How to Recover Mailbox from EDB file Exchange 2010?

Various Exchange administrators prefer to go with secured methods to recover mailbox from EDB file Exchange 2010. But the issue here it is not as much easy to find the right method.

In most cases, users use various methods available on the internet and they did not work for them. Hence here we will give you both manual and professional solutions with a third-party tool. By using these methods you will definitely be able to restore EDB file data.

First, we will use the data protection wizard, and if you find any difficulty you can go for the Automated solution.

Restore EDB Mailbox using Data Protection Wizard

  • First, check the protection of the server either the mailbox data is available or not. Now run the following command for the database creation if it does not exist -“New-MailboxDatabase”.
  • Through command functionality configure recovery database settings by setting mailbox database cmdlet.
  • Visit DPM Administrator Console > Recovery view > All Protected Exchange Data node.
  • Here choose that mailbox you like to restore.
  • Under the next recovery, section chooses those data items you want to restore. Also, give a path to save the location at the desired location.
  • Tap on recovery time > Recover to move further.
  • Visit the Recovery wizard where you need to check all the information from the screen and tap next.
  • Then choose the recovery type and click the next button.
  • Here you will see multiple options for recovery choose any recovery method according to your needs. Then visit notification > put the mail recipients > send the email.
  • And just select the close button.
  • At last to restore mailbox enter this cmdlet- New-MailboxRestoreRequest –SourceDatabase ’RDB-CONTROL’ –SourceStoreMailbox ‘mailbox name’ –TargetMailbox –TargetRootFolder Recovery -SkipMerging StorageProviderForSource.
  • Use this cmdlet- Remove-MailboxDatabase -Identity ‘RDB-CONTROL for restoring the database of the deleted mailbox.

Manual Method Drawbacks

If you are thinking to go with the manual approach then you might face the following scenarios:-

  • Your Exchange EDB file can get corrupt while performing the steps of a manual method.
  • Need to perform various steps carefully that consumes a lot of time and human effort.
  • As all the steps need to apply manually so any single mistake can lead to data loss.
  • Technical background person can only understand the manual methods. It is not made for beginners.

Automated Solution to Recover Mailbox from EDB file Exchange 2010

The only secured and effective technique to recover EDB mailbox is by using the automated SysInspire Exchange server recovery tool. As we have seen now how long time taken and difficult the manual method is, with have many complex steps which are very hard to understand by any novice user. So the best alternative for this approach is to use the third-party tool.

After downloading this tool you are not only restricted to recover data but also can repair corrupted EDB files. Apart from recovery, you can save the EDB mailbox data into multiple formats like EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, and PST.

Steps to Recover Mailbox And Save them Into Desired Format with Tool

  1. Launch the Exchange Server Recovery Tool on your Windows system.
  2. Do the selection of EDB file from the browse option. And tap next.
  3. When you select the file the software takes some time to preview the mailbox database on the screen.
  4. After getting a preview, choose the mailbox folders you like to restore. Then go to the export file available at the top menu bar.
  5. Choose the desired format in which you like to save the recovered data.
  6. Hit start export and let the process finish.


From this blog, we shared the manual method by using the Date Protection wizard approach to recover mailbox from EDB file Exchange 2010. But due to its drawbacks, we provided the automated solution to restore the mailbox by using the SysInspire Exchange server recovery tool. No need to concern if you are dealing with a corrupt EDB file the tool supports the recovery of corrupt EDB files. So use the steps about how to use the tool provided above for the best results.


Quickly Backup Exchange Mailbox to PST

Summary:- This article will give you a useful approach to backup Exchange mailbox to PST. And also mentioned the cons of other manual approaches and recommended the third party tool to take Exchange server mailbox backup.

The Exchange server is continuously doing updation in its technology to provide a high user-end experience. Also, this Microsoft product has inbuilt features for taking Exchange server backup.

But when it comes to taking backup there is no inbuilt tool that allows you to backup mailboxes securely there is always a possibility of losing data.

Hence to avoid any data corruption or loss scenario we will use the SysInspire Exchange server recovery tool. We will tell you all things about why you should use this tool and how it helps you and its working. But before that, it is important for you to know the drawbacks of a manual method.

