How to Split MBOX into separate files? Automated Method

In several situations users might need to split MBOX into separate files, either to organize their emails or to migrate them to another email client. In this blog post, we will explore the best method to split MBOX file for helping you to manage your email data more effectively.

An MBOX file is a common file format used to store email messages. This file type allows users to preserve a collection of emails in a single file. MBOX file format saves each email with the header information and the actual content of the message. It saves all data associated with email such as- sender, recipient mail address, subject, date, and other metadata.

MBOX files are widely used by different email clients including- Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and various other email applications.

Storing and organizing multiple emails in a single MBOX file also simplifies the process management of email data. But it is also important to note that MBOX files can become quite large, especially when storing a significant number of emails with large-size attachments.

As a result, splitting MBOX files into separate files can help to improve performance, ease data management, etc.

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What are the reasons for splitting an MBOX file?

Here are some common reasons why you might consider splitting an MBOX file: –

  • Organizing emails: MBOX files can become large and create problems for users to manage data, especially if they contain a large number of emails. By splitting the MBOX file into separate files, users can organize their emails with smaller files easily.
  • Email migrations: When switching email clients or moving email data, it becomes necessary to split MBOX files. Some email clients may have limitations on the size of MBOX files for importing. By splitting MBOX file into smaller files, you can resolve this problem.
  • Performance optimization: Large MBOX files can impact the performance of email clients, especially when loading, searching, or indexing emails. Splitting the MBOX file into smaller files can improve performance by reducing the load on the email client.
  • Selective email sharing: Sometimes, users may need to share specific emails from an MBOX file. By splitting the MBOX file into separate files, you can extract and share individual emails without having to share the entire MBOX file.

Smart Method to Split MBOX files into separate files

A reliable and user-friendly tool designed specifically to split MBOX files into smaller files is this SysInspire MBOX Splitter Software. It offers a range of splitting options that allow users to customize the MBOX file-splitting process based on their requirements.

This MBOX splitter will assist you to split MBOX files by size, date range, year, and email address. With its user-friendly interface, multiple splitting options, and ability to preserve data integrity, the software provides instant and accurate results for MBOX file split process.

How to Split MBOX files with SysInspire MBOX splitter software?

  • Start by downloading and installing the SysInspire MBOX Splitter tool on a Windows PC.
  • After installation, launch the Software on your computer.
  • Click on the “Add File/Folder” button to select MBOX file selection option.
    • Select MBOX file: – add one MBOX file at one time.
    • Select MBOX folder: – add a folder having multiple MBOX files at once.
    • Auto-Load Thunderbird Profile: – in a single click load all Thunderbird profile mail folders.
  • Load all selected MBOX files into the software and get a preview of the MBOX file’s emails.
  • Choose a Splitting option from the available splitting options that suit your preferences.
    • Split by File Size: Specify the maximum size for each resulting file. For example, if you set it to 10 MB, the software will split the MBOX file into smaller files, and each file will not exceed 10 MB.Split by Date Range: Define a specific date range to split the MBOX file. This option is useful if you want to split emails based on a particular time period.Split by Year: Choose the years of emails and split the MBOX files with the emails of specified years.
    • Split by email address: dividing MBOX file into separate files based on the email addresses (To, from, cc, bcc). Emails with the same email address will be grouped together and saved in individual files.
  • After selecting the split option and applying relevant settings, press the Next button.
  • Choose the destination folder where you want to save the split MBOX files.
  • Lastly, click on the “Split” button and start the MBOX splitting process.

After following these steps, SysInspire MBOX Splitter Software will create separate files based on your chosen splitting options.


In this blog post, we explored the best method to complete the task of splitting MBOX files. All users can use the most advanced tool called SysInspire MBOX Splitter Software. It is a reliable and user-friendly solution to split MBOX files into separate files. With its robust features and seamless performance, it empowers users to break large MBOX files into smaller parts effortlessly and securely.

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