How to Register Redemption.dll properly?

Kindly follow below mentioned steps and easy to register redemption.dll files.

Location of Redemption.dll file

Step 1) Once you have install SysInspire Software on your computer, then goto software installation folder under C: drive

For example – SysInspire Live Mail Calendar Recovery which is installed in C: drive like below screen

Important Note: If you have Outlook-32 bit installed in your computer, then register Redemption.dll file which is location under folder named "32"
If you have Outlook-64 bit installed in your computer, then register Redemption64.dll file which is location under folder named "64"
Step 2) Open the folder "32" for registering Redemption.dll for Outlook 32-bit

Here is the Redemption.dll file as below screen-

Step 3) Now open the Run window (from Start Program). [Start button » Run]
Step 4) Type the command regsvr32 in the Run window as below screen-
Step 5) Here you can drag and drop the redemption.dll file in the Run-Window from software installation folder.

Once you successfully drag and drop the Redemption.dll file then Run-Windows looks like below screen-

Now click on OK button and register the Redemption.dll file.

A confirmation dialog appears on your screen like below-

For Outlook64-bit, you must register Redmeption64.dll (Which is located under folder "64" on software installation folder.

To Register Redemption64.dll, follow the same above instruction.

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