversion of the MBOX file to convert the data selectively.

To operate this tool you don’t need to be a professional guy the software has easy to understand interface. All the data integrity keeps preserved even after completing the conversion.

How to run the MBOX Converter software?

  • Download and launch the software on your machine.
  • Choose the MBOX file from the select MBOX button. And tap next.Convert MBOX File to PST
  • After getting a preview of MBOX file data items just hit on convert MBOX button.
  • Now under the conversion window select single PST as a format.convert Pocomail mailbox data to Outlook PST

The software takes a few seconds to convert the MBOX file of Pocomail to Outlook PST. And in the last stage just import this PST file in Outlook for accessing the Pocomail mailboxes in Outlook.


After reading out this post we came to the conclusion that going with the automated tool is the only best way. This tool lets you access Pocomail data into Outlook by doing the conversion of the MBOX file into a PST file. I hope this post helped a lot to solve your query.


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