Reasons to Don’t Go with Manual Approach

There is not only a single factor to don’t back backup Exchange Mailbox to PST with manual method. There are many scenarios behind this that we provided below:-

  • The first and foremost reason is all the emails and contacts may get deleted while performing the manual steps.
  • If you are going to try the manual method the first time then there is a high chance you do a mistake. As result, you will waste your large time.
  • And it is also possible that you do not understand the manual steps because steps are very complex.
  • While executing the task if the power goes out you will face huge data loss.
  • EDB file of Exchange server is prone to get corrupt with this approach.

Want to resolve Exchange Jet Error 1811 & 1032 then check out this post for repairing the Exchange database.

Easiest Approach to Backup Exchange Mailbox to PST

As we described above the cons of the manual approach so to overcome it use the automated third party tool. Through this approach, you don’t need to compromise with your data and folder hierarchy. Its main focus is to provide accurate results to the users.

This is the only safest and quickest approach for taking backup Exchange database with keeping data in its original form. All you need to do is download the SysInspire Exchange server recovery tool that converts the Exchange EDB file database into PST format. And after getting data into PST format you can access your data in an Outlook email client.

The best part of a SysInspire Exchange Server Recovery Tool!

With this tool, you can backup Exchange mailbox database selectively its users choose to backup single or multiple mailboxes according to their ease. Through this email preview functionality backing up mailbox folder database becomes quicker plus you can save a lot of space.

You can save your backup file into multiple formats such as EMLX, EML, HTML, MSG, and PST. After getting the file you can run it on its supported email client.

Plus software doesn’t restrict its users on the size means it supports converting EDB files of any size.

Working Steps to Backup Exchange Database with Tool

  • Download and open the tool on your machine.

  • Select the EDB file for taking the mailbox backup.
  • After this, you will see all the mailbox folders stored in the EDB file. Choose the required folder and select the export file button.
  • Select PST format by doing this all the chosen data gets converted into a PST file.

After having a backup PST file that has all the Exchange mailbox database you can run this file in Outlook.

Final Review

The automated tool like SysInspire Exchange server recovery provides various useful functionalities in comparison to manual method to backup Exchange database. With the check and uncheck feature of this tool users can decide what mailbox folder they like to backup in PST format.

All you need to do now is follow the steps mentioned in the given blog and start taking backup of your file. It is always been first priority of a user to keep their data secured and this tool also cares about your data. No changes will be done to the folder during the whole working process.

Exchange 2010 Recover Deleted Mailbox [Complete Solution]

Sometimes it happens with the user while working in a hurried state they accidentally delete Exchange mailbox database. And this situation can be very overwhelming for every user.

Now the question came here can you recover deleted mailbox Exchange 2010? Yes buddy you can do this task very quickly.

That’s why in this guide I shared some useful techniques to restore deleted mailbox exchange 2010. But first, we need to assure that are you eligible for Exchange 2010 recover deleted mailbox or not.

Important Notice: If EDB Gets Corrupt

If the EDB file gets corrupt then there is no manual method that works for you. So to recover deleted mailbox Exchange you should try the SysInspire Exchange recovery software. And you can also use the free trial version of this tool from the below.

Mailbox Retention Period of Restoring Deleted Mailbox Exchange 2010

Whenever a user accidentally deletes the mailbox from Exchange 2010 then the mailbox gets disconnect from the account.

And it stays in the directory for 30 days which is the mailbox retention period. In this time user can again connect the accidentally deleted mailbox.

After the completion of 30 days means the end of a retention period the mailbox stored in the directory gets deleted forever.

So if you came in the category of the retention period and want to recover deleted mailbox exchange 2010 then just verify the policy of deleted mailbox retention. Here are the steps to do this:-

  • Vist the Exchange 2010 Management Console and open Microsoft Exchange On-premises available at the navigational side.
  • Open the Organization Configuration and here you need to select the mailbox of which retention policy you like to verify.
  • Then choose the Database Management option from the panel of mailbox.
  • Tap only on mailbox database that you like to check.
  • Hit on the properties and select limits tab.
  • At last check the setting and configure the data according to the need.

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Hence now you successfully verified the retention policy. Now it’s time for checking the deleted mailbox is still available to connect or not.

Finding Disconnected Mailbox

Here are the steps to get disconnected mailboxes:-

  • Visit Exchange Management console and open Microsoft Exchange On-premises.
  • Then open Recipient Configuration and choose Disconnected Mailboxes.
  • It displays all the deleted mailboxes.

Still not able to watch out for the deleted mailboxes by following the above steps.

