How to Open NSF File without Lotus Notes- Complete Guide

Looking for a solution to open NSF file without lotus notes? So your searching will get end here. Through this guide, we shared proven ways that will help you out to complete this process of opening NSF files.

Lotus Notes is a widely used emailing platform by many organizations because of its functionality. Every individual email platform has a different type of saving file format.

Apart from having numerous features, Lotus notes have many limitations so that’s why users of Lotus Notes like to shift towards Microsoft Outlook. The Lotus notes save its file in NSF format and MS Outlook saves in PST. And the only best way to shift from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook is to convert the NSF file to PST.

But firstly lets take a look on reasons why users like to open NSF file on another email platforms.

Causes behind Opening NSF Files without Lotus Notes

  • High cost of maintenance
  • Not proper availability of customer support
  • The current machine doesn’t have the application
  • High issues on the Notes server
  • Requirement of high space of RAM to save mailboxes of NSF

Manual Technique to View NSF file

The opening of the NSF file can be done manually in two stages. In the first stage, the user needs to export NSF to CSV. And in the second stage import CSV to Outlook. Let’s get start

Stage 1. Export Lotus Notes file to CSV

  • Launch the application of Lotus Notes and tap on File > Open to open NSF file for the process of Export
  • Now visit file > Export
  • In the next window choose Comma Seperated Value under save as type and also give the location to save the resultant file
  • Then just click on Export to move further
  • And just wait for the export process to gets complete. Now the CSV file gets saves in the location specified by you.

Stage 2. Importing CSV to MS Outlook

  • Start the application of MS Outlook
  • Tap on file > Open & Export >  Import/Export
  • Under the next window choose Import from another program or file option from the list of available options and tap next
  • Now  tap on Comma Separated Values > Next
  • Then select the CSV file that you created in stage 1 by clicking on the browse button. Just tap on next
  • Just select the destination folder and tap next
  • Wait for the process to complete and then tap on the finish button

So that’s how you can view NSF file data in MS Outlook. But remember if you are going with a manual approach you should have expert knowledge. And you need MS outlook installation for opening NSF file and it’s a very lengthy process.

Automated Software to Open NSF File without Lotus Notes

The only way to view the NSF file without Lotus notes is to doing the NSF to PST Conversion. And you can do this task by using SysInspire NSF to PST Converter software. This software is capable to work with all versions of Lotus notes.

nsf to pst export

The best thing about this software is it can convert NSF data to various email clients like Outlook, Office365, Gmail, Yahoomail, Zimbra, etc. The users can open the NSF file without losing any single bit of data from its NSF file. This software has a user-friendly interface any type of person can easily convert NSF to PST in a few clicks.

Final Words

Through this guide, we have shared a manual and automated method to view the NSF file. But if you are going with the manual method remember it can not open NSF File without Lotus Notes and doesn’t guarantee to keep data integrity. While automated SysInspire NSF converter allows the users to view NSF file in few clicks without lotus notes. At last, it’s your choice to go with any method listed above.

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