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How to Save/Export Gmail Emails to EML files? Quick Method

Want to export emails from Gmail/Google Workspace accounts in the form of EML files? If yes, then be grateful, because you have landed at your destination. In this article, we will describe the best way to save/export Gmail emails to EML files.

Gmail is one of the services offered by the brand Google. This is a web-based application that allows users to perform email commutation. Users can send and receive emails with the aid of a Gmail account.

Gmail uses cloud servers for preserving all the email profile data of Gmail. All user gets 25GB of storage space on a cloud server with a free Gmail account. This storage space user can also expand by using Google Workspace service by spending a little amount.

There are a lot of benefits to using Google’s Gmail service that why at the present time billions of users are using it. The main reasons why users prefer Gmail are its advanced security features, smart Graphical interface, trust in Google, integration with other Google services, etc.

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Why export Emails from Gmail to EML files?

While using Gmail, in several situations users require to move/export emails from their Gmail account in EML files, like: –

  • Saving Gmail account email locally: – Gmail uses a cloud server to save data of the user’s email account. Without the internet, it is difficult to access emails. As a result, users prefer to download or save Gmail emails as EML files in their local drive.
  • Moving Gmail emails to another mail app: – Apart from adding a Gmail account in desktop-based mail apps, users prefer to import some specific emails from a Gmail account in their configured account. This task a user can perform with EML files having Gmail account emails.
  • Reducing storage space issues: – Google only offers 25 GB of storage space, in which users can save all their account data including- emails. For managing this space users requires to download their Gmail account emails to the local drives in the form of EML files. (After saving emails to the computer users can delete them from the Google mail server)
  • Saving each email in a separate file: – EML file format allows users to store each email separately with all associated information. Also, this file type is easily sharable and supported with multiple desktop applications.

Because of these reasons, Gmail users prefer downloading emails as EML files.

Best methods to export Gmail account emails as EML files

There are two distinct methods for extracting Gmail emails and saving them in EML files. The first one is the manual method that is available in Gmail and the second one is the use of the automated tool.

Method 1: – Manual Method to Export Gmail emails and save them in EML files

Apply this technique to manually download emails from a Gmail account as EML files free of cost.

  • On your computer, open a web browser and visit
  • Login with your Gmail account and open the email that you want to export.
  • Press the three vertical dots appearing on the right side of your screen.
  • Click on the “Download Message” option from the available drop-down list.
  • Select a saving location and edit the file name (if needed) and click on Save.

With this method one by one download Gmail account emails as EML files to your computer.

Method 2: – Automatically download Gmail emails as EML files in bulk

With the Manual method, users can download only a single email at once, which makes it a tame-taking process. Also, there are several more limitations of the Manul method, that why experts’ recommendation is taking the help of automatic tools like- SysInspire Gmail Email Backup software.

This tool enables users to download a large number of emails from Gmail within a single process. It will allow you to export emails from selective mail folders of your Gmail account. This software downloads Gmail account emails to users’ drives as EML and 9+ other file types. While preserving emails in EML files, it maintains all relevant information including- attachments, and other metadata like- TO, BCC, CC, Subject, From, message text, hyperlink, images, etc.

How to use SysInspire Gmail Backup software to export Gmail emails as EML?

Follow the below-mentioned steps using Gmail backup software to export/save Gmail account emails as EML files: –

  • Download and launch SysInspire Gmail Email Backup Software.
  • Add your Gmail account email address and Google app password.
  • Press the Login button and load all mail folders of your Gmail account.
  • Choose the required mail folders from the available list of folders.
  • Select the Save in EML option from the export options list.
  • Click on Browse and select a saving location from your local drive.
  • Use the Mail filter by date option and choose the dates of emails.
  • Choose a naming convention format from the predefined options.
  • Finally, press the “Save Backup” button & export Gmail emails to EML files.

Benefits of using SysInspire Gmail Email Backup software.

  • Download Emails in Bulk: – In a single process, users can download unlimited emails from their Gmail account. The software has the power to download a large number of emails at one time.
  • Export Emails folder-wise: – Through the software, users can export emails from some specific folders of their Gmail account. Mark the needed folders and export all emails from chosen folders.
  • Save Gmail emails in 10+ formats: – In addition to EML, the software offers 9+ other file formats to save Gmail emails. Users can save Gmail emails as EML, HTML, MHTML, MBOX, PDF, MSG, EMLX, and Thunderbird mail files.
  • Extract emails of specific dates: – Users can specify the dates of emails that they want to export from their Gmail account. Using the mail filter option users can choose a start and end date to export emails of only a specified period.
  • Naming Convention: – Users have the option to specify a name for the resultant EML with a combination of email attributes – From, Date, and Subject. Use any naming convention option and add to EML files
  • No data loss or modification: – Perform the Email export process from your Gmail account and save each email in its original format. Extract and save emails with all linked information without alterations.
  • Free demo availability: – perform the Gmail email backup process without any charges through the demo edition of the software. Export up to 20 emails from each Gmail account mail folder and save them into each saving option for free.

A huge number of users want to extract and save Gmail emails as EML files. For doing this both manual and automatic methods are available on the Internet. But the manual method has several limitations and it takes a lot of time for users. So, the best choice for users is to make use of an automatic tool called SysInspire Gmail Backup software. Using this tool perform the Gmail email backup process without difficulty and get instant results.

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