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How to Convert Excel Calendar to ICS? The Ultimate Solution

Do you want to export calendar events available in Excel XLSX/XLS or CSV to ICS files? If you are looking for a reliable way to perform this task then get your solution here. With this article, we will show you “How to convert Excel calendar to ICS files?”

MS Excel is an application that comes with the Microsoft Office suite. It is the software that allows users to create spreadsheets and store data in tables (rows and columns).

An Excel spreadsheet can be used by users to perform a variety of tasks. Calendar event creation and management are also some of the tasks that users perform in MS Excel.

Users create or manage calendar events and save them Excel spreadsheet files like- XLSX, XLS, and CSV.

Aside from Excel spreadsheets, there are several other ways to manage calendar events. One of the most well-known methods for storing calendar events is ICS files.

There are several benefits of storing calendar events in ICS files, that’s why users want to export Excel calendar data to ICS files.

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Benefits of Exporting Excel Calendars to ICS files: –

  • Compatibility: – The ICS calendar format is supported by a wide range of applications. Several well-known apps like- Google Calendar, Outlook, Thunderbird, and more support this file type for importing calendars.
  • Cross-Platform Sharing: – With ICS files users can share calendar events with people using different calendar software or operating systems.
  • Simplicity: ICS files are simple to use for managing calendar data. For users who are not familiar with more complex data-sharing methods, ICS files are the best option.

Users Query

I want to import some calendar events from my Excel files into my Thunderbird profile. I’ve searched a lot on the internet but couldn’t find a way to do it. I have also talked to a technical expert and he suggested converting Excel files to ICS format. He also told me a way to do it, but it was too difficult for me. Please provide a quick method to convert Excel calendars to ICS files.

Quick Method to Convert Excel Calendar to ICS

For the export process of an Excel calendar file to an ICS file, the best method is taking the assistance of third-party tools. The best software in that list of third-party tools is SysInspire Excel to Outlook Converter Tool.

It is an easy-to-use and secure program for efficiently transferring calendar information from Excel files. Using this tool export calendars from Excel to ICS files and several more file formats. All calendar items are extracted with all relevant information like- start date, end date, status, description, location, etc. In addition, it offers multiple smart features and functions for a quick Excel calendar conversion.

How to Export Calendar from Excel to ICS files?

  • Download, Install, and Launch eSoftTools Excel to Outlook Converter software.
  • Press the Open or Browse Excel file button to load Excel calendar files.
  • Select the Excel file from its location and click on the Open button.
  • Load data from the imported Excel file into the software and press the Next button.
  • Select the “Calendars- Import Excel Calendar to Outlook Calendar Items” and click on Next.
  • Map and edit Calendar fields and press the Next button for further process.
  • Choose the ICS file from the export options and select a destination path.
  • Lastly, hit the Next button and start the Excel to ICS file conversion with calendar events.


Whether you’re collaborating with coworkers or sharing your schedule with anyone, converting Excel calendars to ICS is a smart choice. This is simple to do using the method described above. For an efficient Excel to Outlook calendar export process, try SysInspire Excel to Outlook Converter and get the best results.


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