Repair Exchange 2010 Database

Repair Exchange 2010 Database using Free Method

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Exchange Server is one of the most commonly used mailing platforms by many organizations. So it can be common for the Exchange server administrator to see some errors due to corruption in the Exchange database. Hence it becomes necessary for the Exchange Server administrator to take instant action to Repair Exchange 2010 Database.

Therefore in this blog, we will focus on the ESEUTIL inbuilt command utility that allows you to repair Exchange 2010 Database. And if the problem is not resolved using the ESEUTIL then we will do this task using Exchange Server recovery software.

Here is the Instant Solution

  • Download SysInspire Exchange Server recovery software which is very effective for fixing any type of EDB file error with having integrity of the data.
  • You can also try its demo version.

ESEUTIL in Exchange 2010

ESEUTIL is a commons-based utility that is utilize to fix minor errors in the Jet engine of Exchange Database or Extensible Storage Engine. You can find this utility under the bin directory that deals with the operations of the database like offline defragmentation, database repair, and integrity check, etc. You don’t need to install ESEUTIL separately its gets install with the Exchange Server.

Repair Exchange 2010 Database with ESEUTIL

Step 1. Enter Eseutil /mh “name-of-the-database” command which is use to check the state of the database.

ESEUTIL Command to Repair Exchange Database

Step 2. If you found that the state of the database shutdown is Dirty then you need to perform soft recovery. Enter the Eseutil /r “log-file-to-be-replayed” command for the soft recovery.

Step 3. After following the above steps if you still in a ‘Dirty shutdown state’. Then the only option is to perform the hard recovery using this command Eseutil /p “name-of-the-database”.

You can lose your data in the hard recovery process because it replaces the bad sector with blank pages. Hence it becomes necessary to defragment the database after doing hard recovery.

To defragment the database enter the following command Eseutil /d “name-of-the-database”.

Step 4. Then in the final step, you need to fix Aggregate Counts, Search Folder, Folder View, and Provisioned Folder corruption by using the New-MailboxRepairRequest cmdlet. When you are running New- MailboxRepairRequest against a database, only the mailbox being fix will get disrupted.

To apply the cmdlet put the following:-

New-MailboxRepairRequest -Database “name-of-the-database” – CorruptionType SearchFolder,AggregateCounts,FolderView,ProvisionedFolder.

To check the database is in clean shutdown state use Eseutil /mh again.

Exchange 2010 Database Repair Using the Software

If you found any difficulty while using the above inbuilt ESEUTIL tool then SysInspire Exchange server recovery software is the best alternate solution. Also there is no guarantee to keep the data integrity in the manual process and also required professional knowledge to operate the ESEUTIL.

The SysInspire Exchange recovery software can overcome all these limitations with its advanced features. This software scans the EDB file and can easily fix any type of error from it. The user-friendly interface of this software makes it different from the software available in the market.

How Does the Software Repairs the EDB File?

  • Install and Open the SysInspire software
  • Select the EDB file that you need to repair by clicking on the browse button
export edb to pst
  • After the selection of the EDB file the software display the folders, items store in the EDB file
export edb to pst
  • Then choose the needed folders and tap “Export File”
  • In the next window select the conversion format of the EDB file and click convert to finish the process
export edb

Final Review

We discussed in-depth to repair Exchange 2010 Database with both automated and manual process. However, if you have expert knowledge then you can use the manual approach but make sure it can lead to data loss. And if you want to quickly repair the EDB file Exchange 2010 then SysInspire Software is the best choice. You can even try the free demo version of the software available for the user’s satisfaction.

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