Outlook Error 0X8004060C

How do I Fix Outlook Error 0X8004060C?

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MS Outlook is mostly used by organizations and businesses because it manages multiple activities in a single platform. But when the user faces the error in Outlook it will definitely affect its work. So these errors need to be fixed quickly as much as possible.

Therefore in this guide, we are covering the most common Outlook Error 0X8004060C. This error leads to making emails and many other items inaccessible for the users. Here we will mention both the manual and automated solutions to fix this error.

Reasons Behind 0X8004060C Outlook Error

Here are the common reasons that can be the root cause behind this error:-

  • The problem of synchronization between Exchange Server and MS Outlook
  • Corruption in the PST or OST file
  • Due to a malware attack or virus entry
  • The maximum storage capacity of Outlook has reached
  • Sudden failure in the power supply

The main reason that we listed behind the error 0x8004060c the message store has reached its maximum size is oversized of PST or OST. So let’s move to the solution to fix this oversized limit.

Fixing 0X8004060C “the message store has reached its maximum size” Error

Now its time to fix this Outlook error by following the methods mentioned below:-

Method No.1- Free up the space of Deleted Items Folder

If a user deletes something from Outlook then all the deleted data get placed into deleted items folder. So it is necessary to clean those items from the deleted items folder.

Here are the steps to free up space from the deleted items folder:-

  • Log in to Outlook and enter the login details
  • Then visit the deleted items folder and do right-click on it
  • Here you need to choose the empty folder it will delete the content of the folder.

Method No.2- Delete the Duplicate e-mails

Below we mentioned the technique to fix outlook data file has reached maximum size error:-

  • Firstly visit the folder of sent items and sort by the recipient
  • And just delete similar emails to finish the task.

Method No.3- Auto Archiving

If you will be able to fix outlook error 0x8004060c by following the above steps congrats. But if you don’t want to again face this error you need to auto-archive the emails. This option of auto-archive helps you to free up space from the hard drive without losing any emails or other items. It will migrate all the emails from the current location to another. And you can even access these old emails too.

  • Open Outlook and click on the advanced option
  • Now tap on AutoArchive Settings available under the AutoArchive box
  • In the next window check the Run auto-archive option & choose the number of days. The prompt user option is not mandatory to select. Do click on the browse button to select the location where you like to move the old items. And tap ok.

Fix Outlook Error 0X8004060C using the Tool

If you like to fix PST file errors quickly then the SysInspire PST recovery tool will be a great choice for you. This tool scans the PST file and fixes all its errors in a few clicks.

This utility gives the features to split the PST files so the user can reduce the large resultant PST files. And it also offers a free demo version of this tool to every user.

Final Review

Here in this blog, we listed the errors behind this Outlook Error 0X8004060C and also the solution to fix it. As we mentioned above the main reason behind this error is an oversized PST file. So at this time if you want a quick result you can try SysInspire PST recovery software. With this tool, users can reduce the large PST file with its splitting feature.

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