Outlook Slow to Open Attachments

Outlook Slow to Open Attachments- Quickly Fix This Problem

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Almost every users of the MS Outlook uses attachments to share the document file through emails. But the problem arises when Outlook slow to open attachments.

So if you are also facing this issue you don’t need to worry about this. Because for you I have mentioned some proven methods that helped me to open attachment in outlook quickly.

First it is necessary for us to know the reason behind why Outlook open attachments very slow.

Why Outlook taking too long to Open Attachments

So there are plenty of reason behind the slow performance of the Outlook and we can’t list all the reasons. Hence below we mentioned the most common reasons which are:-

  • Lower Version– This means the user is working on the older version of Outlook such as 2007, 2003, 2000, and the lower version. And these versions don’t have the advanced features as compared to updated versions.
  • Out of Space– Due to some specific amount of storing limit user can save data of a specific size. And when the storage gets full Outlook starts loading attachments slowly.
  • Add-ins– It is found that sometimes this performance problem can be seen due to third-party add-ins.
  • Antivirus Blocking– This is the most common scenario where the antivirus doesn’t give permission to access attachments from the Outlook
  • A problem in Profile of Outlook– When the Outlook data files or its profile gets corrupted users can see this error.

So if you are a part of any cause I mentioned above then you need to fix that quickly. Because this error not only leads to problems Outlook slow to receive emails but also damages the attachments.

Now its time for you to know the trick that help you to fix Outlook slow to load problem.

Method to Fix Outlook Slow to Open Attachments

So here I will mention the useful methods to fix this issue. Let’s get started:-

#1. Creating Outlook Profile

  • First, delete the profile of Outlook you are using
  • Then create a new profile. Visit the control panel and click the mail button
  • Tap on show profile button > Add
  • Provide name to the newly created Outlook profile and click the OK button

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#2. Turn Off Dynamic Data Exchange

This method is also useful to improve the performance of Outlook while opening attachments. Now lets follow the steps:-

  • Visit start> Control panel and select folder button
  • Tap the file types button and hit the attachment file type option and click advanced
  • Under Open action> choose edit button and unmark the DDE checkbox
  • Tap OK and close it

After following the above steps again start the MS Outlook and see the attachments is opening normally or not.

And if you are still unable to open Outlook attachments quickly. The reason behind this can be corruption in the PST file. Then the only best solution left is to take the help of the automated tool that will fix PST file errors.

No need to worry about because I have suggested the best tool by doing my best research that will give you the accurate result.

Automated Tool to Repair Corrupted PST File

If the reason behind the slow opening of Outlook attachments is PST file corruption then this tool will be the best choice. Which named as SysInspire Outlook recovery tool which fixes the damaged PST file.

It provides the users to convert PST file with having all attachments. And they provide you to choose the location where you like to save new repaired PST file.

For you comfort this tool comes with free trial version. You can have it from the below button.


So from the above article, we get the solution to resolve outlook taking too long to open attachments. Plus we gave the most common causes behind the creation of this error. I hope you find this article useful.

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