Mailbox Export Request stuck in queued

Fix Mailbox Export Request stuck in queued- Complete Solution

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There can be plenty of reasons why users export mailbox from the Exchange Server such as user left the company and you need to take the backup. But unfortunately, the Microsoft Exchange Management Console does not provide any function to perform this export process.

There is no doubt that Exchange Server is widely used by many business organizations to manage there day to day activities. But this server also has to suffer from several errors like “Mailbox Export Request stuck in queued”.

Hence in this blog post, we covered the solutions that you can use to fix the Mailbox Export Request failed. So let’s get started.

Quick Solution to Sort Out Mailbox Export Request stuck in queued

  • Try the SysInspire EDB to PST Converter software to quickly make the recovery of Exchange database from the corrupt EDB file without any data loss.
  • Get the free demo version of the software from the below link.

Methods to Resolve Error “Mailbox Export Request stuck in queued”

Method No.1

Here we will identify where the mails have been queued. Just enter the command given below that will help you to understand the actual status.

Get-MailboxExportRequest | Get-MailboxExportRequestStatistics -IncludeReport |fl

It will derive all the mailbox information and provide you with information on what is preventing the command from being executed. Now you can eliminate the restriction creating errors then let the mailbox work. And if it doesn’t work then the only option left to the administrator to delete it. Enter the following command to delete.

Get-MailboxExportRequest -Status Queued | Remove-MailboxExportRequest

Method No. 2 Updating to the Latest Version

If the above method doesn’t work for you then the reason behind can be using the old version of the Exchange Server. Hence you should update the version of the Exchange Server for the smooth and quick performance. And after updating the version restart the application.

Method No.3 Verify the DAG Environment

There are 16 Exchange Servers under the DAG group and each one has different policies. So it becomes necessary for the administrator to identify the progress individually. If you found the Exchange Server is a DAG environment so the users need to verify the DAG replication policy. By following this method user will be able to fix Mailbox Export Request stuck in queued error.

Using SysInspire Tool to Fix Mailbox Export Request Failed

If you find the above manual method difficult then SysInspire EDB to PST Converter software will be the best choice for you. This tool can easily take the backup of your mailbox items like email by doing the conversion of EDB file into PST format. Let’s take a look on it’s working.

Working of the software:-

  • Start the application and tap on add file option
Mailbox Export Request stuck in queued
  • Select the file and also the version of Exchange Server and tap next
export edb to pst
  • Now you see the preview of all the database stored in the EDB file
export mailbox to pst
  • Then after doing the selection of required items make the selection of the location where you want to save the resultant file by clicking on the browse button.
export edb

Final Words

Here we covered both the automated and manual method to fix Mailbox Export Request stuck in queued error. But if you want a quick solution then SysInspire EDB to PST Converter will be a perfect choice. This software takes the backup of mailboxes of EDB files by converting them into PST format.

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