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Exchange 2010 Recover Deleted Mailbox [Complete Solution]

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Sometimes it happens with the user while working in a hurried state they accidentally delete Exchange mailbox database. And this situation can be very overwhelming for every user.

Now the question came here can you recover deleted mailbox Exchange 2010? Yes buddy you can do this task very quickly.

That’s why in this guide I shared some useful techniques to restore deleted mailbox exchange 2010. But first, we need to assure that are you eligible for Exchange 2010 recover deleted mailbox or not.

Important Notice: If EDB Gets Corrupt

If the EDB file gets corrupt then there is no manual method that works for you. So to recover deleted mailbox Exchange you should try the SysInspire Exchange recovery software. And you can also use the free trial version of this tool from the below.

Mailbox Retention Period of Restoring Deleted Mailbox Exchange 2010

Whenever a user accidentally deletes the mailbox from Exchange 2010 then the mailbox gets disconnect from the account.

And it stays in the directory for 30 days which is the mailbox retention period. In this time user can again connect the accidentally deleted mailbox.

After the completion of 30 days means the end of a retention period the mailbox stored in the directory gets deleted forever.

So if you came in the category of the retention period and want to recover deleted mailbox exchange 2010 then just verify the policy of deleted mailbox retention. Here are the steps to do this:-

  • Vist the Exchange 2010 Management Console and open Microsoft Exchange On-premises available at the navigational side.
  • Open the Organization Configuration and here you need to select the mailbox of which retention policy you like to verify.
  • Then choose the Database Management option from the panel of mailbox.
  • Tap only on mailbox database that you like to check.
  • Hit on the properties and select limits tab.
  • At last check the setting and configure the data according to the need.

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Hence now you successfully verified the retention policy. Now it’s time for checking the deleted mailbox is still available to connect or not.

Finding Disconnected Mailbox

Here are the steps to get disconnected mailboxes:-

  • Visit Exchange Management console and open Microsoft Exchange On-premises.
  • Then open Recipient Configuration and choose Disconnected Mailboxes.
  • It displays all the deleted mailboxes.

Still not able to watch out for the deleted mailboxes by following the above steps.

No worries it is found that deleted mailboxes don’t appear until their database gets clean by Exchange 2010. Now we need to force to clean the mailbox database.

Force Cleaning of Database by Exchange 2010

You can manually clean the database by forcing Exchange 2010 to delete it. Following are the steps to do this task:-

  • Click on seach icon available at bottom of the screen and enter Exchange Management Shell.
  • After that do right click on Exchange Management Shell and select option run as administrator.
  • A pop up window gets appear put this command into it –Get-Mailboxdatabase |Clean-MailboxDatabase.
  • If the next command line appears means cleaning of the database has been completed.

So after following these steps now you are in a state to Exchange 2010 Recover Deleted Mailbox. So below are the various methods you can use for the recovery.

Methods to Restore Deleted Mailbox Exchange 2010

Basically, you can perform the recovery of the deleted mailbox by both manual and automated methods. So first we will list the manual method then do this task with the help of a tool which is an automated method.

Method No.1- Get Disconnected Mailbox Exchange 2010 {Under the Retention Period}

  • Visit the Exchange system manager and finds the disonnected mailboxes from the mailbox store.
  • Now when you see a mailbox store under it choose the mailboxes object.
  • Here you get a preview of disconnected mailboxes do right click on it and select reconnect button.
  • Then choose the mailbox type and tap next to move further.
  • Choose the right user with the help of a browse button available under existing users.

By performing these steps you can reconnect the disconnected mailboxes.

Method No.2- Restore Deleted Mailboxes to a New Users Account

  • Visit the active directory users section and add a new user object by creating it.
  • During the creation process tap to clear the Create an Exchange Mailbox option.
  • The the user account gets connect with the older(existing) mailbox.
  • Then just use the same steps given in Method No.1 for restoring mailbox exchange 2010.

You can try these manual methods if you have very extra time to spend on the whole process. But this method doesn’t work for you if you cross the retention period.

And if you find these methods difficult to apply there is the best software available that makes the recovery task very easier for you. Just follow the below method.

Method No.3- Using SysInspire Exchange Recovery Software

This Exchange server recovery software has the feature to recover deleted mailbox items without any trouble. It can repair the corrupt EDB file and then allows the recovery of the database items selectively.

This tool also comes with the free demo version that allows the recovery of up to 25 mailbox items. You can have it from the below.


So here we shared the solution to recover accidentally deleted mailbox data with the help of manual and automated ways. Also, users can have a SysInspire Exchange recovery software for a quick solution. And to test the functionality of this software you can go with its demo version.

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