Exchange Server Disaster Recovery with Easy Techniques

In short:- Exchange Server stores all the databases of the organization, mailboxes of the users and all the categorized data used by the company. Hence it becomes important to take Exchange server disaster recovery if by chance Exchange server faces any issue.

So either the size of an organization is big or small who uses Exchange Server it is important they should have a plan for Exchange server disaster recovery.

The exchange administrator always tries to make the functioning of the server smooth. Because an important part of the administrator’s job is to make a plan of fast disaster recovery and organize the server. And for performing these tasks Exchange administrators keep searching for methods to keep the Exchange server secured. And if an error arises how to fix it.

So here we will going to cover about disaster recovery and the plan for Exchange server recovery.

Reasons Behind Crash in Exchange Server

Here are the multiple reason that can crash the Exchange server:-

  • Virus Outbreak
  • Unexpected shutdown of the system
  • Constant fluctuations in the Power
  • Corruption in System files
  • Manual Errors by Human

So anyone from the above reasons can damage the Exchange server. As a result, users can lose their important emails, mailboxes, and many other data.

Below we provided the steps that you can follow to recover deleted mailboxes when the server crashes.

Techniques to Prevent Exchange Server from the Disaster

  • Taking Backup of Exchange Mailboxes on a regular period:- This is the first step you can do prevent the loss from a disaster. Even the Exchange server crashes you already have a copy of your data so you can use it in the future.
  • Check for consistent upgrades of the Software/ Hardware:- If something misshapen with hardware or software it can lead to error in Exchange mailboxes. Hence it’s important to do a regular update of the apps to avoid this scenario. And also supervise the performance of the hardware and update it if required.
  • Good knowledge of Exchange Recovery:- Human error is very risky compare to all other reasons. Any mistake by the person in the Exchange server can lead to huge data loss. So it is necessary that the administrator of the Exchange server should be skilled.
  • Prevention from the Virus:- You should always use the trusted and best antivirus software so to prevent the Exchange server from an unspecified virus.

Exchange Server Disaster Recovery Using the Tool

To fix any type of error from the Exchange server you can use this SysInspire Exchange database recovery software. This software repairs the damaged EDB file and recovers all its data with having data integrity.

Just download this software and follow the below steps to recover Exchange server database:-

  • Install and run the software on your machine
  • Choose the file by doing click on add file button from the top menu bar
exchange mailbox recovery windows
  • Tap on the browse button to select EDB file from its location. And choose your EDB file version
export edb to pst
  • Then select the required folders of the Exchange mailbox and tap the Export file button
  • Just choose the conversion option and click on start export to finish the task.
Exchange Server Recovery

Final Words

After getting information about corruption in the Exchange server and the techniques to fix it. You can select the method for Exchange Server Disaster Recovery. And if you have important data and want quick results you can go with the SysInspire Exchange database recovery tool. It can repair the corrupt EDB file and recover all its deleted databases in few steps.

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