No worries it is found that deleted mailboxes don’t appear until their database gets clean by Exchange 2010. Now we need to force to clean the mailbox database.

Force Cleaning of Database by Exchange 2010

You can manually clean the database by forcing Exchange 2010 to delete it. Following are the steps to do this task:-

  • Click on seach icon available at bottom of the screen and enter Exchange Management Shell.
  • After that do right click on Exchange Management Shell and select option run as administrator.
  • A pop up window gets appear put this command into it –Get-Mailboxdatabase |Clean-MailboxDatabase.
  • If the next command line appears means cleaning of the database has been completed.

So after following these steps now you are in a state to Exchange 2010 Recover Deleted Mailbox. So below are the various methods you can use for the recovery.

Methods to Restore Deleted Mailbox Exchange 2010

Basically, you can perform the recovery of the deleted mailbox by both manual and automated methods. So first we will list the manual method then do this task with the help of a tool which is an automated method.

Method No.1- Get Disconnected Mailbox Exchange 2010 {Under the Retention Period}

  • Visit the Exchange system manager and finds the disonnected mailboxes from the mailbox store.
  • Now when you see a mailbox store under it choose the mailboxes object.
  • Here you get a preview of disconnected mailboxes do right click on it and select reconnect button.
  • Then choose the mailbox type and tap next to move further.
  • Choose the right user with the help of a browse button available under existing users.

By performing these steps you can reconnect the disconnected mailboxes.

Method No.2- Restore Deleted Mailboxes to a New Users Account

  • Visit the active directory users section and add a new user object by creating it.
  • During the creation process tap to clear the Create an Exchange Mailbox option.
  • The the user account gets connect with the older(existing) mailbox.
  • Then just use the same steps given in Method No.1 for restoring mailbox exchange 2010.

You can try these manual methods if you have very extra time to spend on the whole process. But this method doesn’t work for you if you cross the retention period.

And if you find these methods difficult to apply there is the best software available that makes the recovery task very easier for you. Just follow the below method.

Method No.3- Using SysInspire Exchange Recovery Software

This Exchange server recovery software has the feature to recover deleted mailbox items without any trouble. It can repair the corrupt EDB file and then allows the recovery of the database items selectively.

This tool also comes with the free demo version that allows the recovery of up to 25 mailbox items. You can have it from the below.


So here we shared the solution to recover accidentally deleted mailbox data with the help of manual and automated ways. Also, users can have a SysInspire Exchange recovery software for a quick solution. And to test the functionality of this software you can go with its demo version.

Exchange Database Recovery to Restore EDB File Data

In Short:- In this guide, we are going to discuss the ways that surely help you to perform Exchange database recovery. Plus here you will get the methods to prevent data loss of the Exchange server. That’s why it’s necessary for you to stay connected with this article.

The exchange server is one of the most secured email servers to manage business activities. Also, it provides a free inbuilt feature Data loss prevention which is a very secure platform for the better communication of private emails.

But if you are not aware of this feature and lose the EDB database. No worries here I came up with the techniques that help you to perform Exchange database recovery.

Here we will restore EDB file data with the help of the Exchange server recovery tool. That enables the users to recover data from the corrupt EDB file without losing any data. So let’s restore the EDB database step by step.

Causes Behind EDB File Corruption

If you want to know the reason behind the corruption of EDB file check out this:-

  • Entry of malware virus can lead to EDB file corruption.
  • Sudden gone of the power supply while working with the Exchange server.
  • Software crashing can provide a bad impact on the EDB file. It can be done because of faulty add-ins.
  • Huge data in the EDB file may lead to corruption.
  • An issue in the hardware or software like a boating issue.

When the EDB file gets corrupt the chances of data loss get increased. So to avoid this scenario you need to fix this issue quickly.

There are many ways available in the market that claims to repair and recover data from EDB file. But this method didn’t work at all.

Hence through my research, I found the most stable and secured company tool that helps you to restore EDB file data. Just read the below section to know the tool.

Take a Look Here:- Repair Corrupted Exchange Database

Solution for Exchange Database Recovery

SysInspire Exchange recovery software is the quick solution for recovery of the Exchange database. No matter EDB file corrupt because of its scanning features to repair the EDB file.

This tool created with the best algorithms that provide various features to the users. Like apart from EDB file recovery you can choose the various format to convert EDB files such as PST, EML, EMLX, HTML, and MSG.

Even users don’t need to be bothered about the security of EDB file data. This tool focuses on providing the accurate end result and there is no virus in this tool.

