How to Export Outlook Emails & Convert PST File to HTML?

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For accessing Outlook profile emails with web browsers like- Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, the user needs to export outlook emails to HTML files. For all those users who want to know the steps to do this task, we have written this blog post. Here we will show you “How to Export Outlook email & Convert PST file to HTML?”

Outlook is the application that comes with Microsoft Office Suite. It allows users to perform emailing tasks. After sending or receiving each email Outlook saves its copy on the user’s local drive in PST files.

PST files help users to stores all kinds of users mailbox data but some users require to extract data from it to several other file types.

One of the file formats in which user’s needs to save Outlook emails is “HTML”.

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Benefits of Saving Outlook Emails in HTML files

  • Save Email separately:- Outlook saves all user data emails to a single PST file. But with a single PST file for some users, it becomes difficult to manage a large amount of all email items. But HTML allows users to save emails separately by which users can easily manage Outlook emails.
  • Access Emails with web browsers:- PST files of Outlook are only accessible with the Outlook application. But HTML is a file that is supported by multiple devices and also accessible with all web browsers.
  • Share Data/Emails easily:- PST contains a lot of data and becomes heavier by size. But HTML files are small by size and sharing these files is also easy as compared to PST files

These are some of the advantages of exporting Outlook emails to HTML files.

Smart Method to Export Outlook Emails or Convert PST to HTML files

A straightforward technique to save outlook emails to separate HTML files is using SysInspire PST Converter Software. This is a great solution to extract several emails with attachments from PST to HTML files at once.

At one time, users can save emails from single as well as multiple PST files. In addition, the software offers several other features to make the conversion process more reliable and easier.

It offers a smart mail filter to export emails of only the required dates and naming conventions like advanced features. Also, before making conversion the software also offers to select a location to save resultant HTML files.

How to perform PST to HTML File Conversion with SysInspire PST Converter?

For making conversion first download and install the SysInspire PST Converter to your windows machine.

  • After installing the software, open it on your computer.recover pst file
  • From its first screen, click the Select PST button.
  • Choose Single PST or Bulk PST file conversion mode
  • Add Outlook PST files in the software and press the Start Scanning button.recover pst emails
  • Extract data from PST files and make a selection of required folders.pst recovery
  • Press the Save PST button, and from the next screen click the Export to HTML radio button.pst recovery
  • Apple Mail filter and naming convention options (As per requirement).
  • Finally, hit on Convert and Export Outlook emails/Convert PST to HTML files.

After taking very little time the software will complete the process of PST to HTML file conversion and save all users emails as HTML files.


There are several benefits of exporting Outlook emails to separate HTML files. But in case the user has no knowledge to do this conversion task, they don’t need to worry. Users just have to use SysInspire PST Converter and follow the steps shown above to smartly convert PST to HTML files. To get more information about the working and features of PST Converter utilize its demo edition now. With the trial version, users can Convert PST to HTML files with up to 25 emails from each outlook mail folder free of cost.

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