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What is an MBOX file| Import MBOX to Outlook

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In Short:- MBOX file is commonly used in various popular email clients for storing contacts, attachments, emails, and many other items. Here we’ll provide you a complete guide about what is an MBOX file and how you can import MBOX to Outlook. Furthermore here we shared a perfect tool that helps you to transfer MBOX file data into Outlook.

You can call the MBOX file a mailbox file because it saves all the electronic messages and in earlier times it is used by Unix hosts. But as the technology grows now there are various clients that support MBOX file like Thunderbird, PowerMail, PocoMail, Opera Mail, etc. In this single file, you can store multiple email messages with all their attachments.

MBOX File Location

Usually, the MBOX file is saved at the default location  /User/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/directory.

But its saving location can be changed depending on the email client you are using and the OS.

Problems Having MBOX File

Following we shared some commonly found issues that MBOX file users face while working with it.

  • MBOX Size limit Exceeds:- Every file format has some specific limit of storing the data and when you almost used all the space they start showing errors. Like users has to wait a lot for sending emails, the application starts responding slowly.
  • Unable to Access Emails:- Various users face issues while viewing an MBOX file the messages say the location of MBOX gets moved or the file is not available.
  • MBOX File is not opening:- Also a problem occurs where you are not able to open MBOX file and there is no specified reason behind this error.
  • Corruption Cause:- The MBOX file is prone to several errors and sometimes this file becomes corrupt and users can not view the data stored in it.

Process to Import MBOX to Outlook

MBOX users can also shift towards other advanced and more secured email clients like MS Outlook. Remember Outlook doesn’t support MBOX files so you to convert MBOX file to PST and later import the PST file into Outlook.

If you want the quickest solution for exporting MBOX file into PST go with SysInspire MBOX Converter. It doesn’t matter what email client MBOX file you have the tool support to convert MBOX files up to 20+ email clients.

Steps to Convert MBOX to PST using Tool:-

  • Download and open the Tool.

download tool

  • From the starting screen choose to add file/ folder option.Convert MBOX/MBS/MSF/SBD
  • Next, click on select MBOX file or select MBOX folder and choose the file you like to convert. After click next to begin the process.Convert MBOX File
  • After loading all the data of the MBOX file on the tool select the folders you need to export. You can view all the folders in a proper hierarchy and click convert MBOX.MBOX Viewer
  • Migration Wizard opens up select single PST. Give the destination path to the resultant file from the browse tab then press the convert tab.Convert MBOX file
  • The conversion will take some time wait for some time to let the process finished.

After getting MBOX file data into PST you can use the Import/Export feature of MS Outlook to import PST into Outlook.


As we discussed above the MBOX file are supported by various email clients such as Thunderbird, PocoMail, Opera mail, Apple Mail, etc. And sometimes a situation comes when a user wants to Import MBOX to Outlook for this users need to perform conversion of MBOX into PST and then import PST into tool

For performing the quick conversion of the MBOX file into PST you should use the SysInspire MBOX Converter. This software also provides a free demo version to all the users for providing some idea about the software’s functioning.

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