You can have a free demo version of this SysInspire tool from the below download button. Remember the demo version is only for testing the software functionality.

Steps to Restore Exchange Database with SysInspire Tool

For your comfort we list the working of this tool. To inform the users how to use this tool for restoring the database.

  • Download and run the tool on the Windows system
  • Tap on the add file to choose the EDB file of which data you want to restore.
  • Software will scans the EDB file and if its corrupted it makes it accessible for you.
  • Now choose the folders items of which you like to recover and click export file.
  • You will see a new conversion window. Select any required format in which you like to convert the EDB file.
  • Click on Start Export and the process will gets start.

Steps For Preventing Exchange EDB File Data

We got many queries from the Exchange users about the prevention to avoid data loss of Exchange EDB file.

So here we came up with the steps that reduces the risk of losing data.

  • You can avoid the hardware issue by using good-quality hardware to store the data.
  • Take the backup of the Exchange database on a regular basis. In case you lose the data at that time you can take the help of backup to re-access it.
  • Only do the configuration of the Exchange server if you have proper knowledge about it.
  • Make use of the best antivirus to preserve your data from the attack of the virus.
  • Make a habit of checking the functioning of the system and Exchange. To identify they are working fine or not.

Final Words

I hope now you got the decision of using the tool for Exchange Database Recovery. Here we write out all benefits of using this software. Also, there is no risk, and plus they provide a free tested version without any charges.

And in the future to avoid the data loss situation we informed the steps. Just follow each step and see the results. I hope you liked this post.

Exchange Server Disaster Recovery with Easy Techniques

In short:- Exchange Server stores all the databases of the organization, mailboxes of the users and all the categorized data used by the company. Hence it becomes important to take Exchange server disaster recovery if by chance Exchange server faces any issue.

So either the size of an organization is big or small who uses Exchange Server it is important they should have a plan for Exchange server disaster recovery.

The exchange administrator always tries to make the functioning of the server smooth. Because an important part of the administrator’s job is to make a plan of fast disaster recovery and organize the server. And for performing these tasks Exchange administrators keep searching for methods to keep the Exchange server secured. And if an error arises how to fix it.

So here we will going to cover about disaster recovery and the plan for Exchange server recovery.

Reasons Behind Crash in Exchange Server

Here are the multiple reason that can crash the Exchange server:-

  • Virus Outbreak
  • Unexpected shutdown of the system
  • Constant fluctuations in the Power
  • Corruption in System files
  • Manual Errors by Human

So anyone from the above reasons can damage the Exchange server. As a result, users can lose their important emails, mailboxes, and many other data.

Below we provided the steps that you can follow to recover deleted mailboxes when the server crashes.

Techniques to Prevent Exchange Server from the Disaster

  • Taking Backup of Exchange Mailboxes on a regular period:- This is the first step you can do prevent the loss from a disaster. Even the Exchange server crashes you already have a copy of your data so you can use it in the future.
  • Check for consistent upgrades of the Software/ Hardware:- If something misshapen with hardware or software it can lead to error in Exchange mailboxes. Hence it’s important to do a regular update of the apps to avoid this scenario. And also supervise the performance of the hardware and update it if required.
  • Good knowledge of Exchange Recovery:- Human error is very risky compare to all other reasons. Any mistake by the person in the Exchange server can lead to huge data loss. So it is necessary that the administrator of the Exchange server should be skilled.
  • Prevention from the Virus:- You should always use the trusted and best antivirus software so to prevent the Exchange server from an unspecified virus.

Exchange Server Disaster Recovery Using the Tool

To fix any type of error from the Exchange server you can use this SysInspire Exchange database recovery software. This software repairs the damaged EDB file and recovers all its data with having data integrity.

Just download this software and follow the below steps to recover Exchange server database:-

  • Install and run the software on your machine
  • Choose the file by doing click on add file button from the top menu bar
  • Tap on the browse button to select EDB file from its location. And choose your EDB file version
  • Then select the required folders of the Exchange mailbox and tap the Export file button
  • Just choose the conversion option and click on start export to finish the task.

Final Words

After getting information about corruption in the Exchange server and the techniques to fix it. You can select the method for Exchange Server Disaster Recovery. And if you have important data and want quick results you can go with the SysInspire Exchange database recovery tool. It can repair the corrupt EDB file and recover all its deleted databases in few steps